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Name: Kiri Galdor


Age: 15


Year: 4th


Blood Status: Pure Blood


Wand: 12 1/2" Mahogany and Chimera Scale


Pet: Barn owl named Doris


Physical Description:


Kiri is 5'5, curvy, has dark blue eyes and long chestnut, wavy hair that refuses to curl or straighten properly, consequently she always wears it up. If there are no hair ties Kiri has been known to use quills and her wand to secure her hair, which often draws odd looks. She has inherited a weird genetic kink from her mother and Kiri also has a chunk of hair, mid scalp on the left hand side, that is silver.


Brief Personal History:

Kiri is the only child of Celeste and James Galdor. The Galdor's are a very old English wizarding family that can trace their ancestral name back to the early Medieval period.

Celeste works as a healer and James for the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Both parents have perpetually itchy feet and currently are living in New Zealand, Celeste working for a research department on the benefits of native plantlife in potions, James is observing the social habits of Antipodean Opaleyes.

Growing up Kiri moved around a lot and had no formal education, her parents believing more in the benefits of education through experience. Consequently she can identify the difference between various African magical plants and has lived with African and South American magical communities.

When Kiri received her letter from Hogwarts her parents were very happy as it meant that they could move again without asking her if she wanted to go. Because they move around so much she has had her own Gringotts vault since her first year. She suspects that she will have a new home in a different country by the time the next summer holidays arrive.




Growing up around mainly adults, Kiri is not a shy person and is comfortable in the company of strangers as long as they can hold an interesting conversation.

Kiri has a strong sense of justice and is a fighter, especially for the underdog. She has a very fiery temper, although it can take a long time for her to completely lose it.

Because of her unconventional upbringing she has no interest in blood status, titles or anything else she believes elevates peoples perception of themselves. She takes great pleasure in being prickly and sarcastic with people who value breeding above friendship.

She is also mischevious, has a wicked sense of humour and can cause havoc, especially if she thinks no one is watching.


Classes currently enrolled in: ones with flexible due dates


Best Magical Talent: Flying and identifying obscure magical plants


Worst Magical Talent: Potions


Best non-magical talent: Cooking


Worst non-magical talent: anything beyond basic maths


Special Possessions: Tiny golden key to her Gringotts vault and a silver necklace that she inherited from her nan.


Future Goals: to not get caught.

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This first edition will be relatively brief, as I hope she will develop and change over the course of her time at Hogwarts.

I'll try to flesh this out better as time goes on. As she is now, she's somewhat flat.

I have not taken the time to read the other profiles posted as of yet, as I did not want to be influenced by them in writing this rough outline. Any similiarities are purely coincidental, but I shall go back and read them in the future when Siri begins interacting more with others.



Name: Sirithre Leylnn. Often referred to as Siri.


Age: 13. Late birthday, you see. Had to wait a year.


Year: Second Year


Wand: 9.75" Walnut and Dragon Heartstring.


Pet: A fluffy tortoiseshell cat named Kismet.


Physical Description: http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a294/Sirithre/HOL/profile.jpg


Brief Personal History: Raised in a well-off pureblood family, she does have a few preset notions about how wizards should act, and has been lectured countlessly on the proper ways to build rapport amongst people of influence in order to get ahead in life. Based on her upbringing, shey may act older than she is, or speak more eloquently than an average girl her age. She may seem nearly brainwashed, but she simply wants to make her parents proud and goes out of her way to achieve the status her family expects of her, often owling home progress reports. Being young and impressionable, however, these views could quickly change.



Temperament: She's actually rather timid, but knows better than to let others see that. When she dissapears for a few hours it's because she's nearly snapped and needs some time alone to recollect and be herself. She doesn't get much of a chance to do this, what with all her classes clubs, and other extracurricular activities she's taken on to try and make her parents proud.


To others she appears the bright and bubbly social butterfly always willing to help out classmates and professors with whatever tasks they may give her.



Classes Currently Enrolled in: Arithmancy for Amateurs, Dragons, Muggle Puzzles, HOL101, and Potions


Best Magical Talent: She's done a fair bit of homeschooling before coming to Hogwarts, and is fairly advanced at Potions.


Worst Magical Talent: She seems to do horrible at any type of divination. Even that so logical as Arithmancy.


Best Non-Magical Talent: She's been trained to act as her parents expected, so she's rather talented in assuming most any role. She's shied away from joining any sort of Drama class lest she get recognized by those familiar enough with the tricks of the trade to see through to who she really is.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: Perhaps too naive at this juncture. And a tendency to take on more responsibilities than she can handle


Special Possessions: An ornate silver pendant she wears. It's a locket with a dragon on it.


Greatest Fear: Being disowned. Her parents have instilled this fear in her since a young age.


Future goals: Her ambitions within the school are to follow up the ranks to Promising Student, Prefect, and eventually Head Girl. Once out of school she's looking into a spot at the Ministry, though she hasn't decided on a department to aim for.

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Name: Issey Daley

Age: 16

Year: First

Wand: 13.50" Oak and Dragon Heartstring

Pet: A Unicorn named Saphira

Physical Description: Tall and slender with long and straight jet-black hair

Brief Personal History: Issey is born to Isabel and Tom Daley. She has an older brother named Julian and a younger sister named Felicty and they are all pure bloods. Despite being pure bloods, her family gets along very well with muggles and muggle borns too so they often travel around the world, meeting new people. Issey has a very large dating history and has dated all kinds of people from wizards to muggles to creatures like vampires.

Temperament: Due to their wealth, all her friends at Hogwarts often admire her for her lovely clothes and accessories. She is also very smart and hardworking and usually ace every class that she takes. However, she is very humble and does not show off. Instead, she is very generous and helpful to all those in need. She is very talkative and straightforward but very loyal to her friends.

Special Possessions: A little Celtic Harp that can calm anyone down when she plays it and a precious sapphire necklace that her whole family wears.

Greatest Fear: Snakes and Death

Future Goals: To finally meet the right guy for her and get married!

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Guest Ani Black

Name: Ani Black

Age: 14

Year: first year for the last… four years.

Wand: 13.50” Pine and Runespoor Fang

Pet: a black owl names Lilith.

Physical Description: medium length, medium auburn hair, bluish- silver eyes, pale skin, 5’ 4”, wire glasses,

Brief Personal History: Ani is the pure-blood daughter of Sirius Black and Genevieve Elmer.

Temperament: Generally laid-back, and mischievous. She has a terrible temper though. She’s loyal to close friends.

Classes Currently Enrolled in: Uhhh... I don't remember.

Best Magical Talent: Defense Against Dark Arts.

Worst Magical Talent: Herbology

Best Non-Magical Talent: Any form of art really.

Worst Non-Magical Talent: Math


Special Possessions: Her iPod and her books.

Greatest Fear: Fear is only a state of mind, and one I rarely enter.

Future Goals: I want to be a writer.

Edited by Ani Black
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Name:Jem Reed


Age: IRL age is 20 Character age: 11


Year: first year


Wand: 10.00" Hawthorn and Chimaera Scale.


