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  1. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Magpies +1 Harpies -1 Holyhead Harpies 28 Montrose Magpies 9 Tutshill Tornados 28
  2. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Magpies + Harpies - Holyhead Harpies 27 Montrose Magpies 10 Tutshill Tornados 28
  3. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Magpies + Harpies - Holyhead Harpies 27 Montrose Magpies 9 Tutshill Tornadoes 29
  4. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Magpies SOMEONE HELP + Harpies - Holyhead Harpies 26 Montrose Magpies 12 Tutshill Tornados 27
  5. Last Letter, First Letter

  6. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Magpies + STOP IT Harpies - Holyhead Harpies 26 Montrose Magpies 14 Tutshill Tornadoes 25
  7. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    LEAVE MY MAGPIES ALONE + Harpies - Holyhead Harpies 25 Montrose Magpies 17 Tutshill Tornados 23
  8. Slytherin ABC

  9. Top House Points 2017-18

    November has come and gone, so it's once again time to announce the month's Top Point Earners. Let's get straight into it! 8. Bianca Delacroix - 60 points Breanna Slyearn - 60 points Luke Starlight - 60 points Poppy Lovelace - 60 points 7. Bull J. Johnson - 62 points 6. Darcey Goode - 65 points 5. Anna Snape - 95 points 4. Arianna Stonewater - 115 points 3. Aurelia West - 132 points 2. Magnus Ward - 161 points Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 263 points And topping the list is Will Lestrange with 400 points! Nice job, Will! Keep up the great work, Snakes, and have a wonderful Slythmas!
  10. Yule Ball

    Traditionally, the Yule Ball is held in the Great Hall. But thanks to a group of troublemakers (we're not listing any names, but you know who you are) who started a massive snowball fight in the Great Hall, we've had to make some last minute adjustments. With the Room of Requirement on the fritz, the only other space large enough in the castle to hold a party of this scale is the Dungeons (after all, nothing bad ever happens when we throw parties in the Dungeons)! Yule Ball Organising Committee welcomes any help from HOL members of any House. The only requirement is that you have enthusiasm, patience, and a good sense of fun! Check in every three days for tasks to help us prepare for the dance. Once the planning is done, we kick off our Slythmas 2017 celebrations with Silver Snake -- Slytherin's very own gift exchange hosted by Arianna Stonewater! The Yule Ball ends on 31 December, so bring your dancing shoes (and finish your tasks) before then!
  11. Scales Race 2017-18

    This year's scales race between the Green and Silver teams is in full swing! Click HERE to check on how your team is doing! If you're a Slytherin student and you haven't been sorted into a team yet, you can sign up for Green versus Silver HERE. Let's go, Green!
  12. Top House Points 2017-18

    Another month in the books! That means it's time to reward Slytherin's Top House Point Earners of October: 10. Ravenna Mills - 55 points 9. Luke Starlight - 58 points 8. Kestrel Stone - 59 points 7. Rayne Devereaux - 60 points Prof. Saeir Darr - 60 points 6. Rosemarie Halliwell - 65 points 5. Anna Snape - 120 points 4. Will Lestrange - 130 points 3. Aurelia West - 150 points 2. Bull J. Johnson - 154 points And first place goes to Arianna Stonewater with 180 points! Great work as always, Arianna! Honorable mention goes to Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, who managed to earn a whopping 340 points. Good thing her points don't count, or the other houses wouldn't stand a chance! Great job, everyone! Keep it up and have a wonderful November!
  13. Hey Cody I can't start a status thing. Can you fix this please. I can reply to someone else, but can't start one.

    1. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      Nevermind I didn't know you had to go on someone's feed to do this. Figured it out.

    2. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      Actually this only does p2p status that people other people can see. How do I do the ones where I'm not talking to a specific person. I think there is still a button missing for me that never got fixed when we changed the dungeon around last year.

  14. Happy Slyth-o-ween!!

    Wow, I got a really neat card! And I also got in!
  15. Drawing on the Wall