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  1. Avada Kedavra + Sectumsempra - Avada Kedavra 4 Crucio 18 Sectumsempra 26
  2. Too bland (I hate spicy food.) Too busy or too bored?
  3. Help I need a lot of help right now. I been so stressed out.
  4. *takes it and craves it into a jack o' lantern.* *leaves a list of spelling words*
  5. Sort of TWBM will tell me one way to practice a spelling list?
  6. magicians Spelling homework or Math Homework?
  7. Big Bear I just took my good friend and role model Bear out to eat this weekend.
  8. (I know its ma I changed it to daddy because I prefer daddy.) Daddy's going to buy you a golden crown. And if that golden crown turns to brass....
  9. Viper One WWE wrestler I like goes by this nickname.
  10. Sectumsempra - Avada Kedavra + Avada Kedavra 5 Crucio 16 Sectumsempra 27
  11. chicken nuggets McDonald or Burger King?
  12. *takes it to give to a Gryffindor* "Hey what they started this war at the fair." *leaves a pair of scissors*
  13. Sectumsempra - Avada Kedavra + Avada Kedavra 4 Crucio 16 Sectumsempra 28
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