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Nassa Dikaios

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Physical Description:

Brief Personal History:


Special Possessions:

Greatest Fear:

Future Goals:


Anything else to add? Feel free to write that as well!





Name: Anassa Hypatia Dikaios

Age: 14

Year: Fourth

Wand: Olive, Pegasus feather, 10 1/2 inches

Pet: Kneazle named Artie



Physical Description: 5'3 bronze skinned with long curly brown hair and brown eyes. While at Hogwarts, she is often seen sporting the common trends and the school uniform, but at home Nassa likes to dress in more traditional Greek attire.



Brief Personal History: Nassa is an only child born into a long history of pureblood witches and wizards originating in Greece, where her family estate is. Her parents live a leisurely life of travel and are rarely at home, so Nassa was mostly raised by the servants of the household. She does not begrudge them this, however, as she rather prefers being left to her own devices. Nassa spent her childhood roaming around the gardens of her family home, which is slowly deteriorating because her parents are rarely home to oversee things. When she wasn't out on the grounds, she was encouraged by her caretakers (and she rarely protested) to curl up in their vast library to study magic and spell books, to not be a nuisance to the hustle and bustle of daily life at the Dikaios estate. Underage magic laws are different in Greece, so she was able to get a large head start on her magical education.



Temperament: Nassa is usually calm and unexcited, often too concerned with all the stuff inside her head to bother much with what else is going on. But don't let that fool you. Just because she doesn't involve herself with everything, doesn't mean she isn't aware of it! She can be extremely blunt in her speech, finding it generally tiresome and a waste of time to bandy around. If you ask Nassa something, you will get a straight answer, whether you want it or not. She rarely speaks of her personal life.


Special Possessions: Her pet kneazle Artie, diadem passed down to her through the family and her family estate which will become hers one day.


Greatest Fear: Nassa would never divulge such information.

Future Goals: She wishes to forge a path for herself in the world, be able to work out of her home and regain the beauty of her family estate.

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Name: Prof. Ashlee Sully

Age: 18 (born December 1991)

Year: Super Awesome Professor Year

Title: Slytherin Deputy Head of House

Blood: Pure

Wand: 7.75" Elder and Chimaera Scale

Pet: Basil the Basilisk - all her personal pets ran away after Ashlee neglected them by looking after Basil too much.


Physical Description: Ashlee is 5'3" with a curvy body, olive skin, long black hair and dark green eyes that she is often complimented on.


Brief Personal History: Ashlee was born in Rome to Celeste and Demetrio Sully but spent most of her early childhood living in France. She has two older sisters, Amelia and Brigitte. Her family boasts a long line of pure blood witches and wizards who are spread throughout Europe. At the age at ten her parents came to London to work as Healers for St. Mungo's. She was sent to Hogwarts and became the first Sully in 50 years to attend the school, with most having gone to either Beauxbatons or Durmstrang.


Temperament: Ashlee is friendly but a perfectionist. She likes things to be in perfect order and will be restless when sitting in a messy room although her motto is "if I can't see the mess, it isn't there" so you won't want to open her cupboards! Ashlee enjoys being in the thick of things and helping other people but she has trouble "letting go" when someone else is there to take over her duties. She doesn't allow anyone to walk over her and will stick up for those who are important to her.


Ashlee can sometimes be guarded when meeting new people but has learnt to not be so suspicious of others, which has helped her to make friends over the years. She is loyal to those who show her mutual respect and doesn't believe in judging people before knowing who they really are. Ashlee likes to think she's smart but can sometimes have 'blonde' moments. She is a bit of a character at times and likes to have fun and make people laugh. She is the kind of person you can approach when you need help or support.


Best Magical Talent: Charms, with seven years practice she is quite good at casting them - so watch out!

Worst Magical Talent: Potions - she normally has to pay the students to make them for her. She never paid much attention in this class!

Best Non-Magical Talent: Can cook like a Muggle - and a good one at that!

Worst Non-Magical Talent: It's not a talent, but a habit - biting her nails. She also can't walk in a straight line.

Likes: Chocolate frogs, Slytherin, having fun... oh and CHOCOLATE.

Dislikes: Bugs, spiders, pumpkin and celery.


Special Possessions: Her memories and photographs are most special to her, and she hopes never to lose either of them. Though she knows that if her memories fade, her photos won't.


Greatest Fear: Not achieving her dreams.


Future goals: To take over HOL (kidding!)

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Name: Gabrielle Bellatrix Cadeaux

Age and Date of Birth: 13 on May 10th

Year: Second

Wand: 13 1/2 Willow with Leprechaun Hair core

Pets: Dawlish, her owl, and Poltergeist, her cat


Family Background: Gabrielle Cadeaux is the only child of two extremely wealthy French aristocrats, Jean Pierre Cadeaux and Vivienne Jeanne Rishelle. Her father is the CEO of the Magie Ikuinene Societes Corporation, a business that specializes in monitoring the trade of fraudulant magical artifacts. She is part of a pureblood French pedigree that stems from the royal house of Dreux. Her half-sister, born Cecilia Arietta Duchess but now Cecilia Else Duchess, is a Second Year but in the house of Gryffindor. Although both sisters were brought up in the same affluence and society, Cecilia and Gabrielle are the complete antithesis of one another and utterly despise one another. Gabrielle had dreamed of attending the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic ever since she was little, only to have this dream crushed when her parents decided to send her to Britain for a more "rounded" education. She has never been close to her parents, although she allows herself to be molded and shaped by them.


Physical Description: In a spurt of rebelliousness, Gabrielle Cadeaux decided to dye her hair a bright red to hide her French origins or, better yet, further sever the ties between her and the country her parents had brought her up in. It reaches to the small of her back in a mass of curls. Her height is 5 feet 2 inches.


Temperament: Although at first glance cold and uninterested, Gabrielle has an optimistic, and surprisingly childish, core to her personality. Almost everything is a game to her and the people around her, toys. She can read emotions very well and yet still has a hard time sympathizing with others. It is easy to please the others around her but she has a hard time making true friends given that her heart is surrounded by an almost impenetrable wall built by years of betrayal, regret, and her true nature.


Classes Currently Enrolled in: She has decided to take Quidditch and Charms but would prefer to focus on her summer commitments before turning her mind back onto academic matters.


