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  1. So excited the classes are up but there is so much choice! How to narrow it down to just 5?!

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    2. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      I'm down to 15 now so I'm getting closer!

    3. Rayne Devereaux

      Rayne Devereaux

      I was up to 14 at one point but was able to narrow it down to 5. Look over the lesson, assignments, and projects to see what looks like something you can have fun with. I'm not a huge essay writer. So i was able to cut out classes that require lots of writing.

    4. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      I did all that once, it's how I managed to get it down to 15! Time to do it again and be ruthless with my choices I suppose :D

  2. Just my luck, I decide to do some trivia and the slythquid bot has vanished! It's just not meant to be!

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    2. Rayne Devereaux

      Rayne Devereaux

      I'll send you a PM.

    3. Edmund Cardew

      Edmund Cardew

      I'll just randomly ask you trivia questions on FB if you want. ;) x

    4. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      lol thanks my dear, leave it til later in the month ;)


  3. Welcome to Slytherin to the new first years. Great choice of house!

  4. All classes and exams finished with 20 minutes to spare! Hope everyone else managed to get them done.

  5. 3 exams still to finish! Cutting it fine as always oops! :D

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