Pet: None as of yet. Can't choose.


Physical Description: Height: 5'8"

Hair colour: Brown with a red tint

Eye colour: Brown

Date of birth: May 16th.

Birthstone: Emerald


Brief Personal History: I am a first year student here at Hogwarts and my family moved to the UK from the States roughly a year and a half ago. Apparently distant family of ours is from here, but neither of my parents are speaking about who that may be. There's something they are not telling me, and I will figure out what that is.


Temperament:Generally friendly, but can be very short tempered. Just don't interrupt me while I'm busy. Ever. Unless you wish to be killed.


Special Possessions: Just, stay away from my things if you want to keep your hands.


Greatest Fear: Fear itself.

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Character Name: Macyn Bryce Archer

House: Gryffindor

Year: 3rd

Wand: 12” Ebony-Pheonix Feather

Pet: Spotted Owl named Oakley and Hippogriff Stormswift

Blood Status: Pure Blood

Physical Description: Macyn has blonde hair and one blue and one green eye. She’s tall 5’8” and thin. She has fair skin with freckles running across her nose. Her hair is long past her shoulders and wavy unless she straightens it.


Personality: Macyn is very sociable and popular. She make friends easily and people tend to like her unless they are given a good reason not to. She’s usually the life of the party and center of attention with her striking and beautiful appearance. Macyn is also very vain which often gets her into trouble. Although with her beauty and popularity you would not expect to her be fearless, Macyn is very brave and able to shake off shock and fear quicker than most; but with her fearlessness comes her impulsive tendencies. She usually acts first and think later in dangerous situations. To match her fearlessness is her as some people say Iron Will; she has a strong will and is hard to influence, thus is better than usual at resisting magic that controls the mind. She’s also just plain old stubborn in everyday situations. Last, Macyn in very understanding and will listen to anyones problems or sticky situations and offer advice. Most importantly she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her she goes along doing her own business even though most people do think highly of her.


Backstory: Macyn grew up in London with her mother (Kelsie), father (Alex), two sisters (Rylie,10 and Scarlett,17) and brother (Seth,14). Of the four children Macyn is the second youngest and a third year at Hogwarts. Her sister Scarlett is a seventh year Ravenclaw and her brother Seth is a fourth year Gryffindor. Macyn’s mother works at the Ministry as an Obliviator while her father is the Head of Magical Law Enforcement. Macyn is very close to her family and can enjoy anytime spent in there company. After her mother spoke to the head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures their family was granted permission to own and care for an injured baby Hippogriff they found while on vacation. Macyn named him Stormswift and at 6 years old trained him on her own, which leads to Macyn’s Animal Magnetism. Macyn is amazingly good with animals (including magical beasts) and is better than normal at understanding them, and making friends with them; which was discovered at a young age when she found Stormswift. Having no knowledge of introductory to Hippogriffs let alone knowledge of what they are, Macyn walked directly up to the young Stormswift, who was no bigger then Macyn herself, bowed her head and then preceded to pet his neck. Until Macyn came to Hogwarts Stormswift was her best friend. In her first year at Hogwarts Macyn’s sister Scarlett entered a relationship with Greg Banks the older brother of Kylie Banks. Since Greg was over all the time he occasionally brought Kylie over. Thus the two started to hang out in school. Also in her first year Macyn and Kylie met Harper King a tall thin girl with beautiful long black hair. Ever since the three have been best friends. Almost everyday before bed Macyn writes in her diary and take a look at the locket her mother gave her on the day she was sent to Hogwarts. Inside is a picture of her mother and father and engraved on the back is “de nos jours ne sera pas oublié.” Which is French for “these days will not be forgotten.” Macyn has a natural talent for Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms which are also her favorite subjects. Macyn cannot stand taking potions one because she horrible at it and two because she had to take it with Harley Dean and groupie of Slytherines who hate her. Ever since the day macyn jinxed Harley when she was picking on Harper in the hall. Macyn loves the thrill of adventure and is always looking for a new reason to investigate or produce a conflict where she can show off her skills which a very advanced and powerful for her age. Macyn loves to spend time reading and you can usually find her sitting on the stairs or a window sill when doing so. Macyn also loves to draw and will sometimes run up to the astronomy tower to draw scenes around the school. Although Macyn grew up in a pureblood house Macyn very much enjoys watching TV which she discovered when she spent a week over the summer at Kylie’s house.


Favorite Saying: “The thing with magic. You've got to know it's still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible to you.”

Edited by Macyn Archer
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Name: Lillian Mayhem.

Age: 11

Year: First.

Birthday: October 31st.

Wand: 10.50" Maple and Hippogriff Talon.

Pet: A black female cat called Ran.

Physical Description:

Shoulder length straight black hair, grey eyes… She’s not more or less tall than the most of the first years.


Brief Personal History:

She comes from an English Pure Blood family. Most of the members of the Mayhem family were sorted in Slytherin just like her, but the ones that didn't went to Ravenclaw, so she’s proud of them as well, because she admires both houses.



Perfectionist. Bookworm. Kind with the ones that deserve it. Gossip. A little distrustful.

She usually is that kind of person that is on their own things so it’s difficult to make her angry because she doesn’t care at all. BUT if you are able to make her angry… you better get ready.


Classes Currently Enrolled in:

She’s planning to take Ancient Runes, Dark Arts, Norse Mythology, Potions for Beginners and Herbology.


Best Magical Talent: Potions.


Worst Magical Talent: Arithmancy.


Best Non-Magical Talent: Playing violin.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: Maths. She's really awful with it.


Special Possessions: An old and silver pocket clock. It moved past through generations in her family.


Greatest Fear: Time itself and spiders.


Future Goals:

To become someone important in Slytherin and after achieve that, well… we will see. She doesn’t really like to think in the far-off future.

Edited by Lillian Mayhem
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Name: Jennie Burstow

Age: 11

Year: First Year

Wand: 13.25" Ivy and Hippogriff Talon

Pet: Black male cat called Maxi


Physical Description: Jennie is a very short girl standing only 5ft Tall, she is very petite with olive coloured skin. She has dark brown hair which is very short and dark brown eyes.


Brief Personal History:Jennie is a half blood witch who has a muggle father and mother who is a witch. She has two sibling brothers who are also wizards. She was brought up within the magical world with generations of Slytherins all of which are either pure bloods or half bloods.Her family have very strong values and beliefes through-out and don't let anything stand in the way of that. They are not shy in telling others how they feel and believe everyone should have a strong back bone. High expectations and goals from are expected from everyone therefore losing isnt an option. Jennie has been learning magic since a young age and has been raised in a wizarding community. Jennie never met muggles or muggle borns before attending Hogwarts. Despite having many muggle born friends Jennie is still true to her family values but believes Muggle borns are as clever as the rest.


Temperament: An ambitious and cunning person who loves to gossip and be close to her friends and family. A loyal and trustworthy friend but an evil enermy. Despite a hate for reading she is very smart and ambitious in her studies.