Best Magical Talent: Gabrielle has a penchant for Charms but absolutely loves creating potions. She loves to charm the bone china tea set she received for Christmas into dancing Irish jigs.


Worst Magical Talent: Sadly, Gabrielle is an owner of what some would call a "black thumb". Herbology is one of her worst subjects, and she must exert a tremendous amount of effort to keep up, especially since she is not very interested in the topic to begin with.


Best Non-Magical Talent: She was born with the natural talent of mimicry.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: Gabrielle has almost no sense of direction and will quickly become lost in almost any situation.


Special Possessions: Her most special possession is a sapphire tear-shaped pendant given to her by a special childhood crush of hers, more than 5 years her senior, before he left to search for adventure in the Americas. She guards this memento on a charm bracelet on her left wrist.


Greatest Fear: Failure to meet expectations, whether her own or others


Future goals: She would like to complete her education with the highest marks possible in order to achieve her goal of becoming a Charms professor. Her mother and father greatly disapprove of her ambitions, preferring that she marry quickly to a suitor of their choice.

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There are a few things in my characters 'familial' past (such as how the loss of her mother came about) that won't be in this profile but if you want to know you can either just ask me or go to the profile in the Ravenclaw RPG thread. A slightly more detailed profile is listed there.



Helénē Méav Galatas (pronounced huh-LAYN mayv gah-lah-TAS) though she prefers to be called Elena or Lena. Her close friends call her L.


Date of Birth:

Third of June.












13.75" Oak and Phoenix Feather.



Gwendolyn: a Snowy Owl with black speckles all over her and a pure white face.


Physical Description:

Elena is 5'6" with a slender build - a "Chaser's build" as her father used to say - though she is not 'stick figure thin'. She has dark brown hair that has an auburn tint to it in the sunlight and reaches down to around three inches above her waist that she usually wears in either a pony tail, half up and half down or in a messy bun. She has a slightly sharp nose, rosy lips and bright hazel eyes that change color to a dark brown when she's inside. Over the summer before her fourth year, her skin bronzed just a little more than it's usual 'slightly tan' color since she visited her childhood home in Greece.


Brief Personal History:

Out of the four Galatas children, Elena is the only female out of them. With the loss of her mother at a fairly 'young' age and being raised by her father, Elena tends to have a few 'tomboy' tenancies though as she got older she blossomed into her own woman. She loves to fly and play Quidditch with her friends as well as her brothers, though she also does like to study and takes her academics very seriously. While she likes the fact that she was sorted into Ravenclaw, she would not have minded being sorted into Slytherin either; her two older brothers - both of whom have graduated - were sorted into Ravenclaw and Slytherin while her younger brother was sorted into Hufflepuff. She received her magical abilities at a fairly young age - around the age of nine, only months before her mother died - and with the help of her family members, she learned how to control her magic for the most part until she reached Hogwarts. When she reached Hogwarts, she did her best to fly under the radar for the majority of her first year. In returning to the school her second year, she had grown a little more comfortable with herself so she allowed herself to be noticed or called upon during her classes though she really didn't break from her shell until her third year. While she had made 'acquaintances', she hadn't truly found any real friends except Aria Raynor (a Slytherin girl who came from an old wizarding family and enjoyed doing whatever she could to annoy her parents) and Scarlett Garner (a Gryffindor girl who came from an old wizarding family though lost her parents at an even younger age than Elena had). Upon meeting the two girls, Elena had felt an almost immediate connection. With Aria and Scarlett being in different houses, Elena did the best that she could to stop the 'competition' or 'hatred' between their houses to come between their friendships. It was her two friends who had been partially responsible for shattering the shell Elena had been hiding inside her first two years, helping her to grow into the woman she's becoming. Now in her fourth year, Elena has become more confident in her potion making abilities as well as her wand working skills. Instead of keeping herself in the shadows and flying under the radar like she had done the last three years, she has resolved this year to break out of her shell just a little more and communicate more possibly gather herself more friends; friends who can actually be defined as such instead of mere acquaintances who would just as soon leave her side as they would buy candy from Honeydukes.



Elena is smart, witty (sometimes considered snarky) and quick on her feet. She loves everything having to do with the magical world though most of her 'obsessive' tendencies involve vampires, dragons, faeries and things as such (ie - more seen as mythological characters). She has a fierce temper when she is angry or annoyed with something or someone. She's not too trustworthy of people that she doesn't consider 'friends', though her attitude towards those she considers 'enemies' is considered a bit 'snarky' at some times. While gaining her friendship and trust is not entirely hard to do, once you betray her or lose that trust it is very likely you will never win it back.


Classes Currently Enrolled in:

[Last semester] Astronomy, Greek Mythology Advanced, Herbology, History of Hogwarts: The Founders, Vampires: Facts and Myths. (I haven't decided which classes I want to take yet.)


Best Magical Talent:

Potions, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures and Charms


Worst Magical Talent:

Divination (She's not necessarily bad at it, she's just not too fond of the class)


Best Non-Magical Talent:

Cooking, Singing, Theatre, and Writing


Wost Non-Magical Talent:



Special Possessions:

She wears a silver chain with an emerald pendant on it. Her father gave it to her just before she boarded the train in her first year and told her that it belonged to her mother. The gem has the rune 'Ihwaz' engraved into it in silver and she was told that it was a form of protection. She also owns a silver bracelet with a charm in the shape of a phoenix.


Greatest Fear:

Losing those she calls family whether they are related by blood or not.


Dreams for the Future:

Elena dreams of either working for the ministry in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures or in St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries as a Healer on either the Third Floor (Potion and Plant Poisoning) or the Fourth Floor (Spell Damage). Though out of the two career choices, she would much rather work in St. Mungo's.

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Name: Amanda Nathycia Evans


Age and Date of Birth: 12. May 11.


Year: Nearly 2nd year


Wand: 10.75" Elm and Chimaera Scale



• Two owls named Ynes and Noach. Ynes is Tyto alba javanica-female-owl, two years old. Amanda takes care of her in Hogwarts. Noach is two-year-old Eurasian Eagle-owl which is perfectly tough. It’d be better if you keep a distance with him. He’s not really friendly, especially to stranger. Amanda would rather to keep him at home, where her assistant can look after him.

• Half-Kneazle named Valentino Boomer. He was born on the same date with his owner. Black-smoked fur and overweight suffering. Amanda brings him anywhere.

