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  1. Personally, I would walk as confidently into the store as possible and start getting Mr Borgin to gather the items that I say I want to "buy" together. I'd start asking after everything that was out of sight behind the cabinet, until I got to something he said was reserved. This does, of course, rely on him not realising I have no way to pay for any of this and kicking me out.
  2. I agree with February and Prof. Scarlet. I think Beauxbatons would encourage its students to be well rounded, but that there would also be less class work and more practical work. perhaps they would continue taking a few subjects, but with practical lessons?
  3. Honestly? I don't think I have a preference. Both of them seemed to me like they didn't have enough time in the books for me to form a strong opinion, but even taking them at surface level: I think I could get along with either. Fleur would be interesting to be around- as other have said she is very self-assured and fierce and can be incredibly caring and protective towards who she loves. I would also enjoy being around Tonks: she seems down to Earth and funny. So ultimately I don't think I have a preference.
  4. I agree with February that Dumbledore seems like someone who would love purple! For some reason in my head, I always imagine him wearing purple and yellow. As Phoenix pointed out, Dumbledore also loves socks... So I can imagine him knitting purple socks with yellow designs on them- perhaps moons and stars, or maybe an image of Fawkes.
  5. I think if I was Slughorn I would immediately move somewhere far away from Britain and very rural, where the Death Eaters have little presence. As many others have noted, I would be more than capable of brewing polyjuice, so I would use that to change my appearance. I would live somewhere muggle, and learn to blend in- perhaps even assuming the life of an already established muggle (though that would, of course, be rather unethical).
  6. 1. What happened on the boat in Denmark when I was a kid? 2. What special word do we have for when someone spaces out? Green
  7. Like many people here, I think Dumbledore knew to some extent what Harry's childhood would be like with the Dursleys, but didn't quite know the full extent of how poorly they would treat him (hence the anger he shows in this chapter). As well as this, I agree that he put Harry with the Dursleys because he had to, because it was the only way to protect him until he was of age. I think it was a case of Dumbledore knowing it wasn't an ideal situation but believing it to be necessary nonetheless, and I suspect that even if he had known the full extent of how the Dursleys would treat Harry he still would have left him with them.
  8. As many people have said, Snape and Bellatrix have very different personalities and motivations and would be likely to naturally crash. As well as this, as others have noted, it doesn't particularly make sense for Snape to alter his behaviour around Bellatrix- in fact, it would be suspicious for him to do so. I also agree with Phoenix's idea about how he may have been connecting the Longbottoms and their fate to Lily, and how he may have been disgusted by their fate. In terms of why he is so cordial to Narcissa:
  9. As others have said, I think this was for a mixture of reasons for this. Most likely, Voldemort wanted to get rid of Wormtail so asked him to help Snape, also wanted him to spy on Snape, and perhaps also wanted him to help Snape with brewing any potions he asked him for. As well as that, putting Snape in charge of Wormtail, who was one of (or at least friends with) his childhood bullies may have been a way of keeping Snape happy- as although Snape does seem like a loner he may have enjoyed the chance to make Wormtail run around cleaning his house and doing menial tasks for him.
  10. I think it mentions somewhere, before Fudge appears, that he's waiting for a call from a foreign leader so I assume that. Given the time, I suspect it's from someone in a country a few hours behind Britain. As for what they were going to talk about, who knows? It's possible that it could have been related to recent goings on in Britain- perhaps this leader is from the country that provided the building materials for the bridge, and it was related to that investigation? Perhaps they were simply concerned whatever madness was occuring in Britain might reach them? It could also, however, be completely unrelated. Maybe an upcoming state visit? Maybe it's trade related? Whatever it is, it is probably at least somewhat important to be worth keeping the Prime Minister late.
  11. To me it seems like she chooses to begin this book with a chapter narrated from the point of view of a muggle to show how big 'this' has all gotten. In the first few books the wizarding word is portrayed as very isolated from the muggle one, with everything wizarding being so separate from the muggles as to have at most only a tiny impact. However, with Voldemort's return and the war things have gotten a lot bigger and lot more out of control. The fact that the war has an impact on the separate muggle world serves to highlight just how much bigger and more dangerous things are now, and the fact this chapter is from the point of view of a muggle underlines this further. As well as this, this chapter beginning with something new is a change that could be seen to signal the change that outright war will bring to the rest of the series, and the rest of the wizarding world.
  12. 1. Felix felicis 2. Veritaserum 3. Polyjuice
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