Special Possessions: Her Wand, Charm braclet given by her Grandfather.


Greatest Fear: Spiders! Not being sorted into Slytherin


Future Goals: Work for the Ministry of Magic


Edited by Jennie Burstow
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Name: Cody Lewis


Age: 12


Year: Second


Wand: 12" Alder and Unicorn Tail Hair


Pet: A ginger cat named Achilles.


Physical Description: Cody Lewis is very tall for an eleven-year old. His long limbs give him a sloth-like appearance, but his pale, gaunt face makes him look more like a lemur. He has dark brown eyes and big bushy eyebrows, hidden behind tangles of shaggy, black hair. His crooked teeth seem to be too big for his mouth, which he cannot keep closed comfortably.


Brief Personal History: Cody was born to Eloise Lewis, a witch, and Cody Wayne Swaggerty III, a muggle lawyer. Upon discovering that his wife and son were a witch and wizard, Cody Wayne took his daughter, a squib named Andrea, and left. Cody never saw his father again.


Cody and his mother moved to a wizarding village called Ledger's Moor. With his father and sister now out of his life, Cody opted to get rid of the muggle name of his father and use his mother's maiden name, Lewis, instead. Cody began spending more time with his uncle, who had recently retired as manager of the Montrose Magpies. His uncle taught him how to fly and eventually gave him Quidditch lessons as well.


Cody fell in love with Quidditch and devoted much of his childhood to becoming the best Quidditch player he could possibly be. Unfortunately, he is color blind, which made it difficult to differentiate his teammates from his opponents based on their Quidditch uniforms. On several occasions, Cody would pass the Quaffle to a member of the opposing team. For this reason, Cody prefers playing Keeper, where passing is a less vital skill.


Temperament: Cody jokes around a lot and uses humor as a way to fill the void his father left in his life. He does not take school seriously and he gets in trouble a lot. He is very kind and loyal to his close friends, but not so friendly to those who cross him. He resents muggles and feels superior to muggle-borns.


Classes Currently Enrolled in: Broom Race - The Race Across Sweden, History of Hogwarts: The Founders, Poetry for Beginners, Pokemon Basics, Werewolves 101


Best Magical Talent: Cody is a very skilled flier for his age.


Worst Magical Talent: Charmwork, or anything else that requires precise wand movements.


Best Non-Magical Talent: Despite his lanky physique, Cody is actually very physically strong compared to most people his age.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: Cody has difficulty making friends and relating to others.


Special Possessions: Cody's most valued possession is his Cleansweep 11, which was passed down to him from his uncle.


Greatest Fear: Cody is terrified of darkness.


Future Goals: Cody's greatest ambition is to become a world class Quidditch player.

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Name: Vera Prince
Age: 10 (birthday October 14th)
Year: 1st Year
Wand: 10.25” Hazel and Runespoor Fang
Pet: none yet (she intends to get a cat, sooner or later, but she wants to get settled in first. she’s also a bit worried that she might forget to feed it…)
Blood: pure

Physical Description: She’s 4’11” (she is only ten, so hopefully she’ll grow taller… not). For a ten-year-old, she’s kinda mature looking (like, if you squint really hard). She has dark olive skin – her entire family is Indian (by typical Indian standards, she is considered pretty pale). She has long naturally curly black hair that’s very unruly, frizzy, and unmanageable (it makes Hermione’s hair look manageable). She keeps it mostly in a braid, messy bun, or a ponytail. She has very dark brown eyes. People often mistakenly say they are black. But they’re not. Really.

Brief Personal History: Vera comes from an Indian pureblood family, the Princes (no relation to Severus Snape). They're very old fashioned and traditionalist - although they're not prejudiced against muggleborns, they <i>do</i> expect Vera to one day marry a pureblood wizard, preferably a pureblood Indian wizard. She lives in a manor with her mother Leena, father Naveen, and little sister Aishwarya (7 years old)

Temperament: She’s a bit crazy and eccentric. She practices very strange sleeping hours and procrastinates like a boss. She’s very enthusiastic about things she likes and very apathetic about everything else. She’s an ice queen. Despite her carefree and happy-go-lucky demeanor, nothing really gets to her and it takes a lot to chip something off. She comes off as a bit frigid and uncaring, and can be very abrupt, to the point, blunt, and (seemingly) rude. She’s the type of person who cares very deeply about her friends and such, but she won’t actually tell them – she’ll just assume that they know. She’s the type of person to make new friends and just not contact them for a while. However, she really does value every single person who treats her well, not only because they’ll help her advance in life, but because they simply treat her nicely. But she’d never tell them that. Ever. She’s also very reluctant to open up to people for fear that they will hurt her.

Classes Currently Enrolled in: Astronomy, Cryptic Codes, Fae Folk, Fairy Tales, & Severus Snape: The Unanswered Questions

Best Magical Talent: Potions, Arithmacy

Worst Magical Talent: History of Magic, Divination

Best Non-Magical Talent: maths, sciences, logic puzzles & quick thinking things

Worst Non-Magical Talent: Walking in a straight line. No kidding. She’s a complete and absolute klutz and she can trip over nothing. Or something. Anything.

Special Possessions: Her jade earrings, and a spell that her mother gave her that’s been passed through her family. While Vera isn’t strong enough magically yet to use this spell (it’s NEWT level), she really treasures it. The spell can only be used wandlessly, and is used to transform the user’s wand into a piece of jewelry. This spell has been used in her family for centuries, each Prince would, before passing, transform their wands into jewelry that would be handed down as heirlooms. Every young Prince would inherit a piece of jewelry made through this spell – Vera’s earrings are her great-grandparents’ wands transformed into jewelry state just before they passed. The spell can only be reversed by the person who cast it, so the wand-jewelry does not retain any wand-like properties unless held by the original owner.

Greatest Fear: Being alone. But she doesn’t tell people that; it would be a sign of weakness.

Future Goals: Become a Potions Mistress or a Curse Breaker. She wants to do research or travel the world… or both.

Edited by Maxwell Shadow
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Rosemarie Aria Hyacinth Jade Halliwell... Or Rose, if you prefer.



May 7th









9.75" Willow and Unicorn Tail Hair



A male, yellow, tabby cat named Angel





Physical Description:

About 5 feet tall. Dark brown hair down to her shoulder blades and even darker brown eyes (almost black sometimes.) Not built tiny and frail by any means, but fairly pretty. Relatively strong and quite large for an 11 year old. Varied sense of style; could be wearing sweatpants if you see her in the morning and a girly dress in the afternoon. (When she's not wearing her school uniform, of course.)


