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  1. Oh hey there Snakes! Just here to show off my SPECTACULAR dance moves! \o/ \\o o// \o/ o// \\o \o/

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    2. Charlie Reilly
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      Prof. Alaia Logan

      Panda. go to bed, you're too over tired. *nods*

    4. Pandora Gotham

      Pandora Gotham

      ¬¬ I'm tiiiiired noooooooow! x_x

  2. In a devious way, Panda hummed to herself, clomping through the wet grass along the outside of the herbology greenhouses. She could see her class in Greenhouse Two, learning about those satanic mandrakes. Gosh Panda hated them. So instead of going to class, Panda kept walking, through the rain, right past the greenhouse and toward an old cedar tree she had stumbled upon last year. Panda held her arms up to the crying sky, the thunderous grey of the clouds, and the brisk air, giggling. She had loved rain with all her heart, reminding her of the times she had spent with her father on their g
  3. So, I've decided to infiltrate not only your Dungeons, but your Role-Play Forum as well. :spiteful: This is my Character Discription from the Gryffindor Forum, and if you would like for me to format it differently, please let me know ^^ Full Name: Pandora Anya Gotham Nickname: Panda Age: 12 years old Gender: Female House, Year: Gryffindor, Second Year Status: Pureblood Birthday: December 29 Favorite Color: Red and Grey Home Location: Norway then London Wand: When Panda was nine, her father gave her the Gotham family wand-12 1/2 inches, Ebony with a liquid Boomslang venom core
  4. You, my dear Wifey, would be what I like to call wrong. XD Nope, it's me! Panda!! I guess... (I don't know that many snakes XD ) Rayne
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