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  1. Prof. Cody Lewis

    Race Results

    Another logic puzzle race is in the books! Darkn3sss is now the owner of BLACK CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STARS, which will allow him to take an extra move once every three days! 1st - Darkn3sss - 25 XP 2nd - Scarl3t - 20 XP 3rd - K3Ndragon - 15 XP GhostWalker - 10 XP K8lin - 5 XP Namnori - 5 XP For those who were unable to make it to the race, here is the puzzle: Everyone in the OASIS knows Namnori's paypal account is flush with credits, and he's not shy about spending them either. He enjoys taking lavish vacations to far off worlds and souping up his custom Mach Five. But more than anything, he likes spending his credits on rare skins (outfits) for his avatar. In fact, in the past five months alone, he's managed to get his hands on five new skins! He even spent 5,000 credits for one of them, wow! If you can figure out when he purchased each skin (January to May), where he found it (including Vega Remidian), and how much it cost, he'll give you an incredibly rare artifact. First person to p2p the correct answer to Namnori wins! 1. The skin that cost 1,000 credits was purchased one month before the 4,000-credit skin and three months before Namnori got his hands on the "Great Saiyaman" skin, which wasn't found on Finagle's Rest. 2. Namnori's "Mystic" skin was acquired in either January or February. "Battle Armor" is one of his favorite skins. 3. Namnori didn't travel to Belegost in April, and he's had the "Demon Clothes" skin since before May. 4. The skin that cost 2,000 credits was won in an auction one month after Namnori acquired the "Mystic" skin. The skin found on Belegost, the one bought in January, and "Demon Clothes" are three different skins. 5. Of the skin found on Night and the one that cost 3,000 credits, one was bought in January and the other was "Great Saiyaman". Of the two skins found before March, one was on GC-818 and the other was the "Super Saiyan" skin. E-mail the solution to slytherin.emeraldcup@gmail.com (Subject: Skins Logic Puzzle) by 30 June to receive 5 XP.
  2. Prof. Cody Lewis

    Coloring Page #2

  3. Prof. Cody Lewis

    Top House Points 2017-18

    Another month in the books! Let's see who's on the list of Slytherin's Top Point Earners of May. Prof. Cody Lewis - 25 points 8. Hope Stark - 57 points 7. Arianna Stonewater - 60 points 5. Draco Riddle - 105 points Ravanya Maren - 105 points 3. Quella Hinderley - 120 points Ravenna Mills - 120 points 2. Anna Snape - 160 points Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 205 points And back in the top spot is Will Lestrange with 385 points! Brilliant, Will! Huge improvement from last month, but we need to get more names on here. If I can make the list with a measly 25 points, so can you! Let's go, snakes!
  4. Prof. Cody Lewis

    Discussion #3

    You can find me zipping around the OASIS in my custom version of Speed Racer's Mach Five.
  5. Prof. Cody Lewis

    #slytherin Races

    The next races will be on: Saturday, 16 June at 7 pm HOL time (2 pm ET)
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  7. Prof. Cody Lewis

    Today I Played...

    This month (Scarlet and) I played Pandemic Legacy: Season 1. I'd been reluctant about getting into legacy games (where you do things that permanently alter the game, like put stickers on the board or rip up cards). It's a pretty steep price for a game you only get to play through once, but Scarlet finally talked me into it. It took us sixteen games played over the past month to get through all the content. Still kind of sad that it's over, but it was definitely worth the price of admission. And now I'm firmly on the legacy game hype train... Looking forward to you next, Charterstone!
  8. Prof. Cody Lewis

    Discussion #2

    In January, we went to an arcade as part of Scarlet's sister's Amazing Race-themed birthday. We were lagging behind, so I didn't get to spend as much time there as I would have liked, but I did fall in love with one game in particular: Tempest. You rotate a wheel to position yourself to blast Flippers and avoid spikes. I wasn't very good at it, but at least managed to score enough points to advance to the next leg of the race. My other favorite is Robotron: 2084. It's among my most played games of all time and I was super excited when it was briefly mentioned in Ready Player One. I think the best way to play a game (computer vs console vs arcade) varies from game to game. For a game like Tempest, I think you need to play it in an arcade with the wheel to fully appreciate it. Other games like Robotron translate a lot better to mouse and keyboard.
  9. Prof. Cody Lewis

    Coloring Page #1

  10. Prof. Cody Lewis

    Welcome to the OASIS!

    The only way to move one world away is to move and attack, even if you've already attacked that world and earned the XP bonus. In that case, it is the same as moving only once.
  11. Prof. Cody Lewis

    Welcome to the OASIS!

    Yes, you will always receive a Quest upon arriving in a world you have not yet visited. Attacking the monster only gives you double XP for that Quest and has no other effect on the task you are given.
  12. Prof. Cody Lewis

    Welcome to the OASIS!

    Nope, no partial XP. You have to complete the entire Quest.
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  14. Prof. Cody Lewis


    Current Locations Aporia: Ashley_Elizabeth, Fletcher Deluvia: K8lin Finagle's Rest: Darkn3sss Night: diamondsciencer Nocoma: Namnori Novus: Paddingt0n Oedipus: Scarl3t Pollyanna: GhostWalker Windfall: K3Ndragon, Sh1l0h
  15. Prof. Cody Lewis

    Welcome to the OASIS!

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