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  1. Katelin Ross


    Move to Prana Attack
  2. Katelin Ross

    Gehenna Quest

    This is the K8lin in 8-bit form. She is basically my in game go to person. She does everything I tell her to do (i.e., moving into and through worlds). She can do anything that I am able to do (that I have access to). She is very sneaky, as no one expects a typical 8-bit to have all the powers!
  3. Katelin Ross

    Ruhanga Quest

    1. Cyndi Lauper- Girls Just Want To Have Fun 2. Survivor- Eye Of The Tiger 3. Journey- Don't Stop Believin' 4. Rick Springfield- Jessie's Girl 5. Tina Turner- What's Love Got To Do With It
  4. Katelin Ross

    Coloring Page #2

  5. Katelin Ross

    Discussion #6

    I had many favorites, and on the flipside, also many dislikes. In general I preferred assignments with one answer over one with multiple options. I also enjoyed certain projects more than others. I was not a big fan of the games, as I found it difficult to get the required number of points needed. I HULK SMASHED several of the tasks, and I am continuing to HULK SMASH some of those same ones, as I continue to work on an answer that is correct. I also enjoyed the OASIS theme of it all. I recently re-watched RPO, and I made several connections to this activity during the movie!
  6. Katelin Ross

    Deluvia Quest

    I wanted to make the invention similar to the original creation in the Delorian, so as to not confuse anyone (also so that it is easily used). It was created using cardboard, string, gears, and some leftover screens from other jobs to look like the buttons in the original Delorian. It is a manual version, and the string moves the gears which in turn changes the date and times on the wanted location. It can be time consuming, but it will work even if the car breaks down.
  7. Katelin Ross

    Coloring Page #5

  8. Katelin Ross

    Coloring Page #4

  9. Katelin Ross

    Discussion #5

    I agree with all of Sh1Sh1's recommendations. I could so see myself wearing leg warmers had I been older when that trend was popular. I do not much care for the 80s hair styles in general. I think it is important to have some of the 80s hairstyles as part of the movie. I would like to see some of the perms, big hair styles, and scrunchies with ponytails styles. Mullets DO NOT need to make a comeback! They can stay in the 80s vault forever! In addition to leg warmers, I would love to see the neon color clothes that were popular in the 80s make a comeback. I would totally see myself wearing those items today if they were still in. Lets not forget fanny packs! Those were AWESOME!!! Now that my brain has images of 80s clothes and 80s styles, I wonder what will end up in the new Wonder Woman movie? It will be interesting to see kids reactions to them when they see them. Yes, children, that was the style, and it was THE THING!
  10. Katelin Ross

    Coloring Page #3

  11. Katelin Ross

    Emerald Gate II

    While thinking about this question, I realized that most of my favorite movies are movies that come out of the 1980s! From the Finagle's Rest Quest, my favorites from there are ET and The Goonies. Other 1980s favorites not in the Quest include: Die Hard (Yes, IT IS a Christmas Movie), Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986), Ghostbusters (1984), and Back to the Future (1985). Interestingly, one of GhostWalker's favorite I CAN'T STAND, which is Princess Bride. I guess it is one of those that either people like or don't like, and I do not like it!
  12. Katelin Ross

    Irikis Quest

  13. Katelin Ross

    Discussion #4

    When thinking about 80s movies that have reboots today, I also think about 80s movies that have sequels today. One of the movies that falls into this category is Die Hard. My family and I enjoy watching this movie during the Christmas season, as yes it is a Christmas movie. Snape is in it too. He plays a good looking bad boy! I enjoy the sequels too, but the original Die Hard is still one of my favorites. I also enjoyed the remake of the Annie movie. I think they did a good job of bringing it into current day society. Even though the original Annie will always have a part in my all time favorite movie category, the 2014 version also requires a noteworthy mention.
  14. Katelin Ross

    Novus Quest

    The herb I was asked to collect is called the Rosevein herb. It is called the Rosevein herb because of its features. It has four veins protruding from its base, and multiple buds surrounding it. The buds that surround it look like rosebuds. It also blends in with muggle plants, so if one needs to gather this herb in a muggle community outside of the Oasis, we will not stand out. Its main property is a healing property. It can mend any wound that was afflicted in battle. It will not mend illnesses or injuries caused by common household accidents.
  15. Katelin Ross

    Discussion #3

    My vehicle is a Yamaha scooter. ' It can easily move around larger objects and can quickly get out of a tight spot. It fits in with its surroundings, so others do not know I am going for the keys/Easter Egg too.