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Found 2 results

  1. This is what my cover looks like: Scales awarded ~Max
  2. Green light bounced across the walls, ceiling, and floors as the bottom of the lake reflected on her face. She sat, sunken into an ancient arm chair, a blanket slung over her shoulders and several overstuffed pillows cushioning her sides, staring out into the depths of the water, visible through the floor to ceiling windows of the room. When students outside of her house described the Slytherin Common Room, they always used words like eerie, cold, dark.. but she didn't see it that way. It actually felt quite comfy once you got over the strange underwater effect. She uncurled her feet from beneath her body and sat upright in the chair, placing her hands on either side of the book which sat before her on a wooden table she'd pulled close as a make-shift desk. Just before she had been shipped off to Hogwarts, a week early, she had been browsing a paper shop and found a leather-bound journal which seemed to vibrate in her grasp. On it's cover, a universe, not their own but some distant place, and in the bottom corner, her name and the symbol of the Deathly Hallows. She had purchased the book at once. It's leather was cracking and peeling in most places and it honestly looked as if it had belonged to a previous owner. It's pages were left blank, if not stained and a little wrinkled. It didn't matter to her. Who could this book possibly be meant for, if not a Delacroix. She picked up her pen, put it to the first page, and inked in the first sentence .. Scales awarded for image and first post ~Max
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