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  1. It is me! (But almost a week late, oops!) Scarlet next?
  2. Sorry, I've ruined the run! Aurelia next instead?
  3. Oh! I haven't checked this thread for ages! Good summoning powers Aure Scarlet?
  4. Well once again as the term progressed I put this journal to one side and forgot about it. But, like an old friend, it always comes back to me when I need it! The term has ended and packing up my dorm I found it stuffed underneath my matress - not sure who I thought would be reading it that I needed to hide it in such a strange place but there you go! - so I thought I'd better give a bit of an update. Term is over (apart from those students taking their NEWTs) and after a tight battle the past few weeks Slytherin just missed out on the house cup. Getting so close to Ravenclaw was something that I thought was impossible a few months ago but that shows just how much I know! I managed to beat my points score from last year and passed 9 of the 10 classes I took on. I knew I wasn't going to take to the Auror training course, not sure why I signed up for it in the first place, and oddly mother agrees with me. I got some owl post at the beginning of the month saying she was pleased with the grades I was getting and not to worry about picking up that last class as the term drew to a close. Wonders never cease! I think she might even forgive me for not completing a third OWL exam this year when I tell her that my Divination OWL got the 'Top Parchment Award' and that my Professors were really impressed with my work. I have seven left to attempt but only need one of those to allow me to take my NEWTs and graduate. Then it's real life... scary! But I have a whole year before I have to worry about those, and, more importantly, a whole summer ahead of me to enjoy life, read books for pleasure (instead of being forced to study by a militant mother), learn new things and write as much as I can! I'd like to be published more next term, and not only in the SerpenTimes, and I could use the holidays to get ahead and get some stuff ready for the new year editions. Better put this down and finish packing! Scales awarded ~Max
  5. Can't believe another year is nearly over. It's been a blast!

    1. Aurelia West

      Aurelia West

      It was such a good year! Here's to more point earning in the future!

    2. Bianca Delacroix

      Bianca Delacroix

      agreed, this year flew by!

  6. May is kicking my ass in the real world - feel like I've not got time to breathe! Normal service should be resumed soon (I hope!)

    1. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      I know how you feel May & June is kicking my butt. My schedule is just to much lately. I feel like giving something up, but what? All the things I do are so important.

  7. Ooh yes! It's me Hi Tarma! Erm... Anna?
  8. I managed to get an owl written tonight - I had the choice of two to complete this month and I chose to work on History of Magic. The lesson was really interesting and it was nice to learn a little more about the aftermath of the Salem Witch Trials as well as to try and put myself into the mind of someone who was there at the time to see how I would react when faced with a difficult decision. So that's two OWLS completed this term so far - one more and I get my Quill and have officially done enough to move onto my NEWTs next year (which I'm sure are too scary to even think about right now). I can't believe I've only got a year and a bit left before I have to think about getting a job and moving into the real world, away from Hogwarts. Can't I just stay here forever where it's safe? Scales awarded ~Max
  9. So, in the past 10 days I've done zero HOL work which means it is a good thing I did all my monthly assignments right at the beginning of April. It is a little worrying that I have two OWLs to do this month so I'm going to pick one and get that done over the weekend. Looks like I'll definitely be finishing them up next year anyway so I might as well pace myself (yes I know I'm already a 6th year and have only done 4 OWLs but at least they've all been Outstanding!). The book club is running a writing event during May so I'm definitely going to join in with that. It's been a long time since I've written as much as the target word count and it's a little bit overwhelming to be honest. I'm hoping there will be loads of hints about where and how to get started and how to pace myself during the month. I know what I'm like - I put things off until the last minute and then there's no time to get things done. I was thinking about writing some non-fiction instead of a story but I'm not sure what my topic should be. I have recently become really interested in muggle conspiracy theories so it would be really interesting to put something together based on those, but the extra research that would be involved might take too much time to get the writing done during the month. Probably best to stick to something I know quite a bit about already or just bite the bullet and start writing a story. Watch this space! Scales awarded ~Max
  10. Nope, me again. I check this thread far too often (tho mostly I restrain from posting!) Aure this time?
  11. I've been a good little snake so far this month and have already sent in the April assignments for four out of my five classes. Plus I've already been awarded 180 house points this month from work I previously completed. And I'm clearly not the only one working hard as Slytherin has just edged past Hufflepuff into second place in the House Cup. It's been close between us all year and it will be wonderful if we can keep ahead until the end of the year. Sadly, I don't think that Ravenclaw are catchable, but that second place spot will be ours! Scales awarded ~Max
  12. Granted but you have to live in a giant bubble so can't go anywhere or do anything you like to do. I wish chocolate didn't have so many calories in!
  13. Nope, me again. I wonder if my summoning is working again... Amy?
  14. Presuming you've already listened to the Potter audiobooks too many times to count, I usually reach for something by Neil Gaiman. Especially those books he has read himself!
  15. Haha, seems like I'm too predictable. Tarma next?
  16. I can't believe it - I got the Sagatious Slytherin of the Month award for being the student who earnt the most points during March. That's now the third time I've won it this year which, as well as being a great achievement, might actually get my mother off my back once and for all! I had a couple of articles published in the SerpenTimes' latest edition, including my article about the OWLs. Of course, I sent that straight home and got a parcel back containing a note of congratulations, a bunch of sweets, a new quill and some colourful inks. Can't dwell too much on these successes though as April has started and I have more homework to complete and send in. The relentless march of time waits for no man! Scales awarded ~Max
  17. Apparently, snooping was as easy as the made-for-TV movies made it look
  18. I'm back after my show... did you miss me?!

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    2. Bull J. Johnson
    3. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      Went really well thanks Scarlet :D

      BJ I was in a musical - I do a couple of shows a year but for this one I had a solo to sing! Kept me away from HOL for a week or so but I'm slowly catching up on stuff now!

    4. Bull J. Johnson
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