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    Alone in Dorm
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    Music, Nature... Women... :>

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  1. I like your new avatar! In RL have you really got sexy pants?

  2. Again here ...

    Nice avatar: do you think you follow that sentence?

  3. How is it going? Any movement?

  4. It can't be dementor, they sort of fly... Umm... Would it chase you if it saw you?
  5. I meant no point cheering me up.

  6. no point? pardon me, no point of what? I don't understand what you mean honestly >.

  7. Nice of you, but no point.

  8. Because I have no idea to say any better. I know how hard it is for you... But what else can I do for you then, except cheering you up? *cough*

  9. 1345 This weekend is Valentine's day... so... cut off with homework.
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