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  1. Can we make this threas a little more interesting? like instead of just a number put something after it so its not just a number? So itll be like 3753 penguins? Or maybe not i dont know this just looks really lifeless. haha Open to whatever.
  2. Wheres Brabas at these days?

  3. two and a half years? wow imagine how long away the final date is.. itll be such an epic day 3723
  4. Ethan laughed at Ernests hesitation. He could tell he was trying to open his mind to not being so good.. which Ethan admired in friends. As he was thinking of something for the both of them to do a large flying creature, Ethan did not recognize, swooped down and snatched his wand. This creature was bigger than a human and was dark brown in colour. "Hey! Give that back!" Ethan yelled with fury. The creature was headed toward the castle and flew up to the top of the astronomy tower. It perched itself on the edge of the wall of the tower and screamed out with its frightening roar. This creature did not frighten Ethan. It meerly angered him to an extreme level How dare this filthy creature touch my wand Ethan looked at Ernest, in hopes with his Ravenclaw knowledge, he would help Ethan get his wand back. He did not have time to spare. The creature definitley wanted to play games and Ethan was more than happy to win. He sprinted up toward the castle with intentions on making this creature wish he never messed with him.
  5. Going for a series re-read. Anyone care to join me?

    1. Bianca Delacroix

      Bianca Delacroix

      the HP series? I just started that new James Patterson book, Witch & Wizard... but I'll set it aside and reread them with you, I read pretty fast though..

    2. Justine Provençal

      Justine Provençal

      I've been planning to reread for ages, but I don't think I'll start right away. I will soon enough, though! XD

    3. Ethan Lei

      Ethan Lei

      Oh Biance you should finish your other book. Plenty of time to reread =] I havent started yet either. Will be soon though so youll have time to finish if you read that fast =D

  6. Going for a series re-read. Anyone care to join me?

  7. Im not from a chocolate factory =[
  8. "Ahh" Ethan said as he handed over the apple. He had heard many stories about this student, all involving violence..and felt no need for further explanation. "Well I'm awake now." Ethan used as an attempt to start some kind of adventure. He was intending on napping but the little fight with the bowtruckle, and the appearance of his fellow student, sparked an idea for excitement. "Feel like checking out the Dark forest? Pulling a prank?
  9. Ethan looked back on Ernest slightly confused. "Hello" Ethan replied as he examined Ernest with one raised eye brow. He was trying to piece together the situation. Nothin made sense as to why someone would be in such a hurry to the lake. Why is all Ethan could think to say. He then, realising his napping time was over, leapt from his branch and landed softly on the ground. "Apple?" he said as he stretched out his arm hoping for some kind of explanation.
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