• Black horse named Abraxas.


Physical Description:

She has average height for her 12-year-old age, which is about 5’2 or 5’3, with her light, bright, and sparkling blue eyes. Very thin. Her weight is never more than 99 pounds. She prefers a short-haircut, but now… she’s too lazy to cut her blue-black hair. Her shoulder-length hair catches the sun with giving off a reddish shine. Olive skin and pointed noise.


Brief Personal History:

She is the youngest children of an ex-Auror, Ryceus Evans and Anabelle Azalea, the famous alchemist. The Evans is pure-blood, but they'd rather to interact with Muggle also… since they realize that “A People free to choose will always choose peace.” She has only one sibling, Amalea Nichelle Lynn Evans that 6 years older than her and works as a Healer in St. Mungo.

Considering from the triumph of her family members, Amanda grew up with so much expectations on her shoulders whereas she’s still looking for her own identity and capability. She found that she’s quite unique at the age of three when she could block her mind from something unpleasant: her father’s Legilimency aggression, though it was freaking shocking for Ryceus himself. She preferred ignoring that fact and pretending not to know anything. But she couldn’t hide it much longer when the magic in her showed up and caused a casualty. Outta control, that eight-year-old girl could do her impressions to build an illusion to somebody mind—Amalea was her first victim. No one really wanted the letter from Hogwarts as Amanda did. When she accepted it, she knew that she just finally found the place that would be able to keep her talent in secure condition.



Amanda’s personality isn’t that way simple. She is very moody, though she can’t really get rid of her bipolar disorder. Basically, she is really calm and quiet. She’s sort of person who likes to take life slowly, just one day at a time. Her attitude towards life is very positive, but the flip side is that sometimes she doesn’t care about what others think of her. She never has a worry in life.

During her free time, no one knows what she usually does. Everything’s going depend on her mood, including her activity. She’s always in her own world.


Classes Currently Enrolled in:

Amanda prefers deciding what classes she would like to enroll at the last minutes.


Best Magical Talent: Occlumency, Arithmancy, Charms

Worst Magical Talent: History, Astronomy, Rune

Best Non-Magical Talent: Speed—motorcycling and physical exercise

Worst Non-Magical Talent: Kitchen-stuff and dancing


Special Possessions:

An anklet that perfectly suits for anyone who wears it. Its design is very special: lightning-shaped and has a rainbow color effect. According to history, that anklet belonged to Iris—The Goddess of the rainbow. No one knows how The Evans got that anklet, because it has become family legacy since thousands year ago… from father to son, from mother to daughter. Its strength is still undefined. Amanda—who has been wearing it for 10 years—believes that the anklet causes the ‘swift-footed-like-a-storm-wind’ feeling.


Greatest Fear: Getting older, tanned, and die in vain.


Future goals: None. However, she never really thinks about what will happen tomorrow, day after tomorrow, next week, next month, moreover next year and years after in her life. She prefers considering about her present-steps, let the future flow as it should be without underestimating the effort way to gain it.

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Name: Emilia Nathaira Silence


Age: 11


Year: 1st


Wand: 13.5" Elm and Ashwinder Ash


Pet: none


Physical Description:


-Short red hair

-Startling Blue eyes

-Cat like apperence


Brief Personal History:

-lives with her father, Blake Silence.

-Spent most of her time wondering the streets

-mother died when she was five

-Pure Blood


Temperament: Can't stand being cooped up in-doors. Prefers the company of animals to humans.








-spending time outside (especially at night)


Best Magical Talent:

-Unsure, probably Care of Magical creatures and Astronomy


Worst Magical Talent:

-Unsure, probably History


Best Non-Magical Talent:







Worst Non-Magical Talent:

-Speaking(she prefers silence)

-Umm... can't think of anything at the moment-


Special Possessions:

-A green,brown and white friendship Bracelet

-A green cat collar with two long ribbons attached, which have bells on the end

-Her Fur coat


Greatest Fear:

-Going blind

-Going Deaf



Future goals:

When she leaves school:

-Find a job caring for animals

-write a book



Guess the rest

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Name: Sybil Thorn (She goes mainly by Thorn. Her Cherokee name is Atsasgili Atadiusti and pronounced ah-jaw-sss-gee-lee ah-tah-dee-ooh-sss-tee)


Age: 15. born 8/13/1995


Blood: Mixed


Year: first year. Thorn is largely self-taught, meaning her knowledge is extremely limited. She was kept from going to school at the proper age of 11 by her parents.


Wand: 11.75" Hazel and Ashwinder Ash


Pet: none, but she would love a snake or a raven.


Physical Description: Thorn is 4'7", though you would never know it because she is always sitting down. She has a condition which places her in a wheelchair and can not be cured by a flick of the wand. Her brown hair, whether worn down or pulled back, is always messy and her almond eyes glitter mischievously from behind her glasses.


Brief Personal History: Thorn was born August 13, 1995 to 'muggle' parents. While her mother was non-magical, her father was descended from a long line Cherokee wisemen and had some magical traits, including minor clairvoyance and empathy. However, he was never trained and did not realize his abilities. Thorn has two older brothers, both of which share their father's clairvoyance and empathy, and went untrained. Thorn first detected her power at age 9, when she had her first fullblown vision. When she received her letter of acceptance to The Wigwam School of Witchery For Girls at age 11, her parents didn't allow her to go. Thorn is largely self-taught, meaning her knowledge is extremely limited. She went on a Native America Spirit Quest at the age of 13. Thorn applied to enroll into Hogwarts, entering as an over-aged first year in 2010. She despises being referred to as a mudblood or a half-breed; she is much better than mudbloods and while she is a half-blood, her family line is just as ancient, though less known, as the Blacks, the Princes, and several other prominent pureblood wizarding families.


Temperament: Thorn's personality is like a pendulum. At one point, she can be very old and wise seeming, then, at another, she'll be very young acting. She gets along with just about everybody, unless she has just had or is about to have a vision. Then, she is very short tempered. She doesn't feel odd being so much older than others in her level, though sometimes she uses her age as a way to have more sway.


Classes Currently Enrolled in: Latin for Learners, Native American Mythology, Roman Mythology, Vampires in Media, Wicked Witches


Best Magical Talent: She is a clairvoyant, though she rarely shares her visions, and has been know to be an empath. She has very little control over these talents.


