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  1. New Term!

    799... one short of a perfect 800. However, as I was telling Tarma, 799 is actually a good number. I'll take it! Congrats everyone! It's always fun here in the dungeons. XD
  2. The Weighing of the Wands - Task 1

    An amazing event has happened at this years Triwizard Tournament where two champions were chosen from Hogwarts. I went to Cedric Diggory to get a personal interview of his feelings for Harry Potter being in competition with him. This is what he had to say. "I don't know how Harry got his name in the goblet of fire. He is too young to be in this competition." Cedric's eyes began welling with tears thinking of the dangers young Potter may be facing in the tasks to come. "I only wish for him the best, and though I am stunned that he was also chosen, we must both represent Hogwarts to the best of our abilities." Mr. Diggory's eyes were firm when he said this, so it is hard to know if he truly is upset over Potter's entrance to the tournament or if he was being forthcoming about them both doing Hogwarts proud. Not long after this interview, I received notice of badges going around the school which stated "Potter Stinks! Support Cedric, the Real Hogwarts Champion". I must wonder if Mr. Diggory has any hand in this doing. Until next time, I bid you adieu.
  3. The First Task - Task 1

  4. The House-Elf Liberation Front - Task 2

    I think Dobby would really like this sweater because it has the colors of all the houses except Slytherin. I think he would not like Slytherin at all (sorry snakes) simply because his former master's son was in Slytherin. But this has yellow for Hufflepuff, blue for Ravenclaw, and of course red for Gryffindor. I can see Dobby wearing this in Book 5 to celebrate Dumbledore's Army.
  5. The House-Elf Liberation Front - Task 1

    I think the fire crab probably hibernates through the winter. Maybe that's why Hagrid was curious if the blast ended skrewts hibernated since one of the creatures that was breeded to produce them hibernated. Fire crabs probably would not like winter, although since they are from Fiji, they don't really have a winter. I think this would be something that they would do when they were brought to places that got to cold for them, but it is not the norm in their native habitat.
  6. The First Task - Task 2

    I would have given Cedric 8 points since he ended up getting burned so bad, but that transfiguration was pretty good. For Fleur, I would have given her a 9 since she did get caught by the dragon's fire. However, because she wasn't actually hurt and was able to contain the fire on her skirt with water. Viktor would have been given 7 points simply because he hurt the dragon. I'm not so sure if they were talking about the eggs or the dragon itself. Either way, the eggs were harmed whether it was in Bagman's instructions or not and the dragon seemed to be in pain. So I'm a bit biased on this, but I disapprove. Harry would have been given a 9 because he had the fastest time, but he also had a minor injury to his shoulder.
  7. The Hungarian Horntail - Task 1

    Hermione could have used a charm on everyone that was in the common room which would have sent them elsewhere. Maybe it is some sort of barrier so when one begins to enter the common room, they realize they need to be somewhere else. That would have kept them safe and kept the common room from stinking so bad even they couldn't handle it.
  8. The Hungarian Horntail - Task 2

    I am actually surprised with Will's choice, but okay, I'll take it. His choice is also my choice. I would absolutely choose the Common Welsh Green because while I think dragons are really cool, I have no desire to be easy prey for one. I think I could handle this one though since they aren't as aggressive. Maybe I could sing to it or something and become friends. I don't know. Shiloh...the dragon whisperer! THAT'S ME! This post is so lame. HA!
  9. The Weighing of the Wands - Task 2

    I very much dislike group photographs, and the only ones that I've ever had taken were from when I was at the academy dancing and it was usually to advertise something the academy was doing or for a production that students were going to be involved in. Those are fine, I suppose, but I've never been good with groups because I always seem to get left out somehow. I can imagine in a group photo with random people, I would probably be in the back, almost completely hidden, because someone taller than me was in front of me or people were trying to crowd around the front too much. I tend to be the invisible one, and that's okay. I don't mind. Actually, I don't like having my picture taken much at all. Every now and then I'll take a photo on this weird muggle social media thing called SnapChat that another witch introduced me too a couple years ago, but even then, I always feel awkward having a photo of me.
  10. Double Letters

  11. Slytherin ABC

    Umbridge, Dolores
  12. Keep a word, drop a word!

    turn lane
  13. Double Letters

    hmmm.... should this be double k or double e? I'll go with e because I tend to think book and keeper can be separated. Effect
  14. Guess the next poster

    Just me popping in to say hi again. Maybe we will get a Will now? XD
  15. 1-10,000