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  1. He saw the groom make the gesture, and then make the gesture again (even though the groom tried to hide the second one, Merlin knew what he was doing). I think there are a mix of things making up the reason that this didn't upset him. First and foremost, my feeling is that he knows the groom cares for him. This man has taken care of him, given him food, knows him and gives him good advice. Then, the groom seemed ashamed that he felt the fear; he didn't want Merlin to take it personal, that he was feeling fear of what talents (or attributes) Merlin might have. Lastly, I don't think that Merlin did take it (the warding gesture) personal. As for his uncle, Camlach's, rejection, it happened after Camlach had given him a poisoned fruit to eat. That's something which a person might take personal (being given a poisoned fruit). Following that with a vicious rejection, I think it would be rather strange if Merlin wasn't upset by Camlach and what all happened.
  2. Well, of course I think of The Twilight Saga and the Quileute 'wolves'. A quick Google search though, as well as reading in a class Guide to Shapeshifting, says that they are not 'proper' werewolves. In Louis' class it says "Quileute shifters - these shapeshifters are descendants of the Chief Taha Aki. Taha Aki was banished by a spirit warrior called Utlapa." All of these shapeshifters can shift (if they have the ability to do so) without regard to what phase of the moon is happening. Google search - "Shape-shifters, often mistaken as werewolves, are descended from the ancient spirit warriors of the Quileute tribe." However, in the Twilight universe there are the Children of the Moon. They are hunted by the vampire as being more dangerous and vicious than themselves. (Yeah, right, thinking of those Volturi ...). So I can actually use the Twilight movies, even if werewolves are not properly shown in them, but are referred to only as a comparison to the Quileute wolves. (Louis, that okay?) Google - "The Children of the Moon, also known as werewolves, are human beings that at night and the fullest phase of the moon transform into fearsome feral wolf-like creatures. Werewolves, unlike shape-shifter's, have the strength and power to kill a vampire single-handedly. Their strength coupled with their inability to control the shift into their wolf forms makes them extremely dangerous and resulted in many vampires fearing them. This fear lead to the Volturi nearly eradicating all werewolves from Europe and Asia."
  3. Quite frankly, I was astonished. What is this? He gives Merlin a fruit (which later kills a wasp)? And Merlin saw it was 'black inside' and told Camlach that. So I read that as him trying to get rid of Merlin by poisoning him ... But the anger? I think that was because he was afraid; Merlin showed an ability (to see that there was something 'black' in the apricot and refusing to eat it) and things like that, extra normal abilities, have a tendency to frighten or terrify those who don't have them (especially in an age where witchcraft, the existence of it, is taken for granted) (not mentioning the general attitude of the population towards said witches). Will probably also has a valid point, in that he is not used to being denied anything by those he deems of 'less quality' than himself. I didn't see that, myself, but can see how it might be so. If I was with Merlin, I'd not have tried to explain Camlach's rage (unless he asked me, and I don't think he would). I think I would have simply congratulated him on being aware of the 'black' in the apricot and refusing to eat it.
  4. The Fat Friar told me a story about the day that a feast was planned. The House Elves were all prepared to fix a most bounteous dinner in honor of the anniversary of the founding of the school. It happened several hundred years ago, and all the 'modern' Muggle conveniences were not available, let alone many of the discoveries that witches have made within the past few hundred years. Anyway - celebration time. The Professors, the students, the staff, everyone in the area had all gathered around waiting in the Great Hall. And waited. Waited some more. Where is the food? This was odd; but no one wanted to say anything because ... was it on purpose? "So we all stared at the wooden tables, decked with fancy white and crimson cloth, and, in front of everyone, wooden trenchers and clay bowls were ready to be filled with food. We ghosts, of course, wouldn't be eating, but still it is enjoyable to watch others heartily eat? "Finally, I decided that someone needed to go find out what was going on. Lady Blue and I (she's another ghost; she's not been here for a couple hundred years, she's off visiting Loch Ness or something) went to the kitchen. What do we discover but that all the House Elves are asleep. Asleep! They are mostly on the floor, but some are leaning on tables and sitting tilted over in chairs. "Lady Blue, a wondrous witch when she was alive, retained much of her knowledge. She drifted about and discovered that someone had stoked the fire with Antopholium Cedarwood! Mystery solved. But then we had to go tell the Headmistress what had happened so she could figure out a way to remove the Cedarwood from the fire and then get fresh air blowing into the kitchen to remove the fumes (which is notorious for releasing vapours which cause an immediate and heavy drowsiness)." So the feast did take place, albeit two hours later than planned. In the meantime, the young witches and wizards had discovered that trenchers make excellent discs for throwing, levitating and basically causing havoc. So a good time was had by all and, eventually, everyone had the feast of their dreams. In fact, because the House Elves based their menu on the dreams they were having, the feast ended up being called "The Feast of Dreams".
  5. Garb for a ghost - either gender - could be made of slubbed silken material, palest cream with a pearlescent sheen to it. The sheen rainbows across the full long sleeves, gathered at band at the wrist, attached with stays to a fitted tunic top of the same silk, cut on the bias. Pants are medieval breeches (britches), very full and stopping at the knee. You may wear the stocking with them, and shoes of your choice or knee boots, with or without a heel. To be truly spectacular, the knee boots would be of the same silken material. Over it all is a half-cloak, of an almost transparent cloth of palest iridescent silk, tied at the neck and long enough to reach down to the wrists.
  6. I'd consider it for a while, probably. After all, being a ghost is just another phase of existence. But I'd probably just go ahead, rest a bit, and get born into a body again. (Or maybe I'd choose to explore in different realms of actuality.) As has been said, there are advantages to being a ghost ... but ... there are some things that a ghost cannot appreciate, such as a cup of coffee ☕, pizza 🍕, playing with one's dog friend 🐶 , going for a hike and just breathing deep. I guess I like having a body.
  7. I think that Merlin was the son of his mother and the soldier who she met in the Prologue. It's sort of written that way ... leading into the story. Thing is, I think that the young man she met was a member of what would be termed 'the enemy'. It says he is the son of a King; he has the silk with which he wraps his horses bridle and other metal which would clink so as not to give away his presence. I don't think it is his uncle, but sure, I could be wrong. I think the reason his mother refused to say who the father is is that the boy might be killed if it is found out he is the son of 'the enemy'. Not only that, but he'd be of rank in that enemy's party. More, I think that Camlach knows who Merlin's father is. Both knows who the father is, and know the father -- and likes and admires him. Sure, they fought, the armies fought each other. But strange bonds form in a long and protracted battle. This was what, over six years long? As for the looks and the silences he shares with his sister, I think that he is being supportