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  1. Welcome to Off to School Week One! I’m glad you were able to find your way to the Dungeons, the place the Slytherin snakes call home. The activity will run from now until September 30th, so keep up with the main HOL forum for more fun games and chat parties! For this ice-breaker, we’re going to learn some new facts about each other. The game works like this: 1.) One person states a fact about themselves. 2.) The next person to post states whether or not that fact is also true about them. 3.) That person then adds a new fact. Example: Person A: I once ran a marathon. Person B: Me too! It was really rewarding. I baked my sister a cake for her most recent birthday. Person C: I’m not a huge baker, so I can’t say I’ve done that. I have read the Harry Potter books seven times. You can earn 10 beans each for the first two posts you make in this topic for a total of 20 beans overall. Keep an eye out for another beans earning activity to be posted here next week! Here's my starter fact: I once ate jellyfish, but I don't remember it.