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  1. I've always loved being in the water and trips to the nearby lake were a summer treat. However, the summer before I turned 7, a new policy was put in place. Everyone who wanted to go into the water had to pass a swimming test, which included a dive. One of my greatest fears is diving headfirst into water! As I stood in line to take the test, I tried not to think about the dive. I was able to tread water and swim 10 short laps easily. I was trembling - not from the cold - when I climbed up the rock to perform the dive. After what felt like eternity, I closed my eyes and jumped and hoped for the best. I felt the water hit my nose first. Strange... But I passed! My friends later told me that I had somehow turned myself into a dolphin for a few seconds!
  2. McGonagall is definitely clever enough to pull that off, February. I would be so honored to have my letter hand- (or paw-) delivered by McGonagall. I think I would do something closer to Leonie's idea, but try to use other Muggle means of communication. The contents of the letter can be read as an advertisement on the radio or stream across the television. I don't think Dudley would pay too much attention to commericials that are just words, but Harry might see it!
  3. I'd finished reading a thrilling novel and was crawling into bed for the night when I heard a faint bang outside. It was late and I thought I probably imagined it, so I made myself comfortable. A few minutes later, there was louder bang. And another. I make my way to the window and pull the curtains aside gently. There are fireworks! At midnight? A familiar grey owl appears. I open the window and the owl settled on my right shoulder. I walk into the kitchen to fetch it some water and remove the piece of parchment from its leg. My father's handwriting says: "You-know-who is gone!" If the note wasn't from my father, I would not have believed it. Stunned, I decide to head outside to get a better view of the fireworks. I would still have to sleep on news this big before it fully hits me, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy some of the celebration in the meantime!
  4. I think Hagrid should've turned Dudley into a baby killer whale! One, because I love killer whales! Two, they were surrounded by water, so the killer whale wouldn't have been stuck or anything. Three, in a future book, Rowling describes Dudley as a "young killer whale" and she drops many foreshadowing elements in the series so early on.
  5. I love the witch's hat on the pumpkin! The orange looks great. Happy Slyth-o-ween!
  6. Halfway through October! Don't forget to send in your work!

  7. SerpenTimes deadline is tomorrow!

    1. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      Argh! I totally need to write stuff!


    2. Bianca Delacroix

      Bianca Delacroix

      I'm probably going to run out of time to do it but I really really want to!

  8. Time flies when your house is in the lead! Well, I'm sure time flies no matter what, but seeing the hour glass so full of emeralds when I pass through the Entrance Hall is always a nice sight. Quidditch Olympics are more than halfway over now. I was really happy to see that Cascade was so well received by the Quidditch community. It was so exciting to see multiple people playing it at once. Shuntbumps is one of my favorite games, so I hope to make it to a match this week. I'm a little nervous for Quidditch season. I won't be playing this first half, but there are still quite a few unresolved issues. I hope they work out and it makes Quidditch more fun for everyone. HOL Life has been so fun so far! It has been interesting starting back at the beginning of the Hogwarts journey. We're enjoying brainstorming for graphic and writing tasks. Cody and I even got to bet on a Quidditch match and won! <Ace> let's go all in! <Scarlet> okay! <Scarlet> flitterblooms! <Ace> want me to send it in? <Ace> 18 on flitterblooms? <Scarlet> yeah! <Ace> Final Score: <Ace> Mandrakes: 190 <Ace> Flitterblooms: 240 <Ace> YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH <Scarlet> yaaaaaaaay flitterblooms!!! Can't wait to see how the rest of the activity goes! Scales awarded ~Max
  9. I guess no one else wanted to post Arianna?
  10. We have over 1000 House Points! Keep them coming!

    1. Bianca Delacroix

      Bianca Delacroix

      finished all my immediately due homework besides knitting! No house points awarded yet but soooooon!!

  11. We're halfway through September! Get your homework done!

    1. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      Eek I haven't done any yet! I'm such a bad student, sorry Professor!

  12. Wow, we're already two weeks into term. It has gone much faster than I would've anticipated. Redecorating the Dungeons did take up quite a bit of time. It looks amazing though, despite the lack of blue. I'm excited about this year. We have many promising first years and great returning students. I'm happy with the classes I have chosen to take and I've even sent in all my September work. Yeah... some habits are hard to break. I can't wait to see the work that students send in for my classes. And I guess this gives me more time to brainstorm things to write for SerpenTimes! One question that I don't like answering is "Why did you leave Ravenclaw?" I think the better question to ask is "Why did you come to Slytherin?" The only problem with that is... I don't know if I actually have a good enough answer to that... yet. Scales awarded ~Max
  13. Club Name: SerpenTimes Club Description: Slytherin house newspaper Sponsor: Prof. Cody Lewis Signatures: Maxwell Shadow Prof. Amy Lupin Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
  14. Don't forget to make your HOL Trading Card and share your Getting into Harry Potter story!

  15. SerpenTimes needs your submissions! Write articles, make advertisements, report about Quidditch matches, conduct interviews, rant about a book/movie, share recipes, and anything else you can think up! All ideas must be approved. They can be posted here or sent to serpentimes.hol@gmail.com. Points Breakdown A maximum of 50 points can be earned per issue from submissions. Articles: 5-15 points each (max 30 points) Graphics: 5-10 points each (max 20 points) Puzzles: 5-10 points each (max 20 points) SerpenTimes Exclusives A maximum of 40 points can be earned per issue from exclusives. These are separate from submission points. Magic Moments (max 20 points) Share up to two images that represent the given theme. Each moment must be accompanied with a brief description (max 50 words). The written description can be included with the picture or submitted separately. Moments are worth 10 points each. Grab Bag Writing Challenge (max 15 points) Write a story at least 250 words in length that includes the words in the list provided. Earn 1 point for each word utilized in the story. Any form of the words (change the tense, make them plural, etc.) can be used. SerpenTimes Superlatives (max 5 points) Choose fellow HOL'ers for superlatives each issue. People from any house can be named and more than one person can be nominated for each superlative. Provide a reason (at least 1 full sentence) for the nominations. Theme: Discovery Deadline: 15th October SerpenTimes Points Spreadsheet (The theme is simply a springboard for ideas. Submissions are not required to fit the theme for each issue.) OOH! You have discovered a (V)ALER(I)AN ROOT Send all submissions to serpentimes.hol@gmail.com. Remember to include your HOL name and house.
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