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  1. As part of their Muggle Studies class, 5 Hogwarts students were asked to spend their summer on a muggle farm, raising animals to show at the county fair! In class, each student gave a presentation in a different month (September through January) about the animal they raised. Determine the student, the month they gave their presentation, the animal species they raised, and their animal's name! 1. Will's presentation was 1 month before the one about Biscuit. The presentation in December is either about Tulip or Clover. 2. The presentation about the chicken was 1 month before the goat. Cody's farm animal isn't named Pumpkin. One animal is named Honey. 3. Of the sheep and the animal named Pumpkin, one was presented in January and the other was presented in December. Arielle's animal isn't the pig. 4. Clover was in a presentation 1 month after the chicken. Neither the cow nor Will's animal is named Pumpkin. 5. Tarma presented in class 1 month before Will. Arielle's presentation wasn't in December. One student is Cosmo. Send me your answer in a Dungeon PM titled: Puzzle - Muggle Studies Solved by: Prof. Arielle Lemoyne 5 scales (March 2020) Prof. Jenny Lupin 5 scales (March 2020) Katelin Ross 5 scales (March 2020) Emma Borg 5 scales (March 2020) Will Lestrange 5 scales (March 2020) Prof. Tarma Amelia Black 5 scales (March 2020) Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis 5 scales (March 2020)
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