Worst Magical Talent: For the life of her, Thorn can't get the hang of defensive magic or herbology. Actually, she is rather bad at most wandwork... really, really, bad - she is descended from squibs, after all...


Best Non-Magical Talent: Thorn is a very talented writer and is good as tracking animals.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: being moody, laughing at the wrong times, math


Special Possessions: her charmed wheelchair, which flies; her Spirit Bag, which holds magical relics from her Spirit Quest; her feathered headband


Greatest Fear: being seen as stupid, spiders, ants


Future goals: Thorn wants desperately to be a professor.

Edited by Sybil Thorn
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Name: Cassiopeia Stone, but mainly goes by Cassie


Age: 11


Year: First


Wand: 11 1/4" Monterillo with Manticore hairs


Blood: Pure


Pet: A Tawny Owl called Meriko


Physical Description: Cassie is slightly above average height for an eleven year old, rounding off at about 4'11". Her white blond hair is nearly always worn loose, but is sometimes held back with a black ribbon. Since she's only eleven, she hasn't quite developed those sultry curves that her older cousin's boast, but she's getting there. While she appears to be very unemotional and impassive, Cassie's silvery eyes can sometimes give away what she is feeling or thinking.


Brief Personal History: Cassie currently lives with her father and mother in England. She was born in Italy, but due to the unsettled Italian Wizard Government, her parents chose to move to England. Her father, Rush Stone, is blind, and her mother, Elaina, was disowned for marrying a 'handicapped fool'. Cassie is well loved by her parents, but they can sometimes be a little controlling and overprotective. She has no siblings.


Temperament: Cassie can't stand to be around people that aren't on her level of intelligence. She has a hard time not correcting people, and can be a little bit of a know-it-all... A snooty pureblooded cousin once told her so, and Cassie has been a little introverted ever since. She rarely displays any emotion, but if someone makes her mad, watch out!


Classes Currently Enrolled in: Obviously it's summer, but Cassie would like to take DADA and Potions.


Best Magical Talent: Cassie's father once taught DADA at Hogwarts, so he taught her everything he knew by the time she was 9. Her strongest points seem to be in not only the defense of Dark Magic, but also in the strange spells she has discovered in the black books in her grandfather's library...


Worst Magical Talent: Divination. It's pointless. If you know your future, what do you live for? It's like knowing the end of a book before you start.


Best Non-Magical Talent: Cassie is a brilliant, calculating chess player. She also enjoys painting.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: Often runs into the door frame when entering a room...


Special Possessions: Cassie carries a small leather messenger bag with her everywhere. No one knows what's inside of the bag, though many have tried to find out. Those who did came away with hexed fingers...

Oh, and of course her wand and owl.


Greatest Fear: Being buried alive.


Future goals: Cassie would love to teach like her father, yet she also wants to be a Gringott's Curse Breaker like her grandmother. Right now, however, she's just concentrating on passing her first year!

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Name: Jamie Miller


Age: 12


Year: 2nd

Wand: Black Palm


Physical Description: brown eyes. Blond hair usually in a braid.


Brief Personal History: Mom is a muggle. Dada is a wizard. Jamie attended muggle school until her first year at Hogwarts. Little brother was murdered by a vampire at age four. Natalie, older sister in slytherin, was expelled in her third year.


Temperament: Jamie is odd and impulsive. Jamie roams the castle and gets into trouble. She goes crazy for muffins and has a temper.


Classes Currently Enrolled in: Not sure


Best Magical Talent: DADA


Worst Magical Talent: History of Magic


Best Non-Magical Talent: humming


Worst Non-Magical Talent: fitting in


Special Possessions: her little brother's old blue knitted cap


Greatest Fear: Losing someone she cares about


Future goals: Jamie wants to stay out of trouble and make friends. When she leaves school she wants to own a shop in Diagon Alley.

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Name: Ash Tucker. Called Mash or Nash as nickname by close freinds


Age and date of birth: 11 years old. October 6th


Year: 1st year gryffindor


Wand: 12.50" Elm and Unicorn Tail Hair.


Physical Description:Ash stands at 5' 4", His skin is pale and freckled (and very easily burnt).He has 6 inch reddish brown hair which appears copper in certain lights. He has Blue-Grey eyes which graduates from a white around the pupils to a deep blue.


Brief Personal History: Ash is the son of Tammy, and Scott Tucker, whom are both muggles. growing up ash felt extremely sequestered growing up finding escape in his books. Ash also found coins fascinating and one day found a misplacced galleon which everyone dismissed as a worthless rock. After another young wizard noticed the coin and told him about what it was and the wizard world. After receiving his acceptance letter his friend's family, gave him the boy's older brothers hand me down books because he had no money to pay for his books.


Temperament: Ash is very shy until he gets to know someone. He is usually calm but will fly off the handle if you mess with his freinds, books, or his lucky galleon


Classes Currently Enrolled in: DADA, Potions, Flying, Herbology, Charms.


Best Magical Talent: Ash learned quickly that he was skilled at flying and potions.


Worst Magical Talent: Ash is horrible at herbology. He has a "Black-Thumb" and cannot grow a plant to save his life and often relies on magic to save his grade.


Best Non-Magical Talent:Due to Ash's past he became quite good at reading and can finish a book faster then most. He also has the ability to store information in his brain.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: Ash tends to over talk once he gets to know you and despite spending most of his time alone, Hates feeling lonely.


Special Possessions: Ash protects all his possessions with his very being. His most important are his Wand, and his Lucky galleon, the same one he found early in his childhood


Greatest Fear: Ash's biggest fear is being alone.


Future goals: Ash just wants to make it as a wizard, but as he learns more at Hogwarts he may find what he wants to do. His most current goal is to make it on the gryffindor quidditch team

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Name: Professor Daphne Marin-Booth


Age: Professor age


Year: Professor


Wand: 10.00" Hornbeam and Thestral hair


Pets: I have a cat named Angelus, an owl named Spike, a runespor named Hunter and Brabas has been adopted by her


Physical Description: Daphne is an average professor. She has somewhat long brown hair with caramel colored skin. She has an athletic build from playing quidditch yet she is feminine. She has brown eyes and has dimples when she smiles however that’s not often.