Brief Personal History:

Rosemarie is the third of four children of her Pureblood parents, David and Catherine. Her siblings are David Halliwell Jr. who's 21 years old and was in Ravenclaw; Lissa Halliwell who's 18 years old and was in Ravenclaw; and Breandan Halliwell who just turned 10. Therefore, she spent most of her childhood (that she can remember) acting as the oldest child and would protect her little brother with whatever it took. At Hogwarts, her father was in Ravenclaw and her mother was in Slytherin. Her parents spent most of their time on trips, so she spent a lot of time with her grandaparents growing up, particularly her maternal grandparents who had always said that she would be a Slytherin and taught her accordingly. The thing she misses most about home is her little brother.


Rayne Devereaux is the daughter of Rosemarie's mother's twin sister who died when Rayne was young. Rayne spent a lot of time with Rosemarie's family and they both spent a lot of time together with their maternal grandparents, so they're more like siblings than cousins, and will sometimes call each other "Twin".



It's very hard to make her angry, but once you do, the smart thing to do is leave her alone until she calms down. She decides very quickly whether she likes someone or not. If she doesn't it'll be very hard to change that opinion. She can be nice when she wants to be, feels like it, and is in a good mood. She will never lie to you to make you feel better, so if you can't handle an honest answer to a question then you should ask someone else.


Current Classes:

Poetry for Beginners, Treasure Hunt, Famous Witches and Wizards, Flying, History of Hogwarts: The Founders


Best Magical Talent:

Potions, Arithmancy, History of Magic, flying.


Worst Magical Talent:

Charms, Herbology, Transfiguration.


Best Non-Magical Talent:

Figuring things out, singing.


Worst Non-Magical Talent:

Cheering people up


Special Possessions:

A special box filled with some family heirlooms, some joke items, other presents from her older siblings, and personal photos and things from home. The box is usually kept under her bed and out of sight, but it doesn't matter that it is because it's charmed to look empty unless someone needs, wants, or is supposed to see something that's in it.


Greatest Fear:

Being alone.


Future Goals:

Pass OWLS, and become Head Girl, and maybe to throw the best party that Slytherin's ever seen. =P

After that? She's not sure yet.

Edited by Rosemarie Halliwell
UPDATED - Year 2
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Full Name: Blade Jerome Johnson


Age: 14


Year: 4


Wand: 12" Reed and Ashwinder Ash


Pet: dog- Ariel (jack russell terrier named after his old roommate) & Sal (python) (This is short for Salazar in honor of our house founder)


Physical Description: BJ has black long hair usually tied in a pony tail and slicked back in front. Bull is very muscular built and strong. He has black eyes, and white skin. He is about 5 feet, with little body fat and light muscles starting to show.


Brief Personal History: BJ's parents were/are a wizard and a witch. His mother died when he was about five years old in the wizarding world war 2. So his dad raised him all by himself, plus worked as a very important person for the Ministry Of Magic. When BJ's parents were in Hogwarts they were in Slytherin. In fact all his decadence can be tranced back to a student that was taught by none other than Salazar Slytherins. FYI his father is/was a DE and his mother was killed by a Gryffindor Auror.


Temperament: BJ is very spoiled, but nice and helpful. He gets everything he asks from his father, but BJ knows giving things to people is very important. So he tries to help out his house where he can and shares his wealth with his friends. Some people may think he is just a show off throwing his wealth around, but if you actually get to know him you relize he is just doing this because, he genuitly cares about others and wants to be a protector of those who he loves. This is what he learned from his father and mother until she died. He does not like muggle born. Since he does not trust them after all the stories he has heard about them


Special Possessions: DX blaket (the pic on my wall in my room is just a pic of the blanket), also my poison ring


Greatest Fear: To let my father down or my house.



Future Goals: He wants to work with werewolves one way or the other.

(Look at my bio here for more info http://hol.org.uk/profile.php also if you want to rp more with me go to my twitter account and join in on my rp or just watch for updates on my character. I use the rp there here a bit.)

Edited by Bull J. Johnson
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Name: Annarose "Annie" "Rose" "Rosie" Casseopia Malfoy


Age: 12


Year: 2nd


Wand: 8 inch Hazel and Phoenix feather


Pet: none (her father feels he can't trust her with one yet, forcing her to save up her own money)


Physical Description: Rose is about 5' 6", which is not uncommon for a 12 year old girl. She's done growing already, and hates her height. Her hair is just like her parents' and brother's, long, straight, silvery blond, and semi thick. Her eyes are blue gray, but they change colors depending on her mood.


Brief Personal History: Rose's dad is Lucius Malfoy, a former Death Eater. Her mother is Kaleigh Lamel, a pureblood who works at the ministry and is half her father's age. She has a half brother and sister from her father named Draco and Crystal, and two half sisters from her mother named Ariana and Lira. Draco and Ariana are older, Crystal and Lira are younger. Her mother's daughters both hate Rose because their shared mother cheated on their father with Rose's father, ruining their family forever. Draco seems indifferent, but he secretly looks out for Rose, because she is nineteen years younger then he is. Kaleigh loves Rose, but never sees her because she lives with her father.


Temperament: She is normally a sweet girl to members of her own house and others. Seeing as her brother is Draco Malfoy, it's sort of a shock. She gets almost manic around exam time, studying so hard that her friends have to bodily lift her and stick her in the shower. They'll even have to occasionally call an older student (female, naturally) to come and bind her loosly to her bed so that she'll sleep. Rose is a Sneerleader, and doesn't really understand the purpose, but still thinks it's fun. She loves to read and write, but if you interrupt her while she's doing either... well, it's your neck.


Special Possessions: A heartshaped locket with a picture of her mother on one side and her father on the other, and two way mirrors that she and Draco share.


Greatest Fear: Not being accepted in her house because of what her father and mother did to their families.


Future Goals: Make her own way in the world without her parents legacy trailing down to her, graduate from Hogwarts as Head Girl, beat Ariana and Lira it everything she possibly can.

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Name: Aurelia "Brie" West

Age: 11

Year: First Year

Wand: 10.75" Vine and Phoenix Feather

Pet: Miss Kitty, her late father's cat who likes her slightly more than all of her other siblings.

Physical Description: about 5'3" so like an average height, she has fair skin with dark brown/black hair, her eyes are brown but sometimes look purple in different lighting.

Brief Personal History: She was born to Matt and Chasity West in Milan, Italy. She has three older sisters and one younger one. In order they are Rachel, Lucy, Nina, her (Brie), and Mackenzie "Kinsey". Her oldest sister Rachel has moved away by now and owns an apartment that Brie often stays at whenever she wants to get away from the madness of her house (she has three sisters at home. How is it supposed to be quiet?). Sadly though, her father passed away when she was 8 and her mother, though she really loves them, has had a hard time keeping food on the table. Sometimes she feels that she doesn't really belong in her family and that they treat her like a child and not a real person and she hates that because it feels too much like they are just giving her pity.

Temperament: Brie acts nonchalant and quiet when angered which can catch most people by surprise when she really starts to blow up. Though she acts non-caring, she really does care about what people think of her and tries her best to impress them, to show them that she's not all they though that she would be.

