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  1. Five Word Games Yesterday, I had the chance to play Word-a-Melon with some friends before volleyball. It's from the creators of Bananagrams. On your turn, you roll the die that tells you to flip over 3-5 seeds and you try to make the longest word from those letters. Whoever has the most seeds at the end wins! I like most word games and here are five more that I'd like to try sometime. Quiddler - This game is from the same manufacturer as the card game SET, where you have to collect sets of three cards based on their pattern, number, and shape. Many people that I've played SET with have told me that I'd like Quiddler. Pairs in Pears - Another fruity game by the Bananagrams folks. Not sure if it is still around, but it involves making pairs of words using letter tiles with the same patterns (solid, dotted, etc.). Paperback - It's described as "Dominion meets Scrabble." The deck-building aspect is definitely intriguing! Word on the Street - I know an adaption of this has been played at Gathering and Games. Cody was there for one of its appearances and told me I would like it. Upwords - Scrabble is already fun, so 3D Scrabble would be extra fun!
  2. Last chance to earn Slyth-o-ween scales! All tasks are due at midnight tonight.
  3. I wonder if nonverbal spells were emphasized as heavily when the Wizarding world wasn't at war. With the threat of Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters, being able to readily cast nonverbal spells makes sense. With nonverbal spells, you no longer have to worry about saying incantations out loud with the correct stresses and inflections. There also might be odd occasions where you cannot speak properly, such as having a massive toothache. Ultimately, magic comes from within and the spells are there to help draw it out and/or direct it.
  4. Tom Riddle was described as very handsome, which is why Merope was initially attracted to him. He was likely polite to Merope whenever their paths crossed. Otherwise, it would've been difficult for her to slip him a love potion. She wanted to believe that it was true love, but that's hard to find, especially at a young age. Considering that her son becomes a powerful Dark wizard, Merope was strong enough to leave the Gaunt household at any time. Her "prison" was mainly mental and perhaps she believed having an ally would help... Even if that ally is a Muggle who didn't truly care about her.
  5. Two of spades: conflict Seven of spades: an ill omen Ten of spades: violence Knave of spades: a dark young man, possibly troubled, one who dislikes the questioner
  6. It's getting darker earlier, so I can use a little brightening up! Five Crayola Crayons The first three were easy to come up with, but it got tricky. There are a lot of fun Crayola color names, but I decided to go with how the crayons actually look when used on paper. Cerulean - This was definitely my go-to color when I was growing up. And, despite Cody's belief that my list would just be shades of blue, this is the only blue that made the list! Jungle Green - I feel like this looked really similar to cerulean on paper brightness-wise, so of course I liked it. Burnt Sienna - The earthy tone of burnt sienna was always appealing to me. Dandelion - Yellow is my second favorite color, so I used it pretty often. Dandelion just edged out goldenrod. Silver - The metallic crayons were so popular. As you might expect, silver was my crayon of choice there.
  7. Now that our clocks are all settled, it's time for the Top House Point Earners for October! 10. Anna Snape - 95 points 9. Serenity Shaffer - 102 points 8. Persephone Woodson - 118 points 7. Lucia Dinapoli - 120 points 6. Mila Quinn - 124 points 5. Cody Lewis - 128 points 4. Emerald Nightshade - 130 points 3. Will Lestrange - 175 points 2. February Fortescue - 225 points And snagging the top spot this month is Emily Spencer with 289 points! Excellent work, everyone! Keep it up!
  8. Using the notes of the Half-Blood Prince isn't entirely fair, but I wouldn't consider it cheating either... except for the fact that Harry won the bottle of Felix Felicis. As Brianna mentioned, for something like brewing a potion, you must have a certain level of skill. Hermione claims that the potion wasn't Harry's work, but, technically, everyone was following the instructions of Libatius Borage. Clearly, Advanced Potion-Making is a very old textbook, so who knows when it was last updated. Recipes change over time and a potion is simply a more complicated recipe. Harry only used two of the Half-Blood Prince's edits, not all of them. And I probably would've tried all sorts of methods to get juice from a Sopophorous bean if cutting it didn't work well. The stirring tip would've taken longer to discover. How often is it that someone needs the brew the Draught of Living Death anyway? It's not wrong to take advice from other sources, but Harry shouldn't have taken credit for all of it.
  9. Rubeus Hagrid Thick pine forest, mulled mead, exquisite French perfume
  10. It's the day after Halloween, so here are: Five Types of Candy These will be candy commonly given out for Halloween around here, so nothing extra fancy. Snickers - If all the candy was in a bowl and I was given a choice, I'd take a Snickers. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - You can never go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter! Peanut M&Ms - Those yellow bags are pretty easy to spot. Milky Way Midnight - I'm a fan of dark chocolate. Skittles - The orange and green ones are my favorites.
  11. The gate has been located, just in time for Slyth-o-ween! The remaining rooms in the Mansion are now available as well. The Addams family will allow us to wander their home for an additional two weeks before they kick us out. All tasks are due on 15 November. Many thanks to everyone who participated in revealing the rooms and your patience as the Mansion Map was updated. Special thanks to Prof. Amy Lupin for the overall concept for this year's Slyth-o-ween and Arianna Stonewater for coming up with a variety of tasks and puzzles! HAPPY SLYTH-O-WEEN!!
  12. Congratulations! You've located the gate! You're now free to roam around the Mansion for fun or head back to the Slytherin Dungeons. Before you Apparate or Side-Along Apparate, let us know what your favorite rooms in the Addams Family Mansion were! Did you enjoy exploring the Mansion?
  13. Too dim Hot cider or hot chocolate?
  14. The names that Gomez and Morticia affectionately call each other are appropriately in two different Romance languages. Gomez refers to Morticia as "cara mia" or "my darling" in Italian. Morticia calls Gomez "mon cher" or "my dear" in French. Are there any languages that you find attractive? Do you like the sound of certain words/phrases in another language?
  15. You are now free to move about the Mansion! Everyone begins in the Living Room (M15). Please only post one move at a time and wait for someone else to post before you make another move. You have until midnight HOL time to make your move(s). The map will be updated shortly after.
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