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  1. Today I Played...

    Today (Scarlet and) I played Clank! The Mummy's Curse, an expansion to my favorite game that just came out today! The Mummy's Curse introduces a few new cards, an entirely new board, and a couple new mechanics: The Mummy and... curses. Throughout the game, you roll a four-sided die to determine where the Mummy will pop up next. If he catches you, you gain a curse (-2 points). But if you're in the same part of the map as the Mummy, it's also an opportunity to thump him and send him after your opponents instead. Some tunnels can dole out curses as well, so at times you'll have to ask yourself, "Is this move really worth four points?" Overall, not a huge game-changer, but still a refreshing change of scenery for a game that tends to spend a lot of time on our table!
  2. Top House Points 2017-18

    Huge improvement from last month! Let's check out Slytherin's Top Point Earners of March! 10. Bull J. Johnson - 80 points 9. Aurelia West - 120 points 8. Arianna Stonewater - 135 points 7. Faye Roderick - 148 points 6. Hope Stark - 150 points 5. Liona Cho - 162 points 4. Draco Riddle - 235 points 3. Ravenna Mills - 240 points 2. Anna Snape - 290 points Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 310 points And once again claiming the top spot is Will Lestrange with 431 points! Outstanding, Will! To everyone who made the list, both old and new, I'm so proud to have you in Slytherin! Keep up the great work!
  3. Keep a word, drop a word!

    pop culture
  4. Today I Played...

    Today (Scarlet and) I played Dominion! I wanted to write up another Tabletop Spotlight and it had been a while since we last played, so we played the online version to get reacquainted. Still lots of fun!
  5. Tabletop Spotlight: Dominion

    This next spotlight is dedicated to my First Love: Dominion. If Settlers of Catan is the king of Euro-style gateway games, Dominion is the king of deck-builder gateway games. It spawned an entire genre of games, simple enough to pick up right away, but complex enough that skilled players can overcome beginner’s luck slightly more often than not. Game: Dominion Players: 2-4 Ages: 13+ Playing Time: 30 minutes Rules: In this game, your goal is to build the best deck possible. Your deck is your ‘Dominion.’ Each turn, you will (hopefully) add more cards to your deck: Treasure cards, Victory cards, and Kingdom cards. To set up, you’ll need to create a ‘Supply,’ containing Treasure cards (Copper, Silver, and Gold), Victory cards (Estate, Duchy, and Province), and Kingdom cards (we’ll go over those soon). Treasure cards are the games primary resources. You use them to buy other cards, including other treasure cards! Each card’s cost is shown at the bottom left of the card. Victory cards are points and 8 (or 12, if you have 3-4 players) of each go into the supply. You need them to win at the end of the game, but they don’t really do much else until then. Part of the game is deciding how to balance Victory cards with the other cards -- if you buy too many victory cards too early, your Dominion is going to get pretty ugly by the end of the game! In each game of Dominion, you will select ten types of Kingdom cards. The instruction manual has a handful of ‘recommended sets’ of kingdoms, or you pick them randomly. Kingdom cards allow you to do different things, like take extra actions during your turn, draw or buy extra cards, or ‘attack’ your opponents by forcing them to discard or take curses (cards that give you -1 point). Each player then starts with 7 Copper and 3 Estates. You shuffle these cards together to form your starting deck and draw five. Now you’re ready to play! But before you take a turn in Dominion, you need to learn your ABC’s! Action phase - play an action card. This is where Kingdom cards come into play. You can only play one action per turn, but as I said before, some cards give you extra actions so once your deck gets going, you might be taking several actions each hand. Occasionally, you may have to decide between two action cards. Buy phase - count up your Treasure cards (some Kingdom cards give you extra moulah to spend as well!) and choose which card you want to buy. You only get one buy per turn as well, but certain cards give you extra! Clean-up phase - Discard your entire hand. Everything you played AND everything you didn’t play. Then, draw five new cards from your deck. If you run out of cards in your deck, shuffle your discard pile to create a new one. Once you’ve mastered your ABC’s, specifically the Clean-up phase where you shuffle your discard pile into a new deck, you can pick up any deck-building game straight away without too much of a learning curve. They all follow the same, or very similar, patterns. Players then take turns performing actions and buying cards. The game ends when one of two conditions are met: The stack of Province cards (the most expensive and most valuable Victory card) is empty. Any three stacks in the Supply are empty. When the game ends, each player goes through their deck and adds up their points. The player with the most points wins! The base game of Dominion offers 26 different Kingdom cards. You use ten in each game, and each set of ten interact with each other in different ways. In one game, you might want to hoard a bunch of Gold and use a Council Room to draw a bunch of them all at once. In another game, you might want to string a bunch of Laboratories together to play your Witch as often as possible. The challenge of Dominion is trying to figure out the best way to play each set of cards, and that alone gives Dominion a lot of replayability. Getting old isn’t the problem for Dominion (I mean, it only has ELEVEN expansions). It’s still a blast whenever I get the chance to play it. The problem is that there are now so many different games that fill that same deck-building niche. Why would we play Dominion when we could play Legendary, or Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, or my personal favorite, Clank!? Still, it’s my First Love, and I’ll come back to it every few months to brush up on the skills I developed over several months worth of best-of-fives against Scarlet. If you’re new to deck-building, Dominion is a great starting point. If you’re already into board games, it’s a must-have. And if you love Dominion and want to purchase an expansion or two, I would suggest investing in other deck-building games instead.
  6. Slytherin Study Hall

