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  1. This week has all been about writing stuff for the SerpenTimes and I'm pleased to say I managed to write an article about a friend of our family and her experiences amongst the muggles. I also wrote my first column about classes in about a year (can't believe it's been that long) focusing on the OWLs. I really want to get back to writing my column regularly but have been lost for topics to write about. I think that next month I might write about the practical classes I've been lucky enough to take part in this past year (Internship, Beauxbaton's exchange, Auror Training, Beyond Hogwarts, Apparition Training) and hopefully encourage some like minded students to sign up for them in the future. Hopefully by writing this here I'll remember it when the next deadline comes around! Scales awarded ~Max
  2. Ahhhhh I nearly said you would be next Tarma but changed my mind at the last minute! Aurelia are you here?
  3. Me again! Hi Arianna Bit left field but... Maxim next?!
  4. Haha, hey Anna! Sirius? Are you still here?
  5. I've managed to get some of my March assignments sent in nice and early this month but still have quite a few left to do. I picked some really interesting courses this term and it's making it so much easier to get on with my assignments. Loving learning new things again - I'll be sad when I finish school next year and have to find a job instead. Having said that, I must make sure I pass the rest of my OWLs this term or I'm never graduating! One down, 5 more to go! Scales awarded ~Max
  6. Ooh hi Sirius!! I reckon it'll be Anna next...
  7. I can't believe we're already in March - This year is going so quickly!

    1. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      Yeah and I'm doing much better in my classes this year. Just need to send the stuff in now. :)

    2. Maxwell Shadow
  8. Oh Cody you make me laugh! Aurelia?
  9. Just in the nick of time I have sent my Divination OWL off to my Professor for grading. I remember now why I didn't do so well in the dreaded things last year as it took me a good few hours to complete. I do feel good now that I've got it done and feel like I've learnt a bunch about Divination and different techniques that I didn't know existed. I don't think that it's really a topic for me though, just a bit wishy washy for my liking with too many possible interpretations for everything. Maybe I just don't have the gift for it! Scales awarded ~Max
  10. Nope, me again! I bet the second I try someone else she'll turn up... I'm going for Aurelia next...!
  11. Make sure everything for the latest issue of the SerpenTimes is sent in before midnight tonight!
  12. Make sure you've sent in all your homework for March - earn those lovely points for Slytherin
  13. Ok, so I still need to send in my Auror Training work but I've looked really closely at all the paperwork we got when signing up and it doesn't have to be sent in monthly so I'm ok. Not entirely sure if it's a good or a bad thing though as it's likely to make me lazy and means I'll put the assignments off each month then have a bunch to do at the end of term. I must keep reminding myself not to leave it all to the last minute and hope this diary will help me to do that. I also still haven't done my Divination OWL and I only have two days to get it finished. Darn my laziness and general procratinating nature. Scales awarded ~Max
  14. Ooh, I just thought I'd check and see how this post was getting on and it seems you were waiting for me! I'm here Anna next?
  15. We're a couple of weeks into the new term already (how time flies!) and I've been doing pretty well with homework. I've sent my Professors the February assignments for all classes except for Auror Training (I'm not scared, honest!) and the OWLs. I really must make sure I do those this term as I don't want to still be worried about the assignments as my NEWTs approach next year. My mother would tell me to stop being so lazy so it's a good thing she's not allowed into the Dungeons during the school year. She was not impressed that I didn't do any of the OWLs last term and I don't want this Summer to be as rubbish as the last. Scales awarded ~Max
  16. After a very brief break we're back with the Spring Term. It's always a really quick turn around for teachers and students and I'm planning to hit the ground running this term and not leave anything til the last minute. I've signed up for 4 new classes and have one class still rolling on from last term so I'm full once again! There were so many fabulous classes to pick from and I've tried to get myself a good mix of classes that interest me and ones my parents would be pleased about. It is with great trepidation that I've joined the Auror training scheme and am going to embark on the first level of the training. I really enjoyed my internship at the Ministry last term and can see myself working for one of the departments but I'm pretty sure the Auror department will not be for me. But, since you never know until you try something, I'm going to give it a go! Wish me luck! Scales awarded ~Max
  17. I must be magic! I'll give her another try for you... Aurelia?
  18. Wow I can't believe it worked! Sorry it's only me Arianna?
  19. Nope, it's me Ok, totally left field here but Scarlet?
  20. The end of term is here and I'm pleased to say I passed all five of the classes I signed up for in September. I had a strong influx of points this month too: 1169 in January meaning 1625 in total for the term. Not too shabby in the end, though I would have preferred they were spread out over the term just a little! I also got another article published in the ST this issue though I left it too late to do any more than one. Next issue I'm going to write something early so I'm not rushing at the last minute (as usual). The theme is luck so I'm hoping inspiration will strike soon! Scales awarded ~Max
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