Brief Personal History: She is the daughter of Thanatos and Zoe Marin. What can she say, every since she was old enough to handle a wand, she was casting spells. Her parents taught her the ways of many things which are her secrets. After growing up with personal tutors her whole life from the age of 4, she finally received her letter to Hogwarts despite wanting to do to the dark arts school with her childhood bestfriend (who she happened to be betrothed to). She was unsure of what house she would be in because her cousins had gone into the Hufflepuff house just some years ago so she and her parents were worried that she would not make it into Slytherin. However, she was sorted into Slytherin where her journey began. She studied in the house for many years before leaving to get married and basically grow up. She returned as a professor and became Dhoh of Slytherin.


Temperament: Because of the way she was raised, Daphne is a hard person to get along with. Her parents had money but they worked hard for it so because of it, she was taught to work hard for everything she wanted and needed. However, since being in Hogwarts and becoming prefect, they have basically given her everything she wanted. Because of this, she does put herself above some people. She is also quite stuck on the ways her family taught her. Yes she can think for herself but she had certain values basically beat into her and now she sticks by those values whether or not the outside world agree with them. However, she does have friends who understand the life she lived so they were able to make a connection. Her times with these people have helped her try to leave the shadow of her parents. She also has a small tolerance for certain things including annoying people, people who do things just for attention and insecure people.


Classes currently enrolled in:


Best Magical Talent: Wand work (Casting spells and such) and potions (She loves the smell of a simmering cauldron)


Worst Magical Talent: Astronomy (stars...yuck!), Divination (She doesn’t have the seeing eye)


Best Non Magical Talent: Cooking


Worst Non Magical Talent: Singing


Special Possessions: A silver necklace with a diamond S on it. She got it when she got sorted into Slytherin.


Dreams for the Future: To raise her own mini Slytherin and to take over as the new Dark Lord.

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Name: Juliet Lafayette


Age: September 21


Year: 1st


Wand: Rowan and Phoenix Feather


Pet: No pets


Physical Description: Juliet is tall and has tan skin. Her eyes are gray-blue. Her hair is wavy and black.


Brief Personal History: Juliet 's parents are Martin and Zoe Lafayette. At first her parents thought that she was a squib, for she didn't show any magical talents at all. But later Juliet managed to surprise her parents by going to Hogwarts.


Temperament: Juliet is a carefree person. She has no pet peeves what so ever, but she never really like people who chew with their mouths open.


Classes Currently Enrolled in: Dragons, A Vist to Diagon Alley...


Best Magical Talent: Juliet likes Charms a lot. She doesn't know many spells, but she practice the ones that she knows till she excelled in them.


Worst Magical Talent: Juliet absolutely haste potions. They always blows up in her face. Her parents however are very good in making them, so Juliet feel humiliated every single time her potions backfires.


Best Non-Magical Talent: Juliet's best non-magic talent is singing. She loves to sing. She is willing to sing anywhere even in the shower.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: Her worst non-magical talent is cooking. Things blow up just like they do in potions class. She nearly always get burns and cuts while cooking. That's is why house elves do all the work.


Special Possessions: Juliet's special possessions are a stuff bear name Alfred and her wand.


Greatest Fear: Juliet's greatest fear is not being loved.


Future goals: Juliet doesn't have any plans for the future yet.

Edited by Juliet Lafayette
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Name: Justine Sophie Provençal, but she doesn’t mind nicknames. Generally known as Tini.


Age: She just turned 13 on August 2.


Year: Third Year


Wand: 9.25" Vine and Thestral Hair


Pet: Justine has a tawny owl named Persephone, another owl named Sheldon, and a dog named Shadow, who stays at home during the school year.


Physical Description: Justine has long dark hair that falls past her shoulder blades. Her face is small and slightly round, with full lips, straight white teeth, and large dark eyes. She is the shortest in her year, which contributes to her childlike appearance.


Brief Personal History: Justine is a pure-blood witch, but shortly after her birth her parents moved her and her older brother to a Muggle neighbourhood. She attended Muggle school until she was old enough to attend Hogwarts, and thus has a level of appreciation for both worlds that very few can share. She loves her parents and brothers dearly, and though she appreciates the chance to get away from them during the school year, she enjoys spending time with them during the holidays.


Temperament: Justine is very quiet and thoughtful. She prefers to observe people’s interactions than participate, and often appears to be in another world. She is very friendly when approached, and is polite to even those she secretly hates. Although she appears to be endlessly calm and patient, she actually has a very short fuse and can be quite vicious when provoked.

She has endless free time, and prefers to fill it with reading.


Classes Currently Enrolled in: Justine would like to take more history classes, as well as Astronomy.


Best Magical Talent: Justine excels in all her classes, but she particularly enjoys Arithmancy, Charms, Transfiguration, and—believe it or not—History of Magic.


Worst Magical Talent: Justine is not very athletic, and though she enjoys flying, she is not very good at it. She is also excellent at Potions theory, but has a bit of difficulty in practice.


Best Non-Magical Talent: Justine is often told that she is an excellent writer, but she really prefers to edit others’ work; her observation skills make finding others’ errors quite easy. She is also a fairly good cook. She is an excellent researcher, and can often be found carrying a dictionary in her bag.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: She is quite uncoordinated and is terrible at sports. She is also so used to fading in the background that she is uncomfortable in many social situations.


Special Possessions: She completely loses her mind whenever her white gold ring goes missing. She is also quite attached to her silver and amethyst dragon necklace and green crystal pendant; she is always wearing one of the two. In addition, she is very protective of her precious books.


Greatest Fear: Her greatest fear is being forgotten.


Future goals: This year, Justine plans to completely fill her once-empty schedule. In the future, she would like to become a Professor.

Edited by Justine Provençal
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Name: Hinata Honda. Prefered if called Honda-san or the vert least Hinata-san


Date of Birth:

26th of May






Blood: Unknown


Wand: 14' 1/4' Hazel with Dragonstring Heart


Pet: Does wild animals count?


Physical Description: Hinata has icy white hair with purple eyes. Often mistaken with an Albino that is not the case and shall not be stated as such. Hinata is also slightly small for their 11 years of age otherwise Hinata looks very androgynous however that is not the case and Hinata is in fact a boy.