    We're trying out two different time slots for this month's Slytherin Study Hall. Join us in #slytherin on: Saturday, March 24 @ 6-8 PM HOL time (2-4 PM EST) OR Sunday, March 25 @ 11 PM - 1 AM HOL time (6-8 PM EST) Keep in mind, Daylight Savings Time in HOLland (er, the land where HOL is located, not Holland) starts that Saturday night. Don't miss out on valuable study time due to wonky time differences!
  7. Today I Played...

    YESSSSSSS, CLANK! I'm so happy you finally got to try it! Today (Scarlet and) I played Topiary and Unearth at our local board game store. We picked up Topiary and the owner of the store taught us how to play... and then crushed us. It plays a little like Carcassone meets Photosynthesis. It was fun, but I'm totally okay with never playing it again. (I may or may not be a sore loser.) Scarlet and I were then invited to join a game of Ethnos, but with limited spots available, we opted to learn a new game by ourselves. That's when we unearthed Unearth. It's a dice game (most of which I hate), but places more emphasis on managing your dice than actually rolling them (which I love). It plays a lot like Stone Age, probably my favorite game that we don't already own, so it might just be our next purchase.
  8. Today I Played...

    If you played a game recently, share it with us here! Maybe it was a lot of fun... or no fun at all. Either way, we want to hear about it! Hopefully this thread will have a lot of ongoing activity. I know Scarlet and I will be posting here a lot!
  9. The Chronicles of C.W. Lewis