Special Possessions: Her cat, Miss Kitty, belonged to her father and though Miss Kitty is a family cat, she does like Brie slightly more than the others. Miss Kitty is not very friendly towards other animals though and normally just stays in the house. Miss Kitty proves she is Brie's ever faithful cat by coming to HOL with her despite all of the other annoying animals.

Greatest Fear: She is very secretive and if she had any fears at all, you would never discover them.

Future Goals: She wants to become someone of importance at HOL. She wants to be someone that people look up to. She wants to earn points, join clubs, try out for SQT, to show everybody that she really is somebody despite being ignored or looked down upon at home. Brie wants to do everything and that may be her downfall. She tries to do so much that she spreads herself too thin and never really has any time for herself.

Edited by Aurelia West
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Name: Crystal Bellatrix Malfoy


Age: 11


Year: 1st


Wand: 9.00" Hornbeam and Ashwinder Ash


Pet: Nemo the Wolf Cub


Physical Description: Long blonde hair, bright green eyes and pale skin


Brief Personal History: She has an older half sister called Annarose Malfoy, she lives in the country side in a big mansion. She doesnt see her parents very much.


Temperament: She is very nice but you dont want to get on the wrong side of her. She has quite a temper and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in


Special Possessions: Her wolf cub and her Firebolt


Greatest Fear: Losing her sister


Future Goals: Be the first female Minister of Magic

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Name: Professor Alaia Logan


Age: 19


Position: Slytherin Deputy Head of House


Blood Status: Pure-Blood


Wand: 10.75" Ivy and Phoenix Feather


Pet: Cat named Angel


Physical Description: Alaia is 5'7". She is curvy with shoulder length brunette hair, and piercing green eyes.


Brief Personal History: The only child of Alyahna and James Logan, Alaia has been brought up in a permissive, loving household. Never wanting for anything, receiving everything she has ever asked for, calling her spoiled would be an understatement. Due to large inheritances from both branches of the family, neither parent works. Instead they spend their time, and money travelling to all corners of the world, and living a lavish life. Alaia has always done what she wanted, whenever she wanted, and the adjustment to life at Hogwarts was extremely hard for her. However, thanks to the close friends she made both in and out of Slytherin house, Hogwarts quickly became the most important place in her life. So much so that no sooner had she graduated she was back, this time as a Professor, and stepped instantly into the role of Slytherin Deputy Head of House.


Temperament: Alaia is quick to anger, but rather quick to forget too. She has a fiery temper and sharp tongue that regularly gets her into trouble. She delights in sitting quietly at the edge of a conversation, delivering a sudden, cutting, sarcastic remark, then leaving while the other participants are still reeling. In spite of these characteristics, Alaia does have her soft side, and regularly comes to the aid of those in need of help. She is also fiercly loyal, and will take much more offense when insults are offered to her friends than to herself. This has lost her friends outside of Slytherin house, as she will defend her snakes against all comers, no matter the personal cost, or even whether the defense is merited or not.


Classes currently enrolled in: Alaia is a Professor in charge of teaching History of Hogwarts: The Founders. Although she may be found lurking in the back of other classrooms of subjects she enjoyed during her student days.


Best Magical Talent: Alaia excels in all charmwork.


Worst Magical Talent: Divination, she considers it unworthy of being called 'magic'.


Best Non-magical Talent: She is an exceptional musician, with a lovely singing voice, and is a natural guitar player.


Worst Non-magical talent: She has never been noted for her correct spelling or grammar.


Special Possessions: Her guitar, which travels wherever she does.


Greatest Fear: Public humiliation. Alaia prides herself on her poise and elegance, nothing would be worse to her than being made a fool of in public.


Future Goals: Well that would be telling...

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Name: Tyler Peregrine Highwater

Age: He turned 11 on the 26th of July.

Year: First.

Blood Status: Pure-blooded.

Wand: 9.25" Cedar with Thestral Hair. (Interesting to note, according to Pottermore and the Wiki--Thestral Hair is said to exist only within the Elder Wand and wands made by a Witch or Wizard for themselves. They are said to be finicky, and only side with a magical person of interesting destiny. The wand I bought by accident in real life is also made of Cedar, is about that big, and the dealer warned me that that wand in particular may be tied to death--which is what Thestrals are identified with. -shrug-)

Pet: No magical pet at the moment, but he happens to be saving up for an owl. His non-magical pet is a small dwarf hamster, Chitter, that he keeps in a large cage on the trunk by the foot of his bed.

Physical Description: Standing at about 5 foot 5, Tyler is average in only height. He has long white hair pulled back in a ponytail, courtesy of his great-grandmother, a blue eye, and a green eye (no one seems to know why). Ordinarily Tyler wears his standard Slytherin regailia, but is occaisionally found with his shirt untucked, and tie undone if he's been stuck on a rather difficult homework question. The scarf he wears on cold days, is one he knit himself.

Brief Personal History: Raised by a Hufflepuff and a Ravenclaw, Tyler was born what he considers to be an open-minded individulal. Though raised by 2 magical parents, many of his friends were born with one or both muggle parents themselves, and found himself sticking up for them on occaision. Now a muggle- or half-born rights activist on the side, Tyler finds his interest piqued upon his first Care of Magical Creatures class (of which he is still in the middle of), and decides that he simply must become a world-renouned magical creatures expert, so that he can find the missing link between magical and muggle folk.

Temperament: A little on the impulsive side. Generally mild, and good at controlling his anger during a debate. Will sometimes explode at someone if they happen to be there at a bad time. Will sometimes cling to a topic or ideal for weeks at a time, then miraculously drop it and never touch it again. (Another interesting note, my Pottermore wand was said to be "surprisingly swishy," which denotes a certain amount of adaptability and interest in many different subjects at once, with a touch of inability to stay on one topic for too long.)

Classes Currently Enrolled in: Beginner's - Defense Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Flying, Herbology, and Word Magic.

Best Magical Talent: So far, Care of Magical Creatures.

Worst Magical Talent: Low level spells. Can't seem to cast a proper charm to save his life. Tongue-tied easily.

Best Non-Magical Talent: Identifying one plant or animal species from another. Good eye for detail.

Worst Non-Magical Talent: Not good at letting a certain subject or idea go, even if it has been completely disproved. Stubborn.

Special Possessions: The scarf he knit himself, and the Weird Sisters CD he got autographed by all 8 members of the band.

Greatest Fear: Living out his entire life, while ultimately accomplishing nothing.

Future Goals: First, to become an animagus. Probably some sort of Hawk or Falcon (yes, I know it's determined by personality, but...a guy can dream, can't he?). Then to become the world's first wizard geneticist, and seek out the ties between magical and non-magical folk.



Though he is still in only his first year, everyone around him seems to think his patronus and/or animagus form may be a Hawk. Until his third year, he may not know for sure. (Yet, if his patronous would be the same as my dæmon, then he's screwed--because it's a dwarf hamster.)

