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  1. Basssil! You are ssssso welcome! *smiling cause Basil is cool*
  2. Hi Dexter! Thanks for the welcome! Waves wand for some frog cookies for Basil There we go, yummy treats for a sweet Basil. Offers the cookies to Basil. Who says it's chilly down here? It's quite a warm place here. Besides, Basil needs to stay warm in the day.
  3. No worries, this Badger will never eat snakes. I have a pet pygmy dragon (aka a bearded dragon in RL) so I love reptiles. And Diva (my dragon) is my girl. What kind of yummy treats does Basil like? Any fruit or bugs? I'm Pezzie Wolfe. I'm a long term fourth year it seems. My RL health issues keep me from completing things. But I will not give up. I hail of course from Hufflepuff. I have been around HOL since 2003. Going to 16 years. Best years ever! And always. I hope Slytherins are well as with everyone else.
  4. Who can change my group setting from Gryffindor to Hufflepuff here? :D

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