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  1. For the final time for the 2018-2019 school year, here are Slytherin's Top Point Earners of June!

    10. Serafina Moone - 313 points

    9. Romilda Jones - 314 points

    8. Draco Riddle - 320 points

    7. Emma Borg - 355 points

    6. Daisy Lafferty - 361 points

    5. Mortiana Blaque - 426 points

    4. Dexter York - 567 points

    3. Ravena Sparrow - 625 points

    Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 964 points

    2. Will Lestrange - 1,465 points

    And in first place this month we have Arianna Stonewater with 1,946 points! Excellent work this year, snakes! Take a couple months to relax and recharge!

  2. After five weeks of intense battling, the Villains were able to overtake the Heroes and gain control of the Emerald Cup by a mere 4 emerald shards!

    Many thanks to everyone who assisted with the repair of our Emerald Cup:

    Prof. Tarma Amelia Black --- 280
    Will Lestrange --- 230
    Iverian Gnash --- 130
    Prof. Amy Lupin --- 128
    Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis --- 125
    Adaleine Shuster --- 110
    Arianna Stonewater --- 105
    Kendra Givens --- 70
    Romilda Jones --- 62
    Bull J. Johnson --- 45
    Cody Lewis --- 30
    Dexter York --- 30
    Sky Alton --- 30
    Astor Arensin --- 25


    Adaleine Shuster will receive 1000 beans for getting the most BINGOs! Well done!


    Prof. Amy Lupin found the shortest path for the Wiki Race, using 20 steps to get from Ursula to Rey.

    Ursula ---> Carol Danvers


    Carol Danvers ---> Excalibur


    Excalibur ---> Baymax


    Baymax ---> Joker


    Joker ---> Rey


    Interestingly, when I picked the pages, I thought Joker ---> Rey would be the fastest if you knew Mark Hamill voiced Joker and played Luke Skywalker.

    It turns out that Baymax ---> Joker was the quickest:


  3. Final IRC activity of this year's Emerald Cup is now complete!

    1st - Will Lestrange - 30 emerald shards for Villains
    2nd - Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 25 emerald shards for Heroes
    Astor Arensin - 5 emerald shards for Villains

    For those who were unable to make it to the race, here is the puzzle:

    In an attempt to prevent Thanos from acquiring all of the Infinity Stones, Doctor Strange is using the Time Stone to send his fellow Avengers to different centuries from the 18th to the 22nd century. Each Avenger will take one of the other five Infinity Stones and hide it in a city in a completely different universe, such as Coruscant.

    1. Of the Avenger hiding the stone in Atlantis and the one sent to the 20th century, one had the Mind Stone and the other was Scarlet Witch.
    2. The one sent to the 22nd century, the one carrying the Soul Stone, and the one hiding a stone in Hogsmeade are all different Avengers. Captain Marvel didn’t have the Reality Stone.
    3. The person who went to Hogsmeade was there one century before Iron Man was sent somewhere. The one with the Power Stone was sent two centuries before the Avenger who went to Gotham City.
    4. Hawkeye didn’t go to Rivendell. The person with the Space Stone was sent one century before the Avenger who went to Atlantis.
    5. Between the person who went to Atlantis and Black Widow, one had the Power Stone and the other was sent to the 18th century.

    E-mail your solution to slytherin.emeraldcup [at] gmail.com (Subject: "Infinity Stones Logic Puzzle") for 10 emerald shards. Please include your HOL name, house, and which side (Heroes or Villains) you want your emerald shards to go to in your e-mail.

    Also solved by:

    Iverian Gnash
    Prof. Amy Lupin

  4. There will be another logic puzzle race in #slytherin: Saturday, 29 June @ 2:30 am HOL time (Friday, 28 June @ 9:30 pm EDT).

    You will receive 5 emerald shards for participating in a logic puzzle race and 10 emerald shards if you successfully solve the puzzle (15 emerald shards total). Those who are unable to make it to the logic puzzle race have the opportunity to solve the puzzle for 10 emerald shards after the race is complete.

    The first three to solve the logic puzzle will receive additional emerald shards:
    15 emerald shards for 1st place
    10 emerald shards for 2nd place
    5 emerald shards for 3rd place

  5. Pretty good turnout for an impromptu logic puzzle race! 

    1st - Cody Lewis - 30 emerald shards for Heroes
    2nd - Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 25 emerald shards for Heroes
    3rd - Astor Arensin - 20 emerald shards for Villains
    4th - Will Lestrange - 15 emerald shards for Villains
    5th - Adaleine Shuster - 5 emerald shards for Villains

    For those who were unable to make it to the race, here is the puzzle:

    A duelling tournament has been organized for Emerald Cup! Heroes and villains who are interested in participating in the tournament are matched up. They must decide on one weapon to use during the duel. Each duel takes place in a different colored arena.

    From the clues provided, determine which hero and villain are duelling, their weapon of choice, and the color of the arena.

    1. Katniss is facing off against Magneto, but Superman isn’t battling Cersei. Despite his proficiency with swords, that is not the weapon agreed upon for Zorro’s duel. 
    2. Five different duels involve Loki, Superman, the one using swords, the one in the magenta arena, and Katniss.
    3. Either Yoda or Superman is using a wand. Ursula will be in the amber arena. The duel in the magenta arena will feature lightsabers, not bolas.
    4. Cersei is duelling in the turquoise arena, not the grey arena. Neither Superman nor Katniss is battling Bellatrix.
    5. Yoda, the one in the violet arena, the one with pistols, Aladdin, and Bellatrix are five different duels. 

