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The Slytherin Dungeons

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  1. Use the clues to work on the cryptogram. Or use the cryptogram to work on the clues. The solution is from one of the Harry Potter books. Individual words are separated by black squares. Some words may be cut off and continue on the next line. No punctuation is included in the puzzle.

    Please send me the solution AND the answers to each of the clues in a PM. If everything is correct, you will receive 10 scales.



  2. The competitive volleyball game ended with a play with a spectacular dive and all the participants were now craving refreshments. “Try the dip, Professor! It’s delicious!” Scarlet gladly took the suggestion and also helped herself to a taco with fresh mango salsa.


    She headed back poolside to watch people flip off the diving board, each one more daring than the last. A splash of water hit Scarlet unexpectedly on her back. She whirled around to see Cody still wrestling the Giant Squid. Grinning, Scarlet pulled out her wand and pointed it at the squid, “Tarantallegra!”


    As the sun began to sink below the horizon, the party moved to the dance floor. While watching all the students and visitors adjust to the tempo of each song, Scarlet turned to Cody and asked, “Do we have enough events planned for this year? A pool party in the Dungeons will be tough to beat!”

  3. Scarlet emerged from her plunge into the depths of the dungeons and thought, "That's one way to make a splash in Slytherin!" She carefully waded her way through the maze of random make-shift floating devices - rafts, barrels, chairs - and took a good look around. A giant hamster ball bumped into her left arm. It appeared that Aly finally abandoned it and was in line for another chance to jump off the diving board. Scarlet rounded up the hamster ball as well as a mass of other objects and levitated them out of the water. She scanned the dungeons for somewhere to put them and saw students settling on the beach provided by Prof. Amy Lupin. Max was about halfway done with his impressive sand snake sculpture.

    Out of the corner of her eye, Scarlet spotted a girl with a volleyball. She could not remember if her name was Rosemarie or Rayne or something else with a R. She really needed to learn all these names soon. "Hey, you!" won't cut it soon, but she knew she had a year to learn them all. For now, Scarlet decided she would enjoy the party. She passed along food and refreshment requests to a house-elf and searched for her co-Head of House. Prof. Cody Lewis was still stuck to the giant squid. Scarlet giggled and shook her head at the sight. She headed to the beach to see if anyone wanted to start a game of volleyball.

    5 scales awarded

  4. Navigate your way through the Pool Party in the Dungeons! The numbers tell you the number of people standing in a group. Each group will contain one number. You find that there is a continuous stream of water between the groups (all blue squares are touching). Despite the Pool Party, the water does not pool anywhere (no 2x2 areas of blue). Here is a walk-through for solving nurikabe puzzles. Here is an example.


    Upload your completed map of the Dungeons to a photo sharing site and PM me the link to earn 10 scales.

  5. The Dungeons are filling up quickly with water, but you have just enough time to rescue ONE item from the flood. What would you save and why? Share your most prized possession and earn 5 scales!

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