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  1. Five Chapter Titles

    I figured that I should do another Friday Five that is related to Harry Potter, so here are five chapter titles that I like!

    The Rogue Bludger - I learned chapter titles pretty late in my Quidditch career, but this is one that I usually remember. I guess it's just hard to forget a Bludger that seems to have a mind of its own.

    Priori Incantatem - I loved the imagery of the Priori Incantatem effect with the wands connecting, the phoenix song, and the formation of the web.

    The Eye of the Snake - For some reason, this chapter title is easy for me to remember. Maybe because my mom is deathly afraid of snakes.

    Hermione's Helping Hand - It was really fun to see a different side of Hermione in this chapter!

    The Forest Again - Back in the day, Edmund Smethwyck would always respond to every chapter question with "The Forest Again."

    5 scales awarded

  2. Five Dice Games that I Enjoy

    I follow quite a few avid board gamers on Instagram. A challenge that some of them are completing at the moment is "X dice games that I love in X days." Here are five of my favorite board games that use dice.

    Settlers of Catan - The resources that are available are determined by dice rolls, which obviously influence the flow of the game. "Why is no one rolling 6's?!"

    Dice Forge - Maybe it's a major blessing or maybe it's a minor blessing, but the ability to upgrade dice faces in Dice Forge is a fun mechanism.

    Roll Player - You want higher numbers to fulfill the attributes of your character, but the lower values tend to allow you to buy from the market first. Decisions, decisions...

    The Castles of Burgundy - I really like that the actions you can complete are entirely dependent on the values that you roll. Everything from placement of tiles to selling goods must match the number on your die face.

    Sagrada - As you might expect for a game about stained-glass windows, this game is gorgeous! It does hurt your head a little as you try to maximize all your points.

    Honorable Mention:
    Unearth - I'm not as good at taking risks as I should be for this game, but it's really cool that different types of dice (4-sided and 8-sided) are used in addition the usual 6-sided.

    5 scales awarded

  3. Scales are valid only within Slytherin. Awards are given to the top three Slytherin (as well as the highest non-Slytherin) scale earners at the end of each term. The top ten Slytherin scale earners at the end of the year will also receive an award for their dedication.

    There are many ways to earn scales, including:

    • Being one of the top ten house points earners for Slytherin of each month
    • Completing the tasks in the Monthly Scales Challenge
    • Participating in Harry Potter Read-Along and other Slytherin activities
    • Writing journal entries
    • Contributing to Puzzle Exchange or playing a game in Arcade Club

    Check HERE to see how you are doing in the Scales Race!

    The spreadsheet is generally updated monthly. Please send me a message if you have any questions about your scales.

  4. Bellatrix seems to always be looking for a fight. She's aggressive and very competitive. She definitely doesn't like that Voldemort trusts Snape and how highly the Dark Lord regards Snape in general. As we saw in the last book, Snape has a history of being bullied, so he obviously wouldn't like how Bellatrix treats him.

    Narcissa, on the other hand, is, technically, the mother of one of Snape's students. It is important for him to treat her with respect.

    Snape was probably closer to his mother growing up, since she was the magical side of his family. He might have a soft spot for anyone who is a mother.

  5. Like the rest of the Marauders, Wormtail was in the Order of the Phoenix the first time Voldemort rose to power. It's very possible that Wormtail might have information about the Order that Snape does not. Snape likely wasn't an Order member until he overheard the prophecy and realized it was about Lily. Wormtail could also serve as an extra set of eyes and ears on missions since he can transform into a rat.

    But, as everyone else has noted, Voldemort usually has an ulterior motive for everything he does. I can see Voldemort wanting to be rid of Wormtail. Assigning Wormtail to assist Snape is also a good way for Voldemort to have someone keep an eye on Snape for him.

  6. Five Musicals that I've Seen in the Past Five Years

    There's always something magical about seeing a show live. I love seeing how the pieces of the set and lighting work together, the quick costume changes on stage, and the dance choreography. Of course, for musicals, the music is one of the highlights. 

    Wicked - This happened to coincide with the first Emerald Cup, which was Oz-themed. It was part of the Dallas Summer Musicals lineup.

    The Book of Mormon - I am able to get Cody to agree to one NYC trip a year for my birthday. Last year, we saw The Book of Mormon, which was really funny. 

    Beauty and the Beast - When I saw that the musical version of my favorite Disney story would be performed at a local theatre, I had to get tickets! Mrs. Potts was played by the wife of my high school biology teacher, who has been the director of my high school's spring musical for as long as I can remember.

    The Lion King - Occasionally, I enter the daily Broadway lotteries, but sometimes I forget which days I'm actually available and haven't ended up going to any that I won. That changed last February when I won two tickets to The Lion King and took my mom with me.

    Frozen - Last night, for my annual birthday/NYC trip, Cody and I saw Frozen. We had to walk about 10 blocks in light rain, but it was a fun night and a great show.

    Looking closer at this list, four of these shows were actually within the past year, but five musicals in the past five years sounds better, doesn't it? Don't forget... If you have any potential topics for a "Friday Five," send me a message!

    5 scales awarded

  7. *dusts off journal*

    In an effort to try to journal regularly this year, I've decided to start "Friday Five." If you have any ideas for topics, please send them my way! They don't have to be related to HOL/Harry Potter.

    Five HOL Classes That I Recommend

    As you probably know, choosing which classes to take in a term is difficult. If you are new to HOL, introductory classes and canon classes are good choices. I have taken the full load of five classes for as long as I can remember, but I have only decided on three so far. We'll see if I add to that! Here are five classes currently on the list that I have taken before:

    Astrology and Harry Potter - This class is back in the hands of its creator. The lessons are incredibly well-written and I love how it is organized by element rather than chronologically by sign. Even if you know nothing about astrology, February links everything to the Harry Potter universe so that the information is easier to understand.

    Braille: The Basics - I've always liked taking language classes, even if I don't retain much of the language. It was a lot of fun to find objects to use to write Braille. There is also so much history surrounding Braille, which I thoroughly enjoyed delving into. 

    Magic in Famous Mysteries - Did you know some of the greatest mysteries in the Muggle world can be explained simply with magic? This class does a great job of introducing and discussing the mysteries in Muggle terms, including mysteries that I was not familiar with, and giving plausible Wizarding explanations. 

    Occlumency - Occlumency is difficult to learn and even harder to master. In today's world, though, sometimes privacy is needed. This class explores the challenges of Occlumency and the willpower needed to be successful at performing the obscure magic. 

    The Unforgivable Curses - I loved learning about the origin of each of the Unforgivable Curses. Unfortunately, people tend to abuse things, even spells originally created to do good. This class provided a new perspective of the curses that we have all learned to fear.

    5 scales awarded

  8. As many others before have mentioned, using the Muggle Prime Minister's point of view to open Half-Blood Prince helps illustrate just how dangerous Voldemort has begun. It is harder and harder to hide the events in the Wizarding world and there are negative effects on the Muggle world. It is nice to know that they at least keep the Muggle world leaders informed.

    This was also a clever way for J.K. Rowling to recap important events from the previous books. I've always found it tedious to read the recaps in book series, but putting in the perspective of the Prime Minister made it more interesting and quite amusing!

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