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  1. Slytherin Study Hall

    When: 6-8 PM HOL time Where: #slytherin
  2. Slytherin Study Hall

    Our first Slytherin Study Hall will take place this Saturday, February 24th from 6 PM to 8 PM HOL time. See you there!
  3. Slytherin Study Hall

    We're currently in 2nd place for the House Cup, but as Slytherins we should have our sights set on no less than first! It's time to buckle down, get our homework done, and earn those points! For a bit of extra motivation, during the last weekend of each month, we will be hosting Slytherin Study Hall in the #slytherin IRC channel. Feel free to drop by, say hello to your fellow snakes, and see if you can get some homework done. Done with all your homework already? Work on anything else HOL-related, or just hang out and get to know your housemates! Slytherin professors and student teachers will be hanging around as well, so feel free to ask any questions you might have. You can ask for help or bounce ideas off of each other, but remember any work you submit must be your own! Plagiarism is not tolerated on HOL!
  4. Double Letters

  5. 1-10,000

  6. First Love

    My first love was Dominion. Scarlet got us a copy to play with Amy when all three of us were in my home state, and I instantly fell in love with the deck-building genre. Scarlet and I started playing the online version, and would play a best-of-5 almost daily, keeping track of the results in a spreadsheet. Matches got very competitive and would often end with me yelling at my computer screen. We don't play much anymore now that I've found Clank!, a deck-builder I enjoy even more, but Dominion will always be my first love.
  7. First Love

    Since it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s our first GOBstones Club discussion, “First Love” seems like an appropriate topic. What tabletop game was your first love? Do you still play it? Or have you moved on to new games? Tell us all about it!
  8. Our first spotlight goes to what I think of as the king of all gateway games -- games that help beginners get into board games. Settlers of Catan is one of the Euro-style (involves more strategy and less conflict and luck) games that paved the way for the “board game renaissance.” I didn’t get the chance to play it until this past year, but I owe a lot of credit to Settlers of Catan for igniting the spark that was my love for gaming. Game: The Settlers of Catan (or just Catan since it’s been rebranded, but our box still says The Settlers of Catan, so that’s what I’m going to call it) Players: 3-4 (5-6 with expansions) Ages: 10+ Playing Time: 60-120 minutes Rules: In Settlers of Catan, players take turns rolling dice, collecting resources based on the outcome of the dice, and building up their empire with settlements, cities, roads, and development cards. During set up, 19 hexagonal tiles (along with ports) are laid out and assigned a number 2-12. Each player then places a settlement on any of the tiles’ vertices along with a road. Settlements cannot be placed within two spots of each other, so there is some jostling for position occasionally. After the first round of placements, players take another turn of placing settlements and roads, this time starting with the last player, and take resource cards (brick, lumber, wool, grain, and ore) based on the resources bordering their second settlement. A turn typically begins with the active player rolling the dice. Anyone bordering a tile assigned with the number rolled, gains that tile’s resource. Then, the active player can use their resources to build settlements (worth 1 point), cities (replace settlements, are worth two points and earn you double the resources), roads (required to build more settlements), and random development cards (which include soldiers, victory points, and other actions that can be played during your turn). Resources may be exchanged at a rate of 4:1 (or 3:1 or 2:1 if you border a port). Trading with other players is also allowed during your turn. If a 7 is rolled, any players with more than 7 cards must discard half of them. Then, the active player moves the robber (a black pawn) to block a tile, then steals a resource from a player whose settlement or city borders that tile. Until the robber is moved again (by someone rolling a 7 or activating a soldier card), no resources can be gained from the blocked tile. There are five ways to score points: Build a settlement (worth 1 point) Build a city (worth 2 points, but replaces the settlement) Victory point development cards (worth 1 point) Longest Road (worth 2 points, given to the first player to build five continuous roads, or a player who creates a longer road than the current longest road) Largest Army (worth 2 points, given to the first player to play three soldiers, or a player who plays more soldiers than the current largest army) The first player to reach 10 points wins! Settlers of Catan offers a lot of diverse strategies and replayability for such a light and easy-to-comprehend game. But most important to me, and you’ll hear me saying this about a lot of my favorites, is the fact that it feels good to lose. You rarely feel like you’re so far out of the game that you can’t catch up. So when the game ends and your girlfriend is grinning from ear to ear after stealing your Longest Road, you can smile back and say, “I’ll get you next time!” If you’re looking to get into board games, Settlers of Catan should be your first stop, and if you’re already into them, you should absolutely have a copy in your collection!
  9. GOBstones Club

    Welcome to GOBstones Club! The GOBstones Club is a place for people to celebrate their love for Games On Boards. But don’t let that discourage you from sharing your favorite card game, all tabletop games are allowed! GOBstones Club is open to all houses and meeples of all colors! Membership is not required, so feel free to stop by and join in on our discussions at any time! I’m still figuring out what to do with the club, but for now you can expect a new discussion thread every week or two and a “Tabletop Spotlight” every few weeks as well. But feel free to start your own threads if you have something you’d like to discuss!
  10. Last Letter, First Letter

  11. The Unexpected Task - Task 1

    I heard there's going to be a unicorn petting zoo!!! Probably not though.
  12. The Unexpected Task - Task 2

    I invited someone to a ball once. She agreed, but we never got to dance because it ended up being a murder mystery activity. My date ended up being the murderer. >_>
  13. Educational Decree Number Twenty-four

    Club Name: GOBstones ClubClub Description: A club for people who enjoy playing and discussing board games.Sponsor: Prof. Scarlet Leslie-LewisSignatures: Arianna Stonewater Aurelia West Will Lestrange
  14. New Term!

    Before we get too distracted by the shiny new class list, we have a few awards to hand out for Autumn Term. Scales Race: In 3rd place, with a total of 891 scales... Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis! In 2nd place, with a total of 1,165 scales... Will Lestrange! And in 1st place, with an incredible total of 1,285 scales... Arianna Stonewater!!! Best Hatchling is awarded to the first year student with the most scales. This year, there were a few second- and third-time first years in the race, but we decided to award this one to a true hatchling. Congratulations to Ravenna Mills! Dweller of the Dungeons is awarded to the top non-Slytherin scale earner. We had so many great visitors in the Dungeons this past term, but a couple stood out at the top of the scales list. Congratulations to Prof. Tarma Amelia Black of Hufflepuff and Shiloh Adlar of Ravenclaw, who earned 888 scales and 799 scales respectively! Our final award is usually given out at the end of year awards, but one Slytherin student has gone above and beyond this past term, not just in the Dungeons, but throughout all of HOL. She posted trivia every day for Read-Along, interviewed fellow snakes for SerpenTimes, and single-handedly coordinated Silver Snake for Slythmas. All while representing our house as the Slytherin judge for Mx HOL and running her first HOL contest, Battleship! For everything she's done this term, we dedicate the Award for Special Services to Slytherin to Arianna Stonewater. Congratulations, Arianna!