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  1. Nope.. just a Rayne coming out of the woodwork after a long hibernation. I'll go with... Emily?
  2. *covers face with hands* Noooo >.> xD <3 Aly?
  3. Nope! Sorry. I decided to pop back into the mix. How about.. Darcey?
  4. Nope! A lot of people earlier thought I would pop up though. How about.. Amy?
  5. Arianna didn't guess someone.. but that's okay. I want to say Cody but I'll go with his better half and say Scarlet instead.
  6. *covers eyes* Noooo... okay yes. xD How about Alice?
  7. Sorry to burst your bubble Cody but you were wrong. xD I'll go with Miss Aly.
  8. "He was probably the bravest man I ever knew." RIP Alan.

  9. Not sure how Tarma jumped from 4899 to 5000 >.> Sooo this is actually 4902!
  10. Dear Journal, As mentioned in my very first entry, I’m terrible at writing notes about my days or rehashing passed memories. Of course I didn’t mean to lose the one thing given to my favorite cousin, Rosemarie. Looking back through my first year in Hogwarts all those years ago, I’m amazed at how things have changed. I only wish my parents allowed me to stay here rather than shipping me off to Beauxbatons for those few years. I suppose all I can do now is work my way back into things. Thankfully the fall term is coming to an end and after a refreshing holiday with the family vacationing in France, I’m ready for the Spring. Perhaps I will hold onto this journal throughout the day in attempt to write more. Only time can tell. Ray Scales awarded ~Max
  11. Darn! You were right. How about.. Amy?
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