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  1. Can't get on the main site. :(

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    2. Ariel Kingston

      Ariel Kingston

      espically during sign up months :)

    3. James Welee

      James Welee

      I guess I should bookmark all the pages that are linked from there. lol

    4. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      good idea


      I hope it will let me sign up for my classes soon.

  2. Liking the forum changes!

  3. New to Slytherin! :)

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    2. Rosemarie Halliwell

      Rosemarie Halliwell

      I'm totally gonna say welcome again. Welcome! =)

    3. Rosalie Mason

      Rosalie Mason

      Welcome welcome, James! We're pleased to have you.

    4. Alice Gistrene

      Alice Gistrene

      lol. Welcome, James! :D

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