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    2017-18 Slytherin Awards

    It's time now to sing out Though the story never ends Let's celebrate Remember a year in the life of friends 2017-18 had its ups and downs, but now it's time to celebrate everything we accomplished this year. Once again, Slytherin placed 2nd in the race for the House Cup, while SQT took home their fifth consecutive Quidditch Cup. Way to go, everyone! Now let's wrap it up with the 2017-18 Slytherin Awards! It is my extraordinary honor to present the Salazar and Basil Awards, awarded to Slytherins who have excelled academically this past year. The Salazar Awards Golden Salazar (3000+ points) Arianna Stonewater Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis Will Lestrange Silver Salazar (2000-2999 points) Anna Snape Aurelia West Bronze Salazar (1000-1999 points) Bull J. Johnson Draco Riddle Ravenna Mills Copper Salazar (300-999 points) Bianca Delacroix Breanna Slyearn Emma Borg Faye Roderick Hope Stark Julie Eccleston Kestrel Stone Magnus Ward Mortiana Blaque Prof. Amy Lupin Prof. Cody Lewis Prof. Saeir Darr The Basil Awards Brabas Award (The perfect 10 Quills!) Arianna Stonewater Anna Snape Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis Will Lestrange Golden Basil (8-9 Quills) Mortiana Blaque Silver Basil (6-7 Quills) None Bronze Basil (4-5 Quills) Aurelia West Ravenna Mills Copper Basil (2-3 Quills) Bianca Delacroix Emma Borg Faye Roderick Hope Stark Magnus Ward Prof. Saeir Darr Each month, we give out the Sagacious Slytherin of the Month Award to the Slytherin student who earns the most points. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to hoard all those points, so a huge congratulations to this year’s award winners:  September – Michael Snape – 222 points October – Arianna Stonewater – 180 points November – Will Lestrange – 400 points December – Will Lestrange – 249 points January – Arianna Stonewater – 1367 points February – Will Lestrange – 250 points March – Will Lestrange – 431 points April – Draco Riddle – 392 points May – Will Lestrange – 385 points June – Arianna Stonewater – 1954 points The Best Hatchling of the Year Award goes to the First Year who earned the most points for Slytherin. With a grand total of 2,230 points, this award goes to Ravenna Mills! Congratulations, Ravenna! Glad you have you in Slytherin!
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    The Final Countdown

    Full map of the OASIS can be found here. It was fun playing with you guys!
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    Last day for actions! Make them count.
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    The Emerald Cup has been found! After traversing the OASIS for many weeks, one gunter managed to open all three gates. Congratulations to... Darkn3sss! But it's not over yet! There's still three days left to collect as much XP as possible. Maybe you could be the next gunter through the gates?