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  1. Shiloh Adlar

    Grab the book closest to you!

    "Well, I know that."
  2. Shiloh Adlar

    The Final Countdown

    Thank you for letting me join in and hosting this activity! This was so much fun! And yay Green Clan!!!!! We beat Will!!!! (Apparently Will is the only person on the Silver Team in my head or something???) You may come for us next year, Will, but we'll still get to watch you go boom again first. XD
  3. Shiloh Adlar

    Yula Quest

    Thankfully I have learned to master the force to do incredible things such as cloaking my presence from those who do not bend to the light. Once this is in place, I follow members of the Sith Order around while listening for any clues on where this member might be. My droid pretends to be one of the droids that they have working for them and also relays any information that he might find. Eventually, we meet back up and compare notes. While my droid infiltrates their security and electrical systems, I manage to make my way through the sealed doors and to the rebels location. I let him know that I am there to rescue him but suddenly, we are found by the enemy. I pull my light saber from my pocket and begin to fight the people in front of me. We're able to make a break for it after knocking quite a few of them out, and my droid clears us a path out of the base and back to our ship. The rebel is grateful that I was able to come after him, and we prepare to launch an attack with our full strength together.
  4. Shiloh Adlar


    Move to Yula Attack
  5. Shiloh Adlar

    Thanatos Quest

    It's a good thing that I have a good knowledge of languages as well as ancient runes and symbols! I am always carrying about my ancient texts book, so I begin to look through it to find some sort of writing that looks similar to what I am seeing. I quickly find what I'm looking for and go about trying to make sense of it all only to discover that not only are the symbols full words but that the words are all mixed up like some sort of prehistoric anagram from antiquity. Therefore, I next piece together all of the words into something that makes more sense. Once that is complete, I read off what I have. It is a message stating that there is something very dangerous on this island and that all who arrive are forsaken. I relay the message to the Dread Pirate Roberts, and while he wants to stay to defeat whatever this dangerous creature might be, I convince him to sail away and return again with a ready crew to seek the treasure that might await.
  6. Shiloh Adlar

    Emerald Gate III

    This is the second part to one of my favorite games. The art in this series is always so beautiful.
  7. Shiloh Adlar

    Discussion #6

    The game quests were definitely more difficult because even though I like games, the old style arcade games are not my forte. I like puzzle quests except fallen letters. That usually isn't my favorite at all. Some of the creative quests were nice. I used to hate the art activities on here, but I'm starting to warm up to them little by little.
  8. Shiloh Adlar

    Orpheus Quest

  9. Shiloh Adlar

    Oedipus Quest

  10. Shiloh Adlar

    Coloring Page #5

  11. Shiloh Adlar

    Discussion #5

    I absolutely love leg warmers! Those should definitely make a comeback at some point. I think it's the dancer in me, but even still, I'll wear my leg warmers out a lot even now. The other trend I liked that is kind of already making a comeback is the high waisted jeans. I've always thought they were practical and cute if they're styled appropriately. As far as some trends that should stay gone, mullets are one of them. Acid wash jeans can join the list, too. Not really my thing. Also shoulder pads even if the idea behind them was actually good overall.
  12. Shiloh Adlar

    Night Quest

    This design looks like an old sword but with fancy colors. It attracts ghosts and other spirits by the "music" it makes when it is turned on. Once the spirits come nearby, they can actually be stabbed through with the sword and they are caught in the container at the end which is the blue part on the other end of the green hilt. It's a fairly simple piece of machinery as long as it has been charged properly.
  13. Shiloh Adlar

    Elista Quest

    This mysterious ruin only appears in the light of a full moon. This is what makes it so mysterious and difficult to find. The path through the jungle is treacherous to begin with before entering the clearing of the ruins. Inside the ruins lies a stone made of moonlight and this stone illuminates the parchment of which the people of this civilization kept their secrets of a ritual long sense forgotten, until of course Indy discovered them and heard the legend of the moonstone. Once the mysteries of this civilization are realized, archaeologists will know the location of an even greater treasure where only the high priestess of the day could enter. The greater treasure is said to be one of knowledge that will make even the poorest man in the world rich.
  14. Shiloh Adlar

    Vitellius Quest

  15. Shiloh Adlar

    Coloring Page #4