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  1. Mischief Managed

    Thank you for the fun! I really enjoyed it all the passwords and things.
  2. The Quidditch World Cup - Task 2

  3. The Quidditch World Cup - Task 1

    The Bulgarian coat of arms features a lion, so maybe they could switch their mascot to a lion with a crown on its head just like the symbol for their country. They could also bring a lot of roses as Bulgaria is known for their Bulgarian roses as well, so they can toss them into the air to create a spectacle before introducing the lion.
  4. Bagman and Crouch - Task 2

    English is my first language, and I took French and Latin through grade school and high school. I am still mostly fluent in French though I haven't had the chance to practice hardly at all since graduating. With Latin, I can write it but not very well. Reading it is not a problem. I am currently taking Spanish in college and am enjoying it. This is another language that I currently read better than I speak, but there is a focus on speaking it at my school. I plan to take Spanish for the medical field at some point after my second year classes. I think I would like to learn Italian and Japanese at some point. They are both very pretty languages. I also want to learn how to speak whale. (Because Dory is the best. "Finding Nemo/Dory")
  5. Bagman and Crouch - Task 1

    I would want a Bulgaria shirt! I'm also slightly partial to Bulgaria now.
  6. The Portkey - Task 1

    I would be so excited about the quidditch world cup that I would get there as early as possible. I would bring my family with me, and I would plan to meet up with my Ravenclaw friends from the quidditch team so we could discuss predictions for the game. We may even talk strategies and play a mock game ourselves just for fun. I would wear regular muggle clothing for the event as I would be traveling and would want to be comfortable, a pair of leggings and a short blue sundress. I would also probably wear some fan things for whichever team I was supporting. Most likely I would be arriving by portkey, and if not, there's always side-along apparition. My dad is very good at it and uses it every now and then. We would set up a tent and get things situated inside of it that way we would be able to enjoy our time more once everything was done. We also would bring a radio to play music on Wizarding Wireless Network. They would also inform us of any special events going on at the world cup that we should know about. It would be an exciting time for sure!
  7. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes - Task 2

    A fake wand might turn into a straw. A straw would be easy to transfigure into a wand at least.
  8. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes - Task 1

    My brother and I were often compared with our personalities and in school. Because he was eight years older than me, my teachers ended up knowing me through him. My brother was really popular in school, and I wasn't. One thing I would hear is how it was so odd that I struggled making friends when my brother was so outgoing and had plenty when he was in school. But then I would also always hear about how I got my brother's personality because he was a very kind person who always wanted to help people out. As far as looks, I'm compared to my mom. Apparently we look a lot a like, but I don't see it. If I'm looking at her old photos from when she was my age, then I guess I can, but I don't see what people see in us now. Our eyes are even different colors.
  9. Drawing on the Wall

  10. Door 1: Slytherin's Stash

    A book - Pachinko, one of the books I've been meaning to read for a while now. A weapon - one of my kitchen knives. An item with a snake - it's a cute little mug with a non scary snake! An item with an emerald - emerald bangle An item with a water element - a small pink bowl (with a heart on the bottom) that I filled with water.
  11. Door 2: Fangs

  12. Piece Together

  13. Signature Tradition

    Chocolate frog sent!
  14. Back to the Burrow - Task 2

    I also do not have a fireplace. I imagine that if I would ever have one, I would want it to be electric. It's that whole green energy sort of thing. A friend of mine back home has a fireplace that is surrounded by white stone. It also has this white decorative mantel where they have a lot of pictures up. I think I would want mine to be something like that. Although, maybe I would have a light grey stone that slanted down over the fireplace to give it this cool feel instead of a square fireplace like most are. Then above that, I would have a white mantel that could hold some plants and books. As it's an electric fireplace, I won't have to worry about the books being harmed. I may also put up a painting of sorts. Probably a Degas, either Four Ballerinas on the Stage or Ballet Rehearsal, 1873.
  15. Back to the Burrow - Task 1

    This year, I am counting down to... 1. The Hogsmeade Literary Festival - I am so excited about this! An entire festival dedicated to books? Who wouldn't be excited about that? 2. The start of the quidditch season! - Quidditch makes everything better. This is my first year on the captain side of things, and I'm so nervous and thrilled to get started! 3. The Bronze and Blue Olympics - Go Bronze Nest!!!! Need I say more? A major event in the Ravenclaw common room each year where our two nests go head to head. 4. The opening of the Nutcracker ballet - What sort of ballerina would I be if I wasn't ready for the opening of this classic ballet? Great memories it brings. 5. Ravenclaw Pride Month - Because I love being an Eagle and celebrating how awesome my house is. (Not that the other houses aren't cool. I love hanging out when I have the chance!)