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So, I've decided to infiltrate not only your Dungeons, but your Role-Play Forum as well. :spiteful: :spiteful:

This is my Character Discription from the Gryffindor Forum, and if you would like for me to format it differently, please let me know ^^


Full Name: Pandora Anya Gotham

Nickname: Panda

Age: 12 years old

Gender: Female

House, Year: Gryffindor, Second Year

Status: Pureblood

Birthday: December 29

Favorite Color: Red and Grey

Home Location: Norway then London


Wand: When Panda was nine, her father gave her the Gotham family wand-12 1/2 inches, Ebony with a liquid Boomslang venom core. It was first made in the late 1600’s and was passed down to the eldest Gotham witch or wizard. Though, when given to the female, the owner must pass it down to the eldest male Gotham, not to her own children, making sure the wand stays in the Gotham Family only.


Appearance: Panda is extremely tall for her age, standing at five foot eight, and has striking ivy green eyes. Panda’s hair comes to around her shoulders and is strawberry blonde and very curly. Her face is a bit round, but not completely, and a nice set of lips adorns her face. Her eyes are always swirling with mischief and sarcasm, and she has a good muscular build. Panda tends to walk around with a panda bear beanie on her head, even if it's against school codes.


-Positive: Loyal to those who earn it, Intelligent, Go-get-it-done Attitude, Courageous, Bold

-Negative: Rebellious to authority, bottle emotions inside, Pessimist to love, Guarded, Distant


-Strengths: Graceful, Tough, Leader, Strong Nerves

-Weakness: Reckless, Disorganized, Hot Tempered, Misfit


Brief Personal History:

Pandora Gotham was born to an extremely formal and wealthy pureblood family in Norway, and is the oldest, with three sisters; Gunda, who is seven, and the twins, Kari and Berthina, who are nine. At any chance Panda gets, she rebells, especially against her mother, Sophabell Lysin Gotham.


Panda adores her father, Ragnar Gotham, but her mother is in Panda’s words “an intolerable money grubbing snob” and she cannot stand her. For generations, the Gotham females have gone to the Norse School for Girls to earn their magical education filled with only pure-bloods, ever since Panda was young, her mother tried to force her elitist pureblood ways upon her, but when Panda was ten, she ran away to muggle London to live with her Squib Aunt Rosalyn, and her wizard Uncle Vesper.


Together, they raised Pandora with high values on all forms of life, magical and non-magical, and further advanced her pre-school education. By the time that Panda was eleven and her Hogwarts letter came, Panda had about the level of magical training as a graduating First Year.


Who the Real Panda is: Panda, while she is very intelligent, she has a couple strengths that stand out, Quidditch for one, ever since she went to live with her Aunt and Uncle, they taught her how to play Quidditch and Panda clubbed anyone trying to steal her family team’s victory straight out of the sky with her slamming bludgers so hard, they were nearly impossible to dodge. Another strength is her being a natural born leader, being able to take control of nearly any situation, and gain respect and followers without really trying hard. Panda can take apart any broom, and put it back together, making it better than it was before she tinkered with it, and excels at Transfiguration and Defense. Recently, Panda has gotten into learning about how to create new forms of magic.


When Panda is grown, she wishes to be an Unspeakable for the British Ministry of Magic, but in which she specializes, she’ll never tell. Panda has quite a few flaws, including being quite pessimistic toward love, her extreme case of recklessness, where she always acts first and thinks later, she is very distant to most people, except her close knit group of friends, and she loses any paper given to her. Being a Beater really fits Panda, for, when she is mad, she will go on a rampage destroying or smashing anything in her path, and any little thing insulting said to her or her friends and House Family will unfortunately lose her calm. Panda can be very violent when provoked, and some students think that it is fun to push her limits. Despite her violent tendencies, Panda can be very caring, and the people who only see her as a violent stick-in-the-mud, don’t know the real, witty and sarcastic Pandora Gotham.


Interests: Panda loved to spend time with her father, learning about past Gothams who had done many great things with her life. Though when she ran away to London, her interests changed to Quidditch and Transfiguration basics. Ever since her uncle introduced her to Quidditch, Panda has loved brooms, and after a lot of trial and error, has managed to be able to take apart a broom and put it back together. She does this mostly when she is trying to think or calming down.


Pets: Her family's pet was the Gotham family Phoenix, Alexandros. Alexandros helped Panda escape her mother, and stays with her aunt and uncle during the school year. At Hogwarts she has a raven colored owl and secretly has a small kitten, Luma.


School Interests: Panda loves Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration. She is slightly better at Transfiguration than DADA, and she is slightly above average in Charms, though not by much.


Future Goals: Panda’s biggest goal is to become an Unspeakable in the future, but for Hogwarts is to be a beater on Gryffindor’s House Quidditch Team and crush the other teams pfffffft not Slytherin at all! XD in the House Cup.

Edited by Pandora Gotham
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Name: Lynete Vanderbuilt


Age: 11


Year: First


Wand: 7.50" Hornbeam and Leprechaun Hair.


Pet: Cat called Lovely.


Physical Description: Lynete is of average weight and height for a normal healthy eleven-year-old. She has long, straight blonde hair and green eyes.


Brief Personal History: Lynete is an only child, born to Charlotte and Raphael Vanderbuilt on a cold, November day. Both parents came from pureblood families of middle class society. They are just rich enough to hold some power, but not that much. Which is fine by them, because they are not under big scrunity as some of more prominent aristocrat families. Lynete had been raised with love and affection, her parents being more or less constantly around her. She was home schooled by her mother until she got an acceptance letter, going off to the magical school.


Temperament: Lynete has a very lenient personality, but that does not mean that she does not posses a mean streak when she is provoked. On the outside, she appears be nice to everyone in her house, as long as they do not test her patience or good will. If someone does manage to make Lynete angry, he or she better hide well, unless the person wants to receive a verbal lashing or a few claw marks from her cat. Lynete is not afraid to stand up for herself and her beliefs. Due to her mother's influence, Lynete respects authority and those in higher position than her, no matter if she agrees or disagrees with them.


Special Possessions: Just her cat, whom she loves dearly.



Classes currently enrolled in: Art Appreciation: The Ninja Turtles, Famous Witches and Wizards in History, Oceanology, Monsters in Cinema and Poetry for Beginners.


Best Magical Talent: Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms


Worst Magical Talent: Divination, Transfiguration


Best Non-magical Talent: Writing.


Worst Non-magical talent: Singing


Greatest Fear: Losing her imagination or ability to write.


Future Goals: Seeing she is only eleven, Lynete does not have any future goals at the moment, just hoping to get as much points as possible and help her house to victory.

Edited by Lynete Vanderbuilt
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Name: Kailey Jones

Age: Eleven years

Year: First

Blood: Muggleborn (don't call me muddblood or I'll pound you!)

Wand: Beech and Veela Hair

Pets: A pygmy puff named Pygmie, two owls named snowflake and harry, and a cat named Crooklyn Shanks.

Physical Description: Long, wavy, brownish red hair, freckles and blue green eyes. She is 4 and a half feet tall.

