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  1. Well this is going to be a rubbish Summer. My school report arrived Monday morning and the stupid owl took it straight to my mum before I could steal it and make some alterations. So my parents know that I failed most of the classes this year and have to resit my OWLS as a sixth year and now my summer is over. She's was already insisting I spent 3 hours a day studying but that doubled when she saw the report card. To top it off I'm not allowed to go on holiday anymore and she's banned me from contacting any of my friends. I'm a prisoner in my own home, locked in the library every day only allowed out for meals and pre-scheduled bathroom breaks. It's going to be a long and miserable holiday for me.
  2. I'm in Thunderbird. I thought it sounded a bit Gryffindorish with its talk about adventurers but that's ok
  3. Got my homework done at the last minute for March and haven't done anything for April yet but I plan to do lots of stuff this week so it's all good. Somehow I managed to get the top housepoints in all of Slytherin last month and so got a wonderful award. It's been so long since I'd topped the list I didn't think it was ever going to happen again. I also found out that I had got the top housepoints in all of HOL but for some reason I haven't got any award for that even though I know it exists and I've got it in the past. Maybe the Professors are just a little busy (like the rest of us) and haven't got around to it yet. I will wait and see!
  4. Well I think that's the scales up to date! Some last minute ones available in the Slytherin Stroll then March can be officially closed! GO GREEN TEAM!

  5. Just popping in to say I'm still alive even though I've not really been around much. I have so much stuff to catch up on around school but for today I'm just making sure I get my homework for March finished (half way there) and then making a plan for how to get back on track next month. I wrote an article about it for the SerpenTimes and was really pleased to see it published. I really want to start looking ahead to my submissions for the next issue but they're not at the top of my to-do list at the moment. Ok, so, HOMEWORK TIME! Scales awarded ~Max
  6. The final chapters of Philosopher's Stone are live in the Read-Along forum. Make sure you check them out to jump start your Spring Term scales count

