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  1. Actually you've already listed them for me in order of preference! The jigsaw is my favourite puzzle to do on HOL and if any classes have that option for homework I usually do that right at the beginning of term and save it on my computer until that assignment is reached! Being a numbers person I love a good sudoku though I sometimes get a bit bored if they're too easy. I like too do a word search too but it's my least favourite of the three, especially if we're not given a list of words. 

    5 scales (September 2017)

    How about: Crossword, Jigsaw, Bridges?

  2. Based on THIS thread in the archives...



    The rules of the game are simple: continue to add your favorite toppings/flavours to the ice-cream to create the Ultimate Ice-Cream

    For example:

    Person One: Chocolate ice-cream...
    Person Two: ...with sprinkles
    Person Three: ...with a touch of Christmas...
    Person Four: ...and a pinch of Alan Rickman's voice...

    Be as random as you can, creating an ice-cream that you'll want to devour.


    I'll start!

    Blackcurrant Ice Cream...

  3. Reaslied I forgot to actually change the numbers on my last post so have edited mine and Tarma's so it makes sense again!

    Harpies +
    Pride -

    Appleby Arrows 7
    Chudley Cannons 6
    Falmouth Falcons 6
    Holyhead Harpies 19
    Montrose Magpies 8
    Pride of Portree 3
    Puddlemere United 5
    Tutshill Tornados 8
    Wigtown Wanderers 3

  4. 7 hours ago, Will Lestrange said:

    Those are great photos!  (But one question I always have to ask:  is your husband a Slytherin?  ;))

    Sadly not, he's a Badger but don't hold that against him! 

    Was a fab day, so many more potter bits and pieces in there, didn't even manage to get photos of them all! 

  5. Last weekend my very talented photographer friend took some photos of me and my husband to be (3 days to go, eeek!) and since I look like a proper bad-ass witch I couldn't resist sharing them with you guys.

    wands (Custom).jpg
    duel (Custom).jpg

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