Brief Personal History: Her parents are muggles, her aunt is Hermione Granger, her twin is a muggle, Older sister is also a muggle. Sister's twin was a Hufflepuff

Special Possessions: Pets, family, wand, broom

Greatest Fear: Seeing her family die

Future Goals: To become an auror

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Name: Kane Windsor

Age: Eleven

Year: First

Wand: 11.75” Birch and Thestral Hair

Pet: An Owl named Louis

Physical Description: Tall and athletic

Brief Personal History: Born and raised in the South of France to English parents, Kane recently moved to the English countryside as soon as he turned 10 yrs old. His mother Carisse was a Beauxbaton alumna and father was a member of the Ministry of Magic (retired shortly after the Dark Lord’s untimely death). Slytherin through and through, it was always expected that he was going to be educated at Hogwarts. Kane comes from a long line of Pureblood Slytherins.

Temperament: Moody, a bit anti-social. Manipulative, self-righteous and ambitious, you know- all the good traits of what Slytherins should be. Kane has a competitive streak. He’s very quiet though, tends to keep to himself. Chooses his friends wisely, depending on the purity of their blood.

Best Magical Charms: Charms and Potions

Worst Magical Talent: None of course

Likes: Sleeping, walks, reading, and classical music

Dislikes: Ignorance, failure

Special Possessions: His books.

Greatest Fear: Failure

Future Goals: That’s to be determined.

Edited by Kane Windsor
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Name: Maxwell Vincent Shadow
Age: 16
Year: Just starting 6th year
Wand: 11.00" Chestnut and Leprechaun Hair

Pet: None personally but family have several owls so some of those come visiting Hogwarts every so often with messages and parcels from home.

Physical Description: Max has grown quite a lot recently and is now slightly above average height with straight, red hair which is just long enough to cover his eyes. He's forever sweeping it out of them in a way he thinks looks cool and dramatic. He's a little on the skinny side and could do with fattening up a bit but Max is amazed how he's the weight he is since he never misses a meal and rarely exercises.

Brief Personal History: Max comes from a pureblood family with money and has never had to worry about anything. He was spoilt as a child and as a result his older sister was extrememly jealous of him. Max and Bellicia have grown closer since Bella graduated from Hogwarts and moved out to work as a curse breaker for Gringotts but there's still a little tension between them. Max is going through a proper teenage phase at the moment and thinks his parents are moaning, interfering pains when really they're nothing but supportive. They want Max to do his best and to achieve highly in life so may come across as a little pushy at times but they are traditional and believe that as a pureblood he should be the best. The family live in their large mansion in Hertfordshire and Max goes home every holiday to enjoy the comforts he's come to expect and that Hogwarts doesn't quite deliver (although he spent the Summer between his 5th and 6th years mostly shut in the library trying to make up for his poor performance in his OWLs)

Temperament: Max is a bit of a loner and has found it difficult to make friends at Hogwarts. He spent most of his first year free time on his own, finishing his homework and writing stories in his dorm. He enjoys writing as it's an escape and he can be someone else for a while. He overcomes his shyness by keeping new people at arms length and letting them know very little about him. He has one close Slytherin friend called Ed and (to his shame) he really likes the Gryffindork James that they sometimes hang around with. Second year was better for Max since Ed came to school and he has opened up a little more and is trying to make more friends in Slytherin. He managed to gain a bit more confidence since becoming a Prefect and was rather overwhelmed to be made headboy during his fifth year. Other than that Max is fiercly proud of his pureblood heritage and will not mix with muggleborns. His family are rich so he can come across as a little haughty at times but he doesn't really realise that this might offend some people, it's just the way he is.

Special Possessions: Max has a couple of family photos in ornate, antique (and expensive) frames which he keeps beside his bed so that he doesn't get too lonely at Hogwarts. The wall by his bed is also covered in certificates and all the awards he's earnt so far at school (40 and counting) as he really is proud of his academic achievement. He also got an expensive writing set from his parents during the summer between his third and fourth year as a reward for passing all his classes and earning the most points in Slytherin for the year. Max plans to write more this year, he keeps the stories he's finished in an intricately carved wooden box which is hidden under his bed.

Greatest Fear: Being poor or failing all his classes and disgracing the family name.

Future Goals: Max still hasn't thought much about what he wants to do with his life after Hogwarts but is hoping to spend a bit of time travelling after graduation, using the family gold to take him to exotic places far away. He's realising more and more, however, that he will need to find a good career and that sadly his parents will not allow him to be frivolous with their money.

Edited by Maxwell Shadow
Updated for 6th year
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Name: Aeonyx Verrier


Age: 11


Year: 1st


Wand: 12.5" Hornbeam and Basilisk Fang, a Verrier family heirloom.


Pet: Nyx has a leucistic ball python named Beelzebub, that she simply calls Bub. Her family owns two owls, which occasionally swoop into the Great Hall to deliver letters and packages: a Blakiston's Fish Owl, named Zephyr, and an Eurasian Eagle-Owl called Azrael.


Physical Description: Aeonyx is 5'5". She has a narrow set of shoulders, and a generally thin silhouette. She has a shock of true-red hair that she keeps relatively short, just long enough so that it covers the nape of her neck. Her eyes are pale green, and she wears glasses more because she thinks they look good on her than out of necessity. Considering how much time she like to spend outside next to any body of water, she is surprisingly pale. When she hasn't had enough sleep, it makes her look sickly and washed out. Her tendency to dress in dark colours does not make her seem any more tanned, either.


Brief Personal History: Aeonyx is the scion of the Verrier family, one of the richest French Pureblood lineages. The Verriers never spared any expense for their only daughter, so she grew up quite spoiled. It makes her somewhat an oddity, as she find that Hogwarts is small, and sparsely furnished. The Verriers recently moved to England, leaving behind their Perche chateau, where Aeonyx had spent all her childhood. She misses it, but the mansion they bought here is decent, although she bemoans the loss of her favourite lake. The reason for their move from France is a vague one, related to the fact that, although the Verriers remained carefully neutral during the war, they have an history of Dark wizards. The wand Aeonyx wields is one of the artifacts left over from the time some members of her family took less than judicious choices as to whom they supported. She knows the wand has a dark history, but she doesn't mind, as it's the wand she's been given by her parents when she was just five. The laws regarding underage magic were somewhat laxer in France, and her family's propriety was old enough so that the wards, added to by each Verrier matriarch, were enough to protect both Aeonyx and anyone else. Still, she only knows the most basic spells required at Hogwarts, although her mother made sure she knew all the cleaning spells needed to be able to take care of herself. Aeonyx will one day take over the Verrier fortune and name, which is why her parents insist upon her focusing on her education, and started training her in the ways of Pureblood wizards since she was old enough to walk.