    [IC] I've lost my journal again. This takes me back to my days as a Hogwarts student, always misplacing my things. I never thought I'd be here still, this many years later, teaching Gobbledegook rather than studying Transfiguration, and still losing my stuff. But here we are. While looking for my old journal, I stumbled across a dusty old box. It was full of my dad's old stuff -- worn out books and loose newspaper clippings. After sifting through it all, I found two black leather books with what looked like a triangular eye on the covers. Written underneath the eye in curly, golden letters was "C.W. Lewis," the name my father and I both shared. I flipped the first book open and thumbed through the pages. I skimmed through the first few entries, which dated back to 1958. They referenced other wizards "revealing" themselves, and my first thought was that he meant revealing themselves to Muggles. None of it made sense until I read an entry from 1959: "Xeno Lovegood revealed himself to me today. He's a bit odd, but he knows what he's talking about when it comes to the Hallows. I'm going to find out what else he knows." Hallows! This was my father's Deathly Hallows research! He had recited 'The Tale of the Three Brothers' to me thousands of times when I was a lad, but I never realized he genuinely believed that they existed. This was a diary of every interaction he'd had with people who had 'revealed' themselves to be 'believers' of the Deathly Hallows. I turned my attention to the second book. It was not exactly pristine, but weathered enough that I was surprised to find it had not been written in at all. Once I had flipped through every page, convinced I'd find my father's handwriting hidden somewhere, it dawned on me that this journal was meant for me. I shut it and traced the golden lettering of my name with my finger. What was I supposed to do with it? I brought it took my desk, flipped it back open to the first page, dipped a quill into one of several ink bottles strewn randomly across the desk's surface, and began writing: I've lost my journal again. [OOC] Whew, that was a lot of fun! But I still have so much more to write about, out of character. Yesterday, Shirley (Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, for the uninformed) and I celebrated my birthday with a trip to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark to see Prisoner of Azkaban in Concert! Basically, they show the entire third movie and all the music is played by a live orchestra. The last time we went to see Chamber of Secrets in Concert, pretty much everyone there was dressed in HP gear, while Shirley and I just looked like random pedestrians who had walked in by accident. This time, Shirley ordered our tickets several weeks in advance and we're going to be prepared! We got some Slytherin duds from Hot Topic and ordered a couple of green and silver ties. I was feeling queasy when we arrived, but tried my best to make as much noise as possible when the conductor asked if there were any Slytherins in attendance. By intermission, the energy from the thousands of Harry Potter fans around me, combined with the magic of the live orchestra (and choir, which was a feature unique to Prisoner of Azkaban!) had revitalized me. Overall, a great way to spend my birthday! Going home on the train, Shirley and I shared a pair of earbuds and listened to Ready Player One -- not an audiobook, but a robotic voice reading an e-book off my phone (and pronouncing every other word incorrectly). This morning, we woke up to someone ringing our door bell. I ran downstairs and found two packages! The first one was a birthday present from my mother (a mixer) and the second was a birthday present I had ordered for myself! So before I get into what I ordered, let me explain why I ordered it. A couple weeks ago, I joined #grandstand during the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, and randomly started typing commentary. I had so much fun with it, I ended up giving a play-by-play of the entire match (even though there were only two other people in there and one of them was preoccupied with actually playing). After that, I decided I wanted to do real commentary for the next match, so I worked out how to stream on YouTube and practiced commentating during a pickup game of Quodpot. It went pretty well, I think, but the audio was obviously an issue -- I didn't have a decent mic, so I had to call myself on Skype with my phone. Over the next few days, I perfected my overlay and wrote a code to collect stats automatically during Quidditch matches, so I can reference them on the fly and mix in some color commentary with my play-by-play. But none of this would matter if my audio still sucked, so I did some research, figured out which condenser microphone would give me the most bang for my buck, and ordered it. (I also like to sing, so it's not like I bought it solely for Quidditch purposes... at least that's how I'm justifying my purchase...) Not sure I've ever taken a picture of my set up, so meet S.C.A.R.L.E.T! And the other Scarlet named my new toy on the left "Mike." Get it? Cause it's a mic? Really excited for the two of them to start working together! So Prisoner of Azkaban in Concert, a mixer, and Mike. Shirley also got me expansions to my two favorite board games at the moment: 7 Wonders and Mystic Vale. I might be a little bit spoiled.
  10. Top House Points 2017-18

    Winter break is over! Now it's time for Spring Term! Let's see who topped the list of Slytherin's Top Point Earners of February! 10. Darcey Goode - 25 points 9. Draco Riddle - 50 points 8. Nadia Scamander - 59 points 7. Liona Cho - 60 points Prof. Cody Lewis - 80 points 6. Bull J. Johnson - 85 points Prof. Amy Lupin - 100 points 5. Emma Borg - 110 points 4. February Fortescue - 118 points 3. Arianna Stonewater - 130 points 2. Aurelia West - 145 points Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 190 points And reclaiming his spot at the top (or bottom) of the list is Will Lestrange with 250 points! Great job, Will! Good work, everyone... but not nearly good enough! We still have lots of work to do if we want to contend for the House Cup at the end of the year. Let's go, Slytherin!
  11. Slytherin Study Hall

    When: 6-8 PM HOL time Where: #slytherin
  12. Slytherin Study Hall

    Our first Slytherin Study Hall will take place this Saturday, February 24th from 6 PM to 8 PM HOL time. See you there!
  13. Slytherin Study Hall

    We're currently in 2nd place for the House Cup, but as Slytherins we should have our sights set on no less than first! It's time to buckle down, get our homework done, and earn those points! For a bit of extra motivation, during the last weekend of each month, we will be hosting Slytherin Study Hall in the #slytherin IRC channel. Feel free to drop by, say hello to your fellow snakes, and see if you can get some homework done. Done with all your homework already? Work on anything else HOL-related, or just hang out and get to know your housemates! Slytherin professors and student teachers will be hanging around as well, so feel free to ask any questions you might have. You can ask for help or bounce ideas off of each other, but remember any work you submit must be your own! Plagiarism is not tolerated on HOL!
  14. Double Letters

  15. 1-10,000