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  1. Andy saw a girl approach out of the corner of her eye. After a moment of talking with Aimée, they both turned their attention to the girl that had made an appearance by them. Andy felt for the girl, since she reminded her of herself; quietly waiting for someone to notice her. Once the girl had their attention, she greeted them and said that her name was Aurelia West, but told them to call her Bree. "Howdy, Bree. Is that your middle name or something?" Andy asked the new girl, wondering where Bree came from out of Aurelia and West. It surely wasn't a nickname, so she figured it must be a mi
  2. Andy had to hide her relief when this girl didn't seem to recognize her name. Of course what was she worried about? This was only a first year like her. Only a History of Magic major would probably recognize her name. Of course she wasn't in the history books, but her family name was. The Scarlett family was the oldest pureblood family to settle in America and even evaded those horrible witch hunts back in the old days. Andy prepared herself though. Eventually someone would recognize the name and she'd have to put up with it. The girl introduced herself as Aimée Laurent. She pointed at one
  3. Andy tensed as she felt someone take a seat next to her on the couch near the fireplace. She looked over and saw a girl about her age. She had a dark mane of hair and greeted her with a smile. A sharp smile with oddly sharp canines. Usually that would scare most people, but Andrea Scarlett had always been intrigued by the weird and strange and embraced those kind of things. She had been born on Halloween after all. The girl extended her hand out to her with her manicured green nails. Andy smiled back a little. "Hey. Andrea Scarlett. Call me Andy though." Andy said to the girl, taking her h
  4. All you newbie Slytherins should check out my rp 'New Kids' in the Common Room. Let's be friends! :D

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      BOooooo I can't see it, dislike

  5. Andrea Scarlett walked with the other first years from the Great Hall. They went down some stairs and she noticed that it seemed to get darker and colder the further they descended. All that lit the dark halls were green flames on torches. So these were the Hogwarts dungeons, she thought. After about two left turns and a right, the prefect that led them all down here stopped in front of a plain brick wall. Andy (her preferred name) looked in confusion as they stopped at this dead end like all the other new Slytherins. The prefect spoke the words, "Sangre Purus." They all stood in wonder as
  6. Just call me Andy, Drea, or Scar. Andrea's just my formal name. :)

  7. I'm a n00b and all I can say is wow and I GOT IN SLYTHERIN!!! This rocks!! xD

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      Welcome! Make yourself at home!

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