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    Coloring Page #5

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    Coloring Page #4

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    Discussion #5

    I agree with all of Sh1Sh1's recommendations. I could so see myself wearing leg warmers had I been older when that trend was popular. I do not much care for the 80s hair styles in general. I think it is important to have some of the 80s hairstyles as part of the movie. I would like to see some of the perms, big hair styles, and scrunchies with ponytails styles. Mullets DO NOT need to make a comeback! They can stay in the 80s vault forever! In addition to leg warmers, I would love to see the neon color clothes that were popular in the 80s make a comeback. I would totally see myself wearing those items today if they were still in. Lets not forget fanny packs! Those were AWESOME!!! Now that my brain has images of 80s clothes and 80s styles, I wonder what will end up in the new Wonder Woman movie? It will be interesting to see kids reactions to them when they see them. Yes, children, that was the style, and it was THE THING!
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    Coloring Page #3

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    Discussion #4

    When thinking about 80s movies that have reboots today, I also think about 80s movies that have sequels today. One of the movies that falls into this category is Die Hard. My family and I enjoy watching this movie during the Christmas season, as yes it is a Christmas movie. Snape is in it too. He plays a good looking bad boy! I enjoy the sequels too, but the original Die Hard is still one of my favorites. I also enjoyed the remake of the Annie movie. I think they did a good job of bringing it into current day society. Even though the original Annie will always have a part in my all time favorite movie category, the 2014 version also requires a noteworthy mention.
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    We now have...

    Congrats Amy!!!
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    Discussion #3

    My vehicle is a Yamaha scooter. ' It can easily move around larger objects and can quickly get out of a tight spot. It fits in with its surroundings, so others do not know I am going for the keys/Easter Egg too.
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    Coloring Page #1

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    Discussion #2

    I agree with most everyone in here in that Tetris is one of my favorite arcade games. Sh1Sh1 I LOVVE that you play Neopets too, I thought I was the only adult that ever played that game lol. I also enjoy some versions of PacMan (although the one I've been trying to get the strawberries for has eluded me). I also remember playing this one arcade game (although I do not remember the name of it) at a hotel (somehow the game was broken to the point where you could play unlimited games without having to put money in), and you had to keep the ball from going into the hole for as long as possible. Arcade games are frustrating, yet challenging in a good way too.
  13. Katelin Ross

    Discussion #1

    I have read the book and seen the movie. The book was amazing, and it is currently standing in my top ten of favorite books ever! When I first started reading it, I was skeptical. I am not one who usually likes video game type books, but I do like alternate reality/dystrophic type novels. This book fit right into my love of dystrophic novels, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys these types of novels. As for the movie rendition, I was also skeptical going into see it, because I have seen some wonderful movie adaptations and I have seen some not so good movie adaptations. Without spoiling either the book for the movie, I was quite pleased with how they turned the book into a movie. There were some scenes that were left out of the movie that I would have liked to see, but overall, they did a marvelous job keeping the story line moving. The movie is also highly recommended, but definitely read the book first!
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    Here is my Avatar and Signature (hopefully they both work). Edit: Added another/my new Contact Card
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    Gunter Sign-up

    Oasis Name: K8lin Avatar: Hulk (HULK SMASH) Imagine this... the hulk powering up within the Oasis, that my avatar Gunter Clan: Green Contact: hol . katelin . ross@gmail.com (no spaces)