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  1. Submissions for the Reflections issue of SerpenTimes are due by midnight!
  2. When: Sunday, 5 January at 9pm HOL time Where: #silversnake on IRC
  3. As I briefly alluded to a couple of weeks ago, Cody and I ventured out in the freezing cold and traveled to New York City to see The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical. It was much harder than I thought it would be to narrow it down to five songs, but here they are! Five Songs from The Lightning Thief Lost! - I find songs that mention New Jersey amusing. We're lost in the woods Somewhere in New Jersey The Campfire Song - I liked the quick (and funny) refresher on the Greek gods and goddesses. Oh, things couldn't be worse When you parents run the universe Drive - This was definitely one of the catchier tunes. It's one foot forward at a time Dust off all that grit and grime We still got a lot left to do 'Cause people are counting on us And I'm counting on you Bring on the Monsters - Very relatable. Bring on the monsters, indeed. Bring on the monsters Bring on the real world Killer Quest - Just the lyrics "Hero's Quest" meant it had to make the list. Killer Hero's Quest 5 scales awarded
  4. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project and The Four Tendencies, has a "5 things making me happy this week" newsletter, so I decided to borrow that today. Five Things Making Me Happy This Week Secret Elf Assignment - I always think it's fun to try to figure out what to gift to someone else. Pickup Volleyball - Fall leagues are over and there's downtime for the holidays until winter leagues begin, so it's nice to be able to get some volleyball in. Snow! - Last week, my brother and sister shared snow pictures from up north, but we got nothing here. I finally got to send one back. Cookie Exchange - My friend hosted a Cookie Exchange and Ugly Sweater Party. I'm not a baker, but Cody and I had fun making Oreo ornaments. Cosmo - I'm dog-sitting a standard poodle named Cosmo. He's always so happy and excited to have company. 5 scales awarded
  5. 1. Sundays 2. Saturdays 3. Fridays I'll probably be at work at all the times listed, but I'll still try to be there. Sundays are typically less busy than Saturdays. The weekend is better than Friday because there are more people around on Fridays.
  6. The Last Air Bender Gotham or Metropolis?
  7. Nickelodeon The channel that had all of my favorite cartoons growing up!
  8. I'd attempt to get Ron to relax. This would include telling him to take deep breaths, offering him a warm beverage, or playing music. I would also try to get other members of the team to show their support for Ron or just get the entire team hyped for the match. The idea of working as a team may alleviate the nerves. If none of that works, I might opt for a Calming Draught (or an Unforgivable Curse).
  9. I appreciate the play-by-play commentary because the action is sometimes too fast. As everyone else has already mentioned, it's better if the commentator is knowledgeable about the sport and has a passion for it, especially if that excitement is reflected in the voice. Usually, it is nice to have two commentators who can work off each other. The banter can be fun as long as they put the game first and don't get sidetracked.
  10. December is when you start looking back at everything you've done this past year. First up are book series that I've completed this year. Courtesy of Goodreads, these are in chronological order. Five Book Series Shades of Magic trilogy by V.E. Schwab - The magic system in this series is amazing and the characters are even better. The first book, A Darker Shade of Magic, is being adapted as a movie. Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas - Although I wasn't a huge fan of all the books in the series, the seventh and final book (Kingdom of Ash) was satisfying. Percy and Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan - I bought the boxed set on a whim because I felt I needed a faster read. It fulfilled that requirement and more! I really enjoyed the quick brush-up on Greek mythology and getting to know all the characters. And I read it just in time because The Lightning Thief musical is on Broadway for a limited run. Winternight trilogy by Katherine Arden - My Secret Elf recommended this trilogy to me last year. It is definitely heavier in both writing style and content, which is why I needed the Percy Jackson break. Renegades trilogy by Marissa Meyer - The second book was a little disappointing, but I loved how everything was wrapped up in Supernova... with a couple loose ends. Interestingly enough, I only have five book series completed this year on my list... so far! I did just finish reading Epic by Conor Kostick, the first book of the Avatar Chronicles trilogy. There are still a few weeks until the end of the year! 5 scales awarded
  11. We're in the second half of our first term now! Let's take a look at the Top House Point Earners for November! 10. Michael Snape - 100 points 9. Elena Min - 116 points 8. Lucia Dinapoli, Phoenix Hale, Serenity Shaffer - 120 points 7. Cody Lewis - 130 points 6. Emerald Nightshade - 131 points 5. Will Lestrange - 135 points 4. Draco Riddle - 152 points 3. Emily Spencer - 217 points 2. Persphone Woodson - 320 points Once again, the fabulous February Fortescue tops the list with 367 points! Since February has already received the Sagacious Slytherin of the Month this term, that honor goes to Persphone Woodson this month! Congratulations! Amazing work, snakes! Let's earn more points!
  12. It's possible to argue that Merope was a "good" Parselmouth? As many have mentioned, Parseltongue is a language. It may have unique and magical implications though. We know from the story of Gormlaith Gaunt that Parseltongue can affect wands with snake parts as the core. While Gormlaith successfully inactivated her niece's wand, she somehow triggered the wands of Isolt's adopted sons.
  13. Mrs. Cole seems like the type of person that needs physical proof, so Dumbledore probably magicked the blank piece of paper into an official-looking document and she believed it. I'm not sure that a Memory Charm would work in this instance because Tom Riddle does have to return to the orphanage every summer. It'd be a hassle to Confund her every year as well.
  14. The players across from him had no idea of the real depths of the game.
  15. There is a cast iron frying pan that Mundungus "acquired" from the kitchen of a pub in Paris. It is believed to have been used to appease a voracious king centuries ago by cutting the cooking time of any dish down by half. You can take Fletcher's word for it, I suppose... Otherwise the frying pan makes for a good weapon (as we've learned from Tangled).
  16. I had to renew a library book online and the library website said that it is Picture Book Month. Five Picture Books If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - It's not too hard to guess that a book that features a cookie is at the top of my list. I love how this book shows that there are consequences to every action. The Very Hungry Caterpillar - The tissue paper illustrations by Eric Carle have always fascinated me. Harold and the Purple Crayon - I really like the concept of being able to draw your way out of anything! The Rainbow Fish - The glittery scales were always attractive and the overall lesson of inclusion is powerful. The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig - Fairy tale retellings are a weakness of mine. It must've started at an early age Hope all of those in the US had a lovely Thanksgiving! 5 scales awarded
  17. Frozen II is now playing, so I switched back to my Olaf avatar/signature. And, yes, I saw the movie last night! There were some really cool new "sidekicks" introduced, but to prevent spoilers here are five existing ones that I like. Five Disney Sidekicks Tinker Bell - It was hard to find a female sidekick because most of the main characters are princesses. Despite her small size, Tinker Bell is feisty and resourceful. She isn't perfect as she's got a jealous side, but that makes her relatable. Mushu - He's talkative and funny and has a lot to prove. Plus, he's a dragon! Olaf - His innocence, sense of fun, and ability to point out the obvious simply brings out the inner kid in everyone. Dug - He is truly everyone's best friend and extremely loyal... Though easily distracted. Pascal - I love all of Pascal's facial expressions and how his changing colors reveal his feelings. 5 scales awarded
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