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  1. Outside the castle walls, and along a path just beyond the Greenhouses stood a tall cedar tree. Sprawling branches and twisting trunks spread out several feet from it's center. The gentle breeze and trickling rain weren't able to seep all the way into it, leaving all under safe from being soaked. It was just after lunch, and Tyler had a free period. The last traces of the summer heat welled around him, as he tossed his green and silver tie to the ground. Taking a seat with his back to the huge trunk, he dragged his bookbag out from under him. One book on each knee, he ran a hand through hi
  2. Name: Tyler Peregrine Highwater Age: He turned 11 on the 26th of July. Year: First. Blood Status: Pure-blooded. Wand: 9.25" Cedar with Thestral Hair. (Interesting to note, according to Pottermore and the Wiki--Thestral Hair is said to exist only within the Elder Wand and wands made by a Witch or Wizard for themselves. They are said to be finicky, and only side with a magical person of interesting destiny. The wand I bought by accident in real life is also made of Cedar, is about that big, and the dealer warned me that that wand in particular may be tied to death--which is what Thestrals ar
  3. AshYew604. I'd love to trade potions ingredients and duel with people--but beware! I'm down a mouse...>>
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