Temperament: Aeonyx's moods fluctuate greatly, but she keeps on a calm facade all the time, as it would not be proper to be an open book. She is usually friendly, and likes meeting new people, regardless of blood status. Still, Aeonyx is usually closed off to people until they show her that they're trustworthy. Once she becomes friends with someone, she will stick with them through thick and thin, and offer them any help she can. However, if someone upsets her, she will readily sever all ties. She is especially loyal to her family, and although she's usually hard to provoke, insulting the Verriers is the quickest way to make an enemy of her. She loves having friends, and is used to being surrounded by people, as her parents made sure she took part in all their parties, but she still loves spending time alone and simply relaxing. She likes reading and writing, and occasionally enjoys drawing, too.


Special Possessions: Coming from an old Pureblood family, Aeonyx has a lot of heirlooms that she holds dear. The most obvious one is clearly the Hornbeam wand, with the Basilisk Fang core. It's a very rare core, and has been passed down in her family for generations. She is honoured to be able to wield it, although she sometimes finds it a bit powerful. Another of her prized possessions is the African Blackwood trunk her parents gave her before she came to Hogwarts. It is delicately sculpted and shows a chronology of the Verrier family. It is inlaid with silver and precious stones, and is given to the Verrier children on the first day of magical school, to symbolize


Best Magical Talent: Potions, DADA, Charms.


Worst Magical Talent: Healing, although she has heard that is it because of her wand core, as Basilisk Fangs are a Dark core and thus inappropriate for Healing.


Best Non-magical Talent: Writing and drawing.


Worst Non-magical talent: Cooking, although she can usually make something edible if she pokes at it with her wand long enough.


Greatest Fear: Not passing her year.


Future Goals: World dominion, of course. Preferably while being either an Auror or a high-ranked politician.

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(Something happened with all of my coding so I have to do it all by hand. I'll finish all the detailed pretty stuff tomorrow.)


Name: Adalya Octavia Gilagant

Age: 11

Year: 1st Year

House: Slytherin

Wand: 8.5" Vine Hippogriff Talon


Pets: She has a kitten name Snickers. She also has a barn owl named Caramel, but is using is only as a messenger owl.


Physical Description: Adalya currently stands at about 4'5" and is a pale, skinny girl with bright blue-green eyes. She has long, red hair that goes down to the middle of her back; she styles it differently all the time and has dyed the ends (last 4" or so) black.


Brief Personal History: Adalya was the first born of triplets, followed by her brother Liam and sister Opal. Her and her family have lived in German for as long as she could remember, and has always loved her grandiose home. Neither her nor her siblings know very much about their mother, except for what their father tells them of her, for she died when they were still newborns. Their father took care of them the best he could, but because of his job he needed to higher a full time nanny. Adalya and her siblings grew up rich but were taught that money means nothing when judging a person. When she was about her father married her nanny and life got a lot easier for her and her siblings, for they always called her "momma" and now could feel right with calling her mom. Now that she is 11 she can start a new chapter of her life. Her father told her and her siblings that the could go to whatever school they wanted to. Adalya chose Hogwarts, Liam chose Durmstang, and Opal chose Beauxbatons. The night before her and her siblings were to part ways for the school year, their father each gave them a small token of their biological mother. Liam received a Remembrall, Opal received Phoenix Writing Quill, and Adalya received the key to her Gringott's vault. Both Liam and Opal have their own messenger owls and the three promised both each other, and their father and mother, to write often.


Temperament: For the most part Adalya is a happy child that tries to get along with everyone. Although quite shy at first, Adalya is a ball of energy and tends to be excited about everything. However, don't cross her for she too has a nasty side of her. She has also been known for singing in the shower with her beautiful singing voice, which clears her head and relaxes her.


Special Possessions: The Chest her father bought her for her 11th birthday, along with her journal. She also keeps a picture of both her siblings tucked safely in the journal her father got her. She was also given her birth mother's Gringott's key, which she wears on a plain chain around her neck tucked under clothes, only taking it off when she sleeps and showers.


Greatest Fear: Failing others, Finding out her mother wasn't a good person, Spiders, Large dark areas, and Being rejected


Future Goals: She'd like to find out who her mother was and what she was like. Other than that she'd liked to graduate from Hogwarts on time.

Edited by Adalya Gilagant
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Name: Meredith Adrienne Stuart

Generally Referred to as: Meredith, Merry

Birth Date: December 5

Gender: Female

Blood: Pure


Wand: 9.5 inch Elder wand with Thestral hair core


Pet(s): A gorgeous, silver grey and beige wolf dog by the name of Damiana. The hybrid pup had been found when Meredith went to Diagon Alley with her mother, the owner of the menagerie being ready to dispose of the animal due to her inability to be tamed.


Physical Description: Meredith is rather diminutive for her age, standing at a mere 4 feet. She has dark chestnut brown hair that falls down to the middle of her back in soft waves. Her petite stature combined with soft and delicate features give her the appearance of a porcelain doll. Her eyes are a stunning violet, made all the more other-worldly by the thick, dark lashes framing them.


Mother: Amarice (Nordheim) Stuart

Father: Malcolm Stuart

Sibling(s): An older brother by the name of Aleksander James Stuart


Personal History: Meredith was born to Amarice and Malcom Stuart bright and early on December 5th. Her mother’s family hails from Målselv, the Nordheim ancestral home laying deep within the forests of the Øvre Dividal, hidden from Muggle view by both enchantments and the dense foliage of the trees. Her father’s family is from Perth, similar enchantments protecting the Stuart homestead as well.


As the second child, a rare treat amongst many pureblood families, she grew up with the huge benefit of being the centre of her parents' and brother's world. Her early childhood was filled with all the benefits being the only girl and youngest child provided. She received the very best in tutors and excelled in every subject taught to her. As such, she was rewarded by her parents and brothers accordingly. For, though she was the apple of her mother's eye and her father's little girl, they did not want a spoiled brat.


As the years passed, it became obvious that Meredith was exceptionally bright like her parents. When she was not with her tutors, Meredith could be found in the family library or out in the forests surrounding their home, helping her mother take care of the small wolf pack that roamed their lands. When it came time for her to go to school, her parents’ desires differed. Her mother wanted her to go to Durmstrang but her father’s insistence won out, so it was to Hogwarts that Meredith was sent.


Personality: Meredith is an oxymoron if there ever was one. On one hand, she is a very quiet and private person, not being one to spout off how she knows so-and-so or how far back she can trace her bloodline. To her, silence is a virtue that few have mastered. In her eyes, those who feel compelled to sing the praises of their family and/or their connections are simply trying too hard and are beneath her.


On the other hand, she is also incredibly sweet as well. Once you have earned her trust, she is a loyal and devoted friend. She does not raise her voice very often, leading others to believe she is a bit of a pushover. But that is most certainly not the case. She has a volatile temper when wronged and will not hesitate to tell you exactly what she thinks of you.


Best Magical Talent: Both offensive and defensive spells


Worst Magical Talent: Charms


Best Non-Magical Talent: Research, a keen intellect, not being afraid to voice her opinion, and caring for various animals


Worst Non-Magical Talent: Patience with dim-witted people, animals being tortured, and showing respect to those she dislikes immensely.


Greatest Fear: Disappointing her family


Future Goals: Undecided.

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