Brief Personal History:

Hinata was adopted by a pair of muggles when he was a baby. His real parents are currently unknown due to lack of knowledge. Hinata only knew that he was a wizards recently when a letter from Kangarooskin Boarding School for Young Wizards by order of the Australia Ministry of Magic sent him one however Hinata called Kangarooskin a second-rate Boarding school and requested that he be sent into a European school for Wizards and Witches.


Temperament: Being called "a girl","Hinata-chan","Nana-chan","Hina-chan", "Mud-blood", "Muggleborn" and finally "Albino". Hinata also doesn't like not getting his moneysworth of things such as boarding schools. He also doesn't like muggles too much and doesn't like the sun either. Since Hinata is a first year he can't do that much damage to you as in the Unforgiveable Curses but he can still make your life a living hell. Enemies of Hinata, beware of what you do/say/eat.


Classes Currently Enrolled in:



Fairy Tales

Ninja 101

Latin for Learners


Best Magical Talent: Dark Arts and Herbology.


Worst Magical Talent: Potions.


Best Non-Magical Talent: Being Cheap and spending on a low cost budget. Also being oblivious to many things such as Basil stalking him to eat him for spelling his name wrong on the trading card or perverts hitting on him.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: Cooking and being clumsy.


Special Possessions: A small music box that plays "London bridge is falling down" given to him from someone he can't remember fully.


Greatest Fear: Dying without trying to struggle and losing his music box.


Dreams for the Future: Kill all muggles and/or help the next Dark Lord raise. Be helpful to all so thaat he can backstab them later.

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Name: Kyra Dragonis


Age: 12


Date of Birth: 15 May


Year: 1st year at HoL


Wand: 13.25" Hawthorn and Unicorn Tail Hair


Pet: Kyra debating about if the school would allow a pet bat.


Physical: Long curvy black hair. Tall and thin. Blue eyes with a silver lining. Really pale skin.


Brief Personal History: Kyra was born into a Pureblood family, Dragonis, that originated in England. During the First War it was unclear which side the Dragonis family stood for, but nothing was official. When Voldemort first rose to power it became a public secret that the family Dragonis was aligned with him. When he disappeared after the Potter's murder Kigh Dragonis went to Azkaban for five years for helping tourcher a Muggleborn. When Voldemort came into power the second time the Dragonis family stayed out of the war, remaining neutral throughout. The Dragonis family takes great pride in it's Pureblood heritage and has a tendency of being placed into Slytherin. Kyra has just started her first year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She loves magical creatures and is a supporter of Werewolves Rights. She has lightly studied the Dark Arts, given her families history, although she has nothing against Half Blooded or Muggle Borns. She has a sharp wit and a sharper tongue.


There are some things she does keep secretly to herself though...


Temperament: Sort temper, but very curious about everything. Likes to get homework done early so she has time to explore and get into trouble. She hates prejudiced against Werewolves, and doesn't really have any prejudice against Half Bloods or Muggleborns, although she is very proud to be a Pureblood.


Classes Currently Enrolled in: D.A.D.A; Care of Magical Creatures; Cryptozoology; Latin; Potions


Best Magical Talent: Seems to have natural talent around Magical Creatures, and loves Basilisks'


Worst Magical Talent: Divination


Best Non-Magical Talent: Sarcastic Wit


Worst Non-Magical Talent: She is brutally honest, and doesn't think about what she is saying before it comes out of her mouth


Special Possessions: Her wand


Greatest Fear: Spiders...


Future goals: Kyra plans on beating most of the Ravenclaws in marks and once out of school she plans on caring for Magical Creatures and hopes to discover new ones.

Edited by Kyra Dragonis
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Name: Evangeline Force


Age: 11


Year: 1st


Wand: Willow and Unicorn hair


Pet: No pets


Physical Description: Evangeline is relatively small and slim with poker straight blonde hair that hangs about half way down her back and a pale complexion. She has a heart shaped face, clear blue eyes and a button nose.


Brief Personal History: Evangeline was born to Michael and Patrice Force of a long and pure blood line. With no siblings and a long line of nannies Evangeline feels fairly estranged at her family seat in the South West and would prefer to spend her holidays at school surrounded by friends.


Temperament: Evangeline is open and friendly but sometimes appears shallow to those who don't know her well. To those whom she dislikes heavy sarcasm is directed though Evangeline tends to enjoy a verbal challenge with just about anyone.


Classes Currently Enrolled in: Fantastic Beasts, Vampires in the Media, Potions for Beginners, Wizarding Society and Culture


Best Magical Talent: Care of Magical Creatures, Fantastic Beasts etc.


Worst Magical Talent: Anything to do with Muggle Studies, she has nothing strongly against them but does not wish to know more than she has to.


Best Non-Magical Talent: Intended for an eventual life as a trophy wife Evangeline has been coached in dancing, cooking, piano and French (her mother thinks it's a 'pretty' language). She is also a skilled fencer and capable flyer.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: Confronting issues. Evie tends to change the subject or become suddenly distracted when deeply personal conversations are had.


Special Possessions: Most people would assume shoes but what she values most is a small silver snake charm, the only thing her father bought her personally rather than through an assistant.


Greatest Fear: Abandonment or being used for shallow purposes.


Future goals: To successfully juggle a circle of friends and high grades throughout the year.

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Wand:8.25" Birch and Ashwinder Ash


Pet:snow white owl with a scar on his left eye name:gregory

Physical Description:tall with black hair bushey but not curly looks big but harmless


Brief Personal History:hates to be told what to but is obedient likes to hang with freinds whenever possible and escape the class whenever possible but is a good student


Classes Currently Enrolled in:Arithmancy.Potions For Beginners, Charms, Magic of Forensic Science, Beginners - Defense Against the Dark Art.


Best Magical Talent:potions DADA are the best


Worst Magical Talent:besides gregory i am absolutly terible with magical creatures


Best Non-Magical Talent:growing up in my family a book is your best freind


Worst Non-Magical Talent:im a terible cook i wouldnt survive a week with no one to cook for me


Special Possessions:gregory my pet owl


Greatest Fear:to loose gregory


Future goals:to make many freinds at hogwarts

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Name: Jezebel Kylar. Prefers to be called Jez


Age: 11


Year: 1st


Wand: 12.25" Reed and Leprechaun Hair.


Pet: Jez has an Airedale Terrier puppy that she had to leave at home.


Physical Description: Jezebel has dark brown hair, with the fringe falling over her left eye. She has brown eyes and glasses. She is quite tall for her age.


