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  2. Have I mentioned how much I hate this game? Except I'm highly competitive, so I need to get at least to level two. >_<
  3. Chocolate Frogs - Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans + Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans 7Chocolate Frogs 7Drooble's Best Blowing Bubble Gum 9Peppermint Toads 8Cauldron Cakes 10Sherbet Lemon 8
  4. I trip you, and as you flail to regain your balance the cookie slips from your fingers and into my waiting hands. Now, it's my cookie.
  5. 8/10? I love it, but I'm not quite sure I get it. I know it's planets...but that's all I get rofl.
  6. Getting photos from windows is a bit tricky in my house, since all the windows have things in front of them, but these are the best photos I could get, ha. I couldn't tell if the back yard or front yard view was better.
  7. As a Ravenclaw, I generally hate being dishonest to get what I want; I would prefer to use my brain to think of a way to logically trick the Dursley's into getting what I want. Technically, tricking the Dursley's into doing what I want is being 'dishonest', but it's not harmful so there's really no harm in being dishonest sometimes -- that would be the Slytherin in me. When it comes down to it, I would go through Uncle Vernon's things when he wasn't around, probably in the middle of the night, until I found some thick paperwork that he needed to sign for. Taking a hint from the Muggle television show, The Office, I would hide my form near the end of the stack of paperwork - using Muggle crafts to change the appearance of my form so it looked similar to the rest of the papers in the stack. This way, hopefully, Uncle Vernon would get so tired of signing so many papers that towards the end he would just sign anything that he saw needed his signature. Then I would collect the form before he went to work the next morning, and I would be all set. If that failed, I would appeal to Aunt Petunia. I would entice her by offering to buy sweets and toys for Dudley while buying whatever she might want for herself as well such as possibly something from Gladrags, enticing her further by saying they have name brand shops in both London and Paris. If that also didn't work (I would think it might, though, as she would do anything for Dudley), then I would just flat out steal something from Uncle Vernon with his signature and copy his signature until I have it down flat. Then I would use one of his pens and forge his signature myself.
  8. Well, looking at this from the viewpoint of a recently graduated university student, I would use about 400 galleons to pay off my student debts. Then, I would deposit 200 galleons into my savings account so that it will acrue interest, and I can try to save some money in the future. With the final 100 galleons, I would devise a money-saving way to travel to both Egypt and France to explore. It has always been my dream to travel to Egypt and explore the historical sites, and I would love to return to France and spend a little more time in Paris, Nice, Versailles, and Marseille. If I had to choose just one, though, I would probably choose to travel to Egypt as it is the one place that I have never been to.
  9. I slap Kailey for slapping Prof. Dario.
  10. Yawning again, Elena raised her hand to cover her mouth before closing her eyes for a moment. Resting her hands on her arms, she allowed herself to drift off into a light sleep before the sound of someone else taking a seat at the table woke her. Lifting her head to see who it was, she raised a brow seeing a Gryffindor sitting at the Ravenclaw table. Quickly shrugging it off, she sat up with a soft smile towards the other student. So the houses generally didn't sit together, but why shouldn't they socialize when hardly any students were here. Nodding when the other student spoke to her, her smile broadened a little. "Yeah. You're Macyn, right?" she asked praying to the gods that she had remembered this girls' name correctly. "You're a Gryff, right?" she asked with a smile as she scooted down the bench a little so they didn't have to shout down the table or anything.
  11. Sighing softly as she made her way down the spiral staircase that lead from the entrance to the Ravenclaw Common Room, Elena stepped into the cool corridor of the fifth floor and made her way towards the marble staircases. Making her way down to the Entrance Hall, she silently thought about the letter she had received a few days ago. Just days earlier, she had been prepared to go back to Greece, to the house her brothers had bought a few years ago as a winter house. She was actually a little surprised that her brothers had bought a house since they really didn't like staying in the same house but she just assumed that it was their way of keeping their family together. A few days earlier, she had received a letter saying that they wouldn't be able to meet at the house this Christmas vacation because they both were busy with their jobs but they would still be sending gifts and such. Reaching the Entrance Hall, she moved through the large double doors into the Great Hall and momentarily paused in her steps to take in the scenery; even after being at the school for three years, the sight of the Great Hall during holidays still seemed to stun her. Walking into the room, she spotted her younger brother seated at the Hufflepuff table, but he seemed to be only the second student from the entire house to be there. Glancing around, she noticed not many students had actually stuck around for Christmas but she couldn't really blame them. Passing the Slytherin table, she moved to the next table and walked a little ways down the row. Taking her seat next to one of the other students from Ravenclaw, she continued to let her eyes wander around the hall as she waited for anyone else to show up. Silently, she wondered if the professors were going to put all the students at one larger table instead of four gigantic - almost empty - tables.
  12. Can it be found in Diagon Alley?
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