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  1. Who picked The Breakfast Club for film night? I NEED to hug them!

  2. Ice (thought someone should answer it) Love Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley?
  3. It would be a pair of newbies who get rid of our own Quiddtich captain, nice work guys -.- I don't actually have a plus so I guess it's down to random selection Slughorn +1 Kreacher -1 Alastor Moody - 12 Alecto Carrow - 9 Amycus Carrow - 10 Antonin Dolohov - 10 Doris Crockford - 9 Fenrir Greyback - 10 Galatea Merrythought - 10 Hepzibah Smith - 2 Horace Slughorn - 13 Jim McGuffin - 10 Susan Bones - 7 Terry Boot - 10 Griphook - 10 Ragnuk - 10 Dobby - 3 Hokey - 9 Hooky - 10 Kreacher - 37 Winky - 9
  4. yay! Comment #1! Have a cookie!

  5. laptop, the madness is portable! Oliver Wood or Marcus Flint?
  6. Name: Evangeline Force Age: 11 Year: 1st Wand: Willow and Unicorn hair Pet: No pets Physical Description: Evangeline is relatively small and slim with poker straight blonde hair that hangs about half way down her back and a pale complexion. She has a heart shaped face, clear blue eyes and a button nose. Brief Personal History: Evangeline was born to Michael and Patrice Force of a long and pure blood line. With no siblings and a long line of nannies Evangeline feels fairly estranged at her family seat in the South West and would prefer to spend her holidays at school surrounded by friends. Temperament: Evangeline is open and friendly but sometimes appears shallow to those who don't know her well. To those whom she dislikes heavy sarcasm is directed though Evangeline tends to enjoy a verbal challenge with just about anyone. Classes Currently Enrolled in: Fantastic Beasts, Vampires in the Media, Potions for Beginners, Wizarding Society and Culture Best Magical Talent: Care of Magical Creatures, Fantastic Beasts etc. Worst Magical Talent: Anything to do with Muggle Studies, she has nothing strongly against them but does not wish to know more than she has to. Best Non-Magical Talent: Intended for an eventual life as a trophy wife Evangeline has been coached in dancing, cooking, piano and French (her mother thinks it's a 'pretty' language). She is also a skilled fencer and capable flyer. Worst Non-Magical Talent: Confronting issues. Evie tends to change the subject or become suddenly distracted when deeply personal conversations are had. Special Possessions: Most people would assume shoes but what she values most is a small silver snake charm, the only thing her father bought her personally rather than through an assistant. Greatest Fear: Abandonment or being used for shallow purposes. Future goals: To successfully juggle a circle of friends and high grades throughout the year.
  7. Marcus Flint + Susan Bones - Alastor Moody - 11 Alecto Carrow - 9 Amycus Carrow - 10 Antonin Dolohov - 10 Doris Crockford - 10 Fenrir Greyback - 9 Galatea Merrythought - 10 Hepzibah Smith - 9 Horace Slughorn - 12 Jim McGuffin - 10 Marcus Flint - 17 Susan Bones - 7 Terry Boot - 10 Griphook - 10 Ragnuk - 10 Dobby - 3 Hokey - 10 Hooky - 10 Kreacher - 14 Winky - 9
  8. Cedric Diggory, I like to hug my men without fear of frostbite Heels or flats?
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