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  1. Hey Cody I can't start a status thing. Can you fix this please. I can reply to someone else, but can't start one.

    1. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      Nevermind I didn't know you had to go on someone's feed to do this. Figured it out.

    2. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      Actually this only does p2p status that people other people can see. How do I do the ones where I'm not talking to a specific person. I think there is still a button missing for me that never got fixed when we changed the dungeon around last year.

  2. Happy Slyth-o-ween!!

    Wow, I got a really neat card! And I also got in!
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  4. Signature Tradition

    Frog please! Chocolate frog sent!
  5. Happy Slyth-o-ween!!

    Does anyone have all ninetynine wizard cards? I feel like that might be a good place to start!
  6. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Magpies + Harpies - Holyhead Harpies 21Montrose Magpies 21Tutshill Tornados 23
  7. Top House Points 2017-18

    We've wrapped up the first month of classes! Now it's time to announce the top point-earners of the month. If you make the list, we'll send some bonus scales your way, and if you take the top spot, you'll receive something extra shiny. 1st Place: 200 scales and the Sagacious Slytherin of the Month Award 2nd Place: 100 scales 3rd Place: 50 scales 4th-10th Place: 30 scales Without further ado, Slytherin's Top House Points of September: 10. Aurelia West - 78 points 9. Bianca Delacroix - 94 points 8. Elizabeth Dallas - 116 points 7. Luke Starlight - 117 points Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 120 points 6. Anna Snape - 120 points 5. Kestrel Stone - 163 points 4. Breanna Slyearn - 177 points 3. Arianna Stonewater - 180 points 2. Teagan Falak - 201 points And first place goes to Michael Snape with 222 points! Way to go, Michael!
  8. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Magpies + Harpies - Falmouth Falcons 1Holyhead Harpies 23Montrose Magpies 18Tutshill Tornados 23
  9. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Magpies + Falcons - Falmouth Falcons 3Holyhead Harpies 25Montrose Magpies 17Tutshill Tornados 20
  10. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Magpies + United - Falmouth Falcons 6Holyhead Harpies 23Montrose Magpies 17Puddlemere United 2Tutshill Tornados 17
  11. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Magpies + Falcons - Falmouth Falcons 6Holyhead Harpies 24Montrose Magpies 16Puddlemere United 3Tutshill Tornados 16
  12. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Tornados + Harpies - Falmouth Falcons 5Holyhead Harpies 23Montrose Magpies 15Puddlemere United 4Tutshill Tornados 18
  13. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Magpies + Harpies - Falmouth Falcons 5Holyhead Harpies 25Montrose Magpies 16Puddlemere United 4Tutshill Tornados 15
  14. Welcome Back!

    Welcome back to the Dungeons! We hope you enjoyed your break, but it's time to get back to work. That House Cup won't win itself, you know. We have a couple new staff members this year! Saeir Darr joins us as a professor, while Aurelia West has been promoted to Prefect. Make sure you mind your manners in front of them! Harry Potter Read-Along is starting a new book this term: Goblet of Fire! Keep an eye out for that and feel free to bother Arianna Stonewater or Maxwell Shadow if you have any questions. A brand new Slug Club is up and running! If you're a fan of puzzles or just want more opportunities to earn scales, the Puzzle Exchange might be the place for you. Go check it out! The Slytherin Quidditch Team (SQT) is gearing up to defend their title once again! New snakes are welcome to join #slythquid in the HOL Chatrooms. SQT's always looking for new blood, so see Darcey Goode or Will Lestrange if you're interested in playing some Quidditch. Mystery is the theme for the next issue of our house newspaper, the SerpenTimes. Get your submissions in by October 15th, and don't forget to send in nominations for Superlatives as well! We have a lot to look forward to here in the Dungeons. Let's make this year magical!
  15. Guess the next poster

    Aw, Anna was off by one! I think Aurelia will be next.