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  1. "And to you", replied the boy. Getting good grades and house points was their common goal as students, it went without saying.
  2. Edgar turned around and glanced at the apologetic girl. He didn't know exactly what to do... no one had ever apologized to him. But it felt good enough to soothe his feelings somewhat. "It's okay", he said. "I'm only studying them, you know. And Defense too."
  3. Edgar paced in the the deserted dorm. Why wouldn't people leave him a bit of elbow room? He had just barely left the stiffened confined of a mental ward where any form of intimacy was impossible; here, in this heavenly place, the last thing he wanted to experience was that all over again. But he did bear in mind what the lecturing girl had said. Lowering himself on all fours, he scrambled under his bed and started studying the wooden floor, in quest for a loose board. "It should be easy here, it's not made of tiles like the one at the ward", he thought. Soon enough, his wish was fulfilled. The
  4. Instead of replying "mind your own business" to Rosalie like he had been very tempted to do, Edgar stood up and went to his dorm, most likely to put the book away.But then he didn't come back out...
  5. Edgar looked up at the girl turning her back on them afer having basically lectured them on how saintly she was. That, at least, was how it felt to Edgar. "That is taken from a book right? Well, in life, things don't always work that way. Try convincing someone that their Death Eater torturer 'won't spoil their day' if they just walk away and stop thinking about it. That fairy tale doesn't make any bloody sense."
  6. As people tarted crowding up around them, talking loudly, Edgar's first reflex was to withdraw into his shell; usually, at the ward, when patients would start stirring, it would eventually end up with them getting hustled around and given sedating shots. He had learned to evade such unpleasant experiences by remaining calm, at least in appearance.
  7. At the very moment a beautiful dark-haired girl approached them, Edgar respectfully stood up. Was it out of an old disciplinarian habit that was forced onto him, no one knows. But it may have had its effect. The first year's brown eyes noted Rosemarie's badge and nodded in acknowledgement. At Rosemarie's mention of allusions about the Dark Arts being illegal, he said: "No, Prefect, I did not know that they were illegal, but dangerous, yes." He noticed that some first years, who, oddly, were more his age, looked more fearful and boring than older people like BJ. "My father is a Pure
  8. Edgar blinked as he saw a cushion soar toward the older boy on its own accord. How he longed to learn how to do such things too! He rubbed his forehead hard, then held his hand away from his face, flexing his fingers with a delicate caution, not looking at BJ in the eyes. it took him a moment to classify the information provided by the student in his head, and he replied: "BJ. Your father was a Death Eater. I would like to know more about you an your father. My name is Edgar." His voice was oddly toneless and creepy, almost like that of a Muggle computer.
  9. ... will always go unnoticed. That is what one must remember. At first, all you see is some weird kid with an awkward behavior. That is what you'll remember when you'll be speaking of Edgar in a few years. Some solitary kid with average grades who went mostly unnoticed among exuberant, popular kids. That's typical. This first morning, in the common room, Edgar was sitting on an old cushion that had been discarded and kicked in a corner. He was everything but a bookworm, having been used to indulge in hard physical work - not even to play, not even for sports. And now he was poring hung
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