    (Heroes: Aladdin, Katniss, Superman, Yoda, Zorro)
    (Villains: Bellatrix, Cersei, Loki, Magneto, Ursula)

    E-mail your solution to slytherin.emeraldcup [at] gmail.com (Subject: "Duelling Logic Puzzle") for 10 emerald shards. Please include your HOL name, house, and which side (Heroes or Villains) you want your emerald shards to go to in your e-mail.

    Also solved by:

    Prof. Amy Lupin

  6. I know it's short notice, but if there are three or more people, I'll run a logic puzzle race tonight in #slytherin: Tuesday, 25 June @ 2:30 am HOL time (Monday, 24 June @ 9:30 pm EDT). There will likely be another race later on in the week, so let me know when you are free.

    You will receive 5 emerald shards for participating in a logic puzzle race and 10 emerald shards if you successfully solve the puzzle (15 emerald shards total). Those who are unable to make it to the logic puzzle race have the opportunity to solve the puzzle for 10 emerald shards after the race is complete.

    The first three to solve the logic puzzle will receive additional emerald shards:
    15 emerald shards for 1st place
    10 emerald shards for 2nd place
    5 emerald shards for 3rd place

  7. R4U89QJ.jpg

    Lawful Good - Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) can be counted on to follow through on his mission. The Space Ranger loosens up a bit, but always tries to do the right thing.

    Neutral Good - Mary Margaret/Snow White (Once Upon a Time) is one of the moral pillars in the series. 

    Chaotic Good - Kazul (The Enchanted Forest Chronicles) fights for the good guys, but dragons are always slightly chaotic by nature.

    Lawful Neutral - Effie Trinket (The Hunger Games) works for the Capitol, but begins to think for herself.

    True Neutral - Dr. Hopper/Jiminy Cricket (Once Upon a Time) is, in essence, the personification (or cricketification) of one's conscience.

    Chaotic Neutral - Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z) pretty much sides with whoever benefits him the most. His temper is quite explosive.

    Lawful Evil - Rumpelstiltskin (Once Upon a Time) is bound to the limits of the Dark One dagger.

    Neutral Evil - Walter White (Breaking Bad) started out with good intentions, but eventually becomes consumed with the power and control.

    Chaotic Evil - Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) is an evil fairy, capable of turning into a dragon!

    20 emerald shards to Villains

  8. I don't know if I'd be worthy enough to hold it, but I'd love to see Excalibur with my own eyes. (Speaking of worthiness, Thor's hammer Mjölnir must be awesome.) There's so much history and legend surrounding Excalibur that it'll be a great experience to be in its presence. Another sword that I think is interesting is the Sword of the Enchanted Forest, since only Kings of the Enchanted Forest can use it.

    For myself, though, I'd probably go smaller. Swords are powerful weapons, but sometimes difficult to handle. Lila Bard from the Shades of Magic trilogy has the right idea with knives. Ninja stars would also be pretty fun... It would be nice to make my own weapons, so I know the true balance of the item. I'm sure that if I really wanted to, I could learn how to make weapons, but I'd rather leave it up to the masters to minimize mistakes. 


  9. gZix8WF.png

    My lightsaber is powered by a blue crystal, so it represents the light side. The blue hue helps hone the physical aspect of the Force. I didn't want the hilt to be too cumbersome, so I kept it rather simple. It is made of four parts. The hilt is made of silver alloy, providing some flexibility for the unpredictable. 

    15 emerald shards to Heroes

  10. Sometimes, the words 'villain' and 'hero' are in the eyes of the beholder; even if the reader/viewer is expected to support one side, it's often the case that the other side has valid points!  In no fewer than 50 words, discuss a time when you think a designated hero is really the villain, or when a designated villain is really a hero.

    This is worth 10 emerald shards; you get to choose whether they go to the Heroes or the Villains!

    Prompt provided by Will Lestrange

  11. Since time immemorial, each hero or villain has always had some master plan at the back of their mind, influencing their decisions and behaviour as they try to see it through. It might be something as specific as revenge against one particular individual or just a guiding principle that is at the heart of every action they take.

    Some things to consider are what your hero or villain of choice hopes to achieve, why they wish to do so, and what measures they have or will put in place to get the end result. Write a minimum of 100 words.

    Post your master plan below to earn 15 emerald shards for either the Heroes or the Villains (it's entirely up to you!).

    Prompt provided by Prof. Amy Lupin

  12. Here is a Disney Heroes and Villains 2048!

    To play, simply use your arrow keys to move the tiles (or swipe if you're using a phone.) When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one and the number changes to the sum of the two original tiles (i.e. two "4" tiles becomes one "8" tile!)

    For 5 emerald shards, send a screenshot with a 64 tile.
    For 10 emerald shards, send a screenshot with a 128 tile.
    For 15 emerald shards, send a screenshot with a 256 tile.
    For 20 emerald shards, send a screenshot with a 512 tile.
    For 25 emerald shards, send a screenshot with a 1024 tile.
    For 30 emerald shards, send a screenshot with a 2048 tile.
    For 35 emerald shards, send a screenshot with a 4096 tile.

    But here's the catch... The emerald shards will go to the side of whoever is depicted on the tile!

    2048 created by Arianna Stonewater

    E-mail your screenshot to slytherin.emeraldcup [at] gmail.com (Subject: "Era 5 - 2048").

    Tiles received:

    Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 1024
    Will Lestrange - 1024
    Prof. Amy Lupin - 4096
    Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 1024
    Adaleine Shuster - 512
    Romilda Jones

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