  7. I can't believe it's already the last day of January and February begins tomorrow bringing with it another term and another list of classes to choose from. I've not even had a chance to look over the list properly yet since it was posted earlier but a couple of classes have jumped out at me straight away. I'm sure that Mum and Dad will be pleased that I've decided to begin seriously thinking about my future (finally) and this is having an influence on the classes I've already chosen. For the first time since I've been here Hogwarts is running an exchange scheme to Beauxbatons and I'm going to be one of the first to sign up for that. Who knows, I might meet a beautiful French witch who thinks that I'm totally charming and falls madly in love with me. A boy can dream! Scales awarded ~Max
  8. I was just resorted into Gryffindor. I feel dirty! I've now done the Pottermore sorting hat three times and have got Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. I think it might be broken!
  9. So all my Professors have awarded me points for their classes and I've managed to earn myself 6 quills this term. I hardly believed it was possible in my OWLS year but I managed it! Mum and Dad were so thrilled with me when I told them I'd passed all the classes I'd enrolled in, they even forgave me for not getting full marks in some of them. I did neglect to mention that I hadn't managed to hand in a few class projects but I didn't think they really needed to know that. Slytherin is still doing really well and we're in the lead - I really can't believe how dedicated our wonderful students are being this year to make sure they get good grades and pass their classes. It's such a welcome change from previous years when all anyone cared about was Quidditch (which we're also kicking ass in btw!). In other news I had another column published in the January edition of the SerpenTimes. I really want to get ahead this time and start writing my column (and maybe another article) nice and early but I know I'll leave it until the last minute as always! Scales awarded ~Max
  10. After a rather stressful end to the term I managed to get enough work sent into my Professors to ensure I passed all my classes. I might regret a little of the procrastination that took over me as the term drew on but I'm proud of what I achieved. I'm well down on housepoints at the moment compared to this time last year and even when all my work is marked I won't be near the top Slytherin points earners so far. But, considering this is my OWL year and I narrowly avoided a breakdown a few weeks ago I think I'll still class it as a win Now, to sit back and watch the points, quills and (if I'm very lucky) awards rolling in!
  11. Finishing up some homework and thought I'd post some of the creative tasks I've done this term here so I don't lose them! Scales awarded ~Max
  12. I can't believe we're already 10 days into the new year. I have so much still to do but I am slowly getting through all the work I'd neglected earlier on in the term. I haven't looked at my DADA OWL yet but my homework mountain is being chipped away one bit at a time. Better stop wasting time writing in here and get back to it! Scales awarded ~Max
  13. Christmas and New Year celebrations were lots of fun but very busy. I travelled back to Hogwarts today and already I feel like I'm so far behind with everything and everyone is annoyed with me. I'm sure that's not true and really they're just disappointed in me but that's just the same with the added bonus of making me feel a little bit worse and more of a let down. What a great start to 2016! In other news I have homework to do and quills to earn this month so I'm going to be a good student and get it all done. Some fun things are going to be happening around the Dungeons and I have some ideas of my own to put forward when I feel like I've got a moment or two to breathe. I wonder what fun lessons will bring tomorrow? No wonder people say that the OWL year is hard - I totally understand all those who have break downs and have to go to the hospital wing. Not long til I join them if I carry on like this. Scales awarded ~Max
  14. Did someone say homework? Erm, I will get it done before the new year, I promise, I just haven't found the time to do anything the past few weeks. Luckily my Professors have been understanding and have said I can do it all over the holidays. I did get my grade back for my Care of Magical Creatures OWL and got another Outstanding so hopefully that will be good enough to get mum and dad off my back during the holidays. The Hogwarts express is leaving later today and I need to get myself packed up so I'd better get going. I really am looking foward to being home for the holidays but I'm sure I'll be itching to get back to school as soon as the festivities are over. I can only spend so much time around my family before I go crazy! Scales awarded ~Max
  15. Ooh I love the presents, that's so kind and generous of you. How did you know that I wanted a new quill?! ~Max
  16. Things are crazy busy in the dungeons at the moment as we get ready for Christmas and there's still so much more to do: I need to get some volunteers to help me decorate the dungeons (which I'm sure won't be hard to find, we're a pretty festive bunch); I'm playing a game of snakes and tinsel and have challenges coming my way every other day; I still have lots of homework to do before I take a break for the holidays; I want to do some bits and bobs in the Read-Along club - lead by example as they say! Homework is, as always, my biggest concern - there's never enough hours in the day to get everything done and I know that my parents are going to be mad at me when they see how my grades have slipped so far this year. They were so proud when I was made Head Boy in the Summer but I know they were secretly thinking that it was too much for me too soon. I hate that I'm proving them right, I so wanted this year to be a success. There's still time to turn things around before I head home on the Hogwarts Express to spend the holidays with my family. Which reminds me... I haven't even sorted out presents yet! Will be a long day in Diagon Alley I think when I get home! Scales awarded ~Max
  17. I just knew the Dungeons were safer as a Slytherin only zone... oooooh that's green and pretty!
  18. So Slyth-o-ween has come and gone. Lots of spooky goings on in the dungeons and loads of awesome decorations made it great once again. Now we're in the come down period and I don't mind admitting I'm feeling a little deflated. At least Slytherin are still in the lead and we have the next part of the read-along to keep us entertained. The Kitties haven't published their paper yet but when they do I hope people will enjoy what I've written. I have a cool idea for my next column in the ST so just need to get into gear and write it. It's going to be a busy month for me so I really should get as many things as possible out nice and early. No main activity in the dungeons this month will at least give me a little breathing space but I have my owls to think about and all my other class work. I decided not to do my Arithmancy OWL this year as I have more than enough to be getting on with. As long as I hand in a good number this year I can do the rest next year which my parents weren't overly impressed by but they'll just have to get over it. Scales awarded ~Max
  19. Got tickets to see the Cursed Child in August next year with my Potter pals including the wonderful Prof. Amy Lupin. Beyond excited! :D

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    2. Darcey Goode

      Darcey Goode

      So jealous! I was on a train into London when they went on sale and can't really afford to book just now anyway.

    3. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      There are loads of tickets still available for Sept-Jan including the cheapest tickets!

    4. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      I hope it comes to the USA so I can see it.

  20. Too ... much .... cute! Must ... do ... something ... evil...! Seriously though, love it
  21. Nope, just me! February (yes I'm starting this again!)
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