Brief Personal History: Jez is a pure-blood witch born to Lilith and Durzo Kylar. While young, she was constantly surrounded by magic and developed an interest to it. She was incredibly happy when she received her Hogwarts letter.


Temperament: Jezebel loves having new friends, and loves helping people. She likes working, but also enjoys procrastinating. She absolutely adores animals, and she wants to take care of them until she dies.


Classes Currently Enrolled in: Beginners - Defense Against the Dark Art

Care of Magical Creatures


Fantastic Beasts

Greek Mythology


Best Magical Talent: Anything involving creatures.


Worst Magical Talent: Potions. She almost poisoned herself.


Best Non-Magical Talent: Jezebel is good at drawing, and anything involving manual dexterity.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: Jez absolutely fails at dancing and at being told what to do.


Special Possessions: A family heirloom ; a gold box with small statues of animals. Her favorites are the wolf, the snake and the tiger.


Greatest Fear: Anything with more than four legs. She's more afraid of small spiders than big spiders.


Future goals: Jezebel wants to cause mayhem wherever she goes. to have as much fun as she can!

Edited by Jezebel Kylar
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Name: Axelle Kobayn


Age: 11


Year: First year


Wand: 13.25" Willow and Ashwinder Ash


Physical Description: She's quite short and thin for her age, giving her an ill-sh look. She has a head of oddly coloured hair to go with her green eyes, and accompany her fair complexion.


Brief Personal History: She was born and raised an only child, allowing her to get a nice amount of attention from her parents throughout her childhood. Her parents, Emmeline and Damian Kobayn, began to teach Axelle about magic, before she could even walk. They especially concentrated on teaching her about Quidditch.


Temperament: Axelle cannot stand those who demand respect just because of their authority. She loves to test limitations, and often lets curiousity get the best of her. Most of her free time is spent flying around on her broom or watching the owls in the owlry.


Classes Currently Enrolled in: Defense against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms


Best Magical Talent: Defense against the Dark Arts

Worst Magical Talent: Herbology, plants just aren't that interesting to her


Best Non-Magical Talent: She's quite skilled at cunning people.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: She can't seem to focus on her homework. There's loads of more important and interesting things to be done.


Special Possessions: Her Basilik Fang necklace, broom, and wand of course.


Greatest Fear: Losing what's most important to her.


Future goals: She hopes to atleat finish school, and go on to be a proffessional Quidditch player.

Edited by Axelle Kobayn
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Name: Rosalie Caroline Mason (doesn't care what you call her.)


Age: 11


Year: First Year!


Wand: Ivy with Unicorn tail hair


Pet: None.


Physical Description: Rosalie has shoulder length, auburn hair. She has bright green eyes, and is kind of short, with her being 4 feet eleven inches.


Brief Personal History: Rosalie grew up with her mother, Breanne Mason, and father, William Mason. She was an only child, and got mostly everything what she wanted. She knew her mother and father were witches, so, she knew that she was one, too. Rosalie picks up new skills easily, and has no problem adapting to environment.


Temperament: Rosalie has a big temper, and almost anything can upset her. Her pet peeve is being around people who are way too talkative, and don't have manners. In her free time, she enjoys to read books or just talking to friends.


Classes Currently Enrolled in: Vampires in Media, Greek Mythology, Académie de Magie Beauxbâtons, Hol 101, and Muggle Studies: French Fashion Design.


Best Magical Talent: Potions


Worst Magical Talent: Herbology.


Best Non-Magical Talent: Rosalie is fairly good at writing, but isn't that great. She has played a couple musical instruments in the past.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: Rosalie hates being bored or lonely. She is dreadful at playing sports, and is a bit lazy.


Special Possessions: A necklace given to her by her dead aunt and her clothes.


Greatest Fear: Dying.


Future goals: To finish school with good grades.

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Name: Dae Dubrinsky


Age: 11


Year: First Year


Wand: 12', Maple, Thestral hair core


Pet: One fat, old tom cat. Black and white, long hair.


Physical Description: Petite, height around 5'2" and slightly chubby. Brunette hair cut into a shaggy bob, hazel eyes.


Brief Personal History: Has been raised, to this point, by her father, two older brothers (Mom skipped out shortly after Dae was born) and her grandmother, whom Dae has spent almost her summers with. Her grandmother is a rather talented seer and it's no secret amongst the family that there's high hopes that Dae will display the same aptitude when the time comes.


Temperament: Dae is something a loner, if more by accident than design. She's a dreamer, content to lounge about reading, or writing, or listening to music than running off to join others in games of sport or gossip sessions. She's also something of a pessimist and given the choice she'll always be expecting the worst.


Also, having two older brothers who think it's a riot and a half to terrorize their sister by going through her things and often taking them without asking; she can be a bit selfish and sneaky, hiding things to keep them 'safe.'


Classes Currently Enrolled in: Divination and Native American Mythology.


Best Magical Talent: History of Magic.


Worst Magical Talent: Potions.


Best Non-Magical Talent: She can play the piano, and isn't a half-bad writer (though you'd never know it, she never lets anyone read her stuff!)


Worst Non-Magical Talent: Cooking. She could burn cereal.


Special Possessions: A ring - white gold, with an opal stone. Her name is engraved on the inside of the band. It was a gift from her father for her 11th birthday.


Greatest Fear: Disappointing her family (and spiders!)


Future goals: Pass through to 2nd year!

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Name: Imogen Tiny


Age: 15 (1st September.

Year: 4th Year


Wand: Pine 13 inches Centaur Hair, Good for protective Spells


Pet: Black Kitten Named Shadow 9 weeks old


Physical Description: Tall, Slim, Hidden Muscles, Pale, Black Hair, Green Eyes


Brief Personal History: Born into the famliy pure blood famliy Tiny, she grow up in the northern highlands of scottland. Her famliy stayed well out of the wizarding wars, most people havent even her of them. Most members are placed in ravenclaw or hufflepuff. She loves animals and plans on working either with centaurs rights or as a core finder for wand shops.


Temperament: Kind and gentle, she things everyone should be equal. She keeps her opinions to her self but will speak honestly if someone asks her. She keeps secrets and would never gossip about anyone regardless of wether she likes them.


Classes Currently Enrolled in: Mauraders 101, Auror Training level one, magical world of roleplaying.


Best Magical Talent: She has talent with wildlife.


Worst Magical Talent: History of Magic, Too Much Writing not enough doing.


Best Non-Magical Talent: She is very good at gardening


Worst Non-Magical Talent: falls up stairs


Special Possessions: Her Kitten and her piture of mum and dad.


Greatest Fear: Losing anyone.


Future goals: Next year, take care of magical creatures, and when she leaves to be a core finder for wands or work with centaurs

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Name: Rin Silrose (often called Rinnie, although just Rin is used pretty often as well)


Age: 14


Year: 4th Year


Wand: 12.00" Alder and Thestral Hair


Pet: Janaè, a fish


Blood Status: Pureblood


Physical Description: She has reddish-brown hair of medium length, generally pulled away from her face. She is short in stature (150 cm with a medium frame), and has good posture. Rin has pale skin and dark brown eyes. She owns two pairs of glasses, red and blue, that are worn daily (not at the same time though.) Also, she never leave the house without makeup.


Brief Personal History:

She is the second child of two parented by Aura and Mizael Silrose. (The family likes to disregard Rishmitha, who is a squib.) Her family name is well respected, although they have no money to back it up, just the family name. Her father owns an apothecary and so she has been around potions my entire life. Rin’s mother is a potions mistress. Her mother occasionally lectures at Beauxbations, as she is alum. Rin is not very close to either of them, but a lot closer to her older btother, Seth. He is 19 years old and attends Salem University for Witchcraft and Wizardry in the United States.


They live in their ancestral home, Silrose Hall. It is located on the outskirts of London. Rin’s great-great-great grandfather, who wished to live close enough to the city for business, but not in the middle of the rumour mill, built it. He was also the one who spent every galleon that came his way.


Temperament: She cannot stand it when people don't work hard at school, then have the audacity to complain about their grades. She also gets upset when people waste her time. She enjoys reading and writing in my free time. She spends some time with her friends, but sometimes it's hard to balance that with studying.


Classes Currently Enrolled in: Fairy Tales, Famous Witches and Wizards in History, Latin for Learners, Poetry for Beginners, The Marauders 101


Best Magical Talent: She excels the most in Fairy Tales and Poetry because she loves to read and write, and both classes require both those talents.


Worst Magical Talent: Her worst magical talent is astronomy, which she is useless at.


Best Non-Magical Talent: She is unaware that there are non-magical talents, but she’s really good at researching.


Worst Non-Magical Talent: She’s really bad at meeting people, and can be very awkward in social situations at first.


Special Possessions: She loves most her book collection and her autographed Quiberon Quafflepunchers broom that was a souvenir from SQL 2010. Also she loves her platinum potions kit from her father, because platinum is less reactive to potions ingredients than brass.


Greatest Fear: She fears she will lose her broom, or not be able to find a book she needs for a report.


Future goals: She hopes to become a professor when she is older, and she hopes to do well next year on her OWLs.

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Name: Rowan Julia Dream


Age and date of birth: 14 year 27 may


Year: 3rd year prefect


Blood Status: muggle born


Wand: 9.25" Hawthorn and Phoenix Feather.


Pet: a muggle horse named nom nom


Physical Description:


Rowan Dream has brown curly hair that is always loose. It falls until her shoulders. Rowan has a soft brown skin and brown eyes. She is very athletic but short 1m60 of height. Rowan wear glasses


Rowan is also know for her love of hats, it s possible you see her around the castle trotting with obnoxious hats most preferable related to her house Gryffindor.

Brief Personal History:


Rowan is the younger half of a twin and was born on Belgian soil in a town called “witch”.


Her real parents left Hailey and Rowan behind near the door of Jane Kelly Prince, the local witch. The reason for that is still unknown but Jane suspects it was because the twins were magical. Rowans first magical talent was discovered when she was very young, Jane told Rowan she was five.


Rowan found the wand of her nomy (Jane) and started playing with it when all of the sudden fire sparks appeared. It gave her the biggest scare ever. Jane was very happy to see both kids where magical and she kept the twins as her own. Rowan adores her nomy very much.


All was well and Rowan lived happily there in Belgium, until the day came she was around 7 and Thomas Aaron Dream showed up. Rowan remembers that Hailey loved him from the starts and that she hated him. He was stealing her nomy away!

Rowan was a pain in the behind towards him but that changed on the day he saved her from her first bad memory. ( a scary boggart) Ever since then Rowan loved him to.


Thomas adored us three so much he married Jane and adopted the twins. He even gave Rowan her second name Julia.


However that was only the first part of Rowan’s life change, Thomas was a wizard and he had been to school at Hogwarts so he wanted to have Rowan and Hailey to go there too. Jane was a witch that had been to Beauxbatons so she wanted her kids to get the proper “French education”. Rowans parents had some nasty disagreements on that but due to the fact that Beauxbatons changed its polity towards accepting students and by doing so they offended Jane, were Rowan and Hailey enrolled at Hogwarts.


Though Rowan loved Hogwarts form the start, Hailey did not. She enrolled herself after a year to Beauxbatons, leaving Rowans parents with not choice but to stay in Belgium and having Rowan spend the holidays on school with permission to go Hogsmeade. Rowan didn’t mind at all she loved Hogwarts to much.




As far as temper goes Rowan is quit the character she is known be very active and super hyper and tends to fly off the walls.

She is very over confident and super curious, treads that often lead her to troubles. Rowan is above all honest, kind and helpful and loves to cheer and laugh. She has a bad morning temper when not having slept well.


Rowan is know to be good with animals even magical ones he tend to seek them out and doesn’t now the difference between a dragon and a chizpurfle. She loves all animals.



Rowan loves to make friends is know to be social and in the middle of attention a lot. Down side is Rowan will do a lot to be in the centre of attention.


Last thing to know about Rowan, she has absolutely no attention span and can be often found zapping away into oblivion even when being talked to.



Classes Currently Enrolled in: Lookey at Hol profile :)


Best Magical Talent: transfiguration and care for magical creatures


Worst Magical Talent: Divination, astronomy


Best Non-Magical Talent: drawing


Worst Non-Magical Talent: math


Special Possessions: pencils and her rug sack of doom ( holds al her pranks)

Greatest Fear: drowning, heights


Future goals: to be Newt Scamander

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