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  1. I slap Proffessor Dario cause A. He is not my teacher and connot give me detentionAND B. He is right in front of me.
  2. NO!!!!!!!!!! Do I look like a ravenclaw? I don't think so. Bella
  3. I slap Charlie because she is in some way related to Bay Reilly.
  4. Excuse me dear slytherins but I would appreciate it if you would kindly return third place to us Gryffindors. ~Kailey Annabelle Elizabeth Hermione Granger Jones

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    2. Prof. Opal Curare

      Prof. Opal Curare

      ...as opposed to not on your own, I presume? ... k.

    3. Kailey Jones

      Kailey Jones

      In fact, we've already done just that.

    4. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      We will take third place back real soon. If we do nothing else this year we will defeat Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur in House Points this year.

  5. Name: Kailey Jones Age: Eleven years Year: First Blood: Muggleborn (don't call me muddblood or I'll pound you!) Wand: Beech and Veela Hair Pets: A pygmy puff named Pygmie, two owls named snowflake and harry, and a cat named Crooklyn Shanks. Physical Description: Long, wavy, brownish red hair, freckles and blue green eyes. She is 4 and a half feet tall. Brief Personal History: Her parents are muggles, her aunt is Hermione Granger, her twin is a muggle, Older sister is also a muggle. Sister's twin was a Hufflepuff Special Possessions: Pets, family, wand, broom Greatest Fear: Seeing her family die Future Goals: To become an auror
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