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  1. Sectumsempra + Avada Kedavra - Avada Kedavra 4 Crucio 18 Sectumsempra 26
  2. Diseases such as yellow fever and mosquito-borne encephalitis had spread through both camps, incapacitating five times as many soldiers as actual combat.
  3. Inkstone I learned Chinese calligraphy when I was younger and was taught the proper to make the ink by rubbing the inkstone in water. However, we usually used the already prepared liquid ink in class. That was fine by me because I thought the inkstone was too pretty to use!
  4. Flip-flops They are my preferred type of footwear in the summer.
  5. Mm... I don't mind either way. I'd really like the heat wave to be over... And can't wait for indoor volleyball to start up again! TWBM has seen the new Lion King movie.
  6. Strawberries Sneakers or sandals?
  7. For completeness: Xanos Xanos is a leader in arguably my favorite game, Mystic Vale. However, I'm that that great at using her. and Ziti My brother makes delicious baked ziti! Next person gets A!
  8. Violet Have you noticed that most people say "My favorite color is purple," not "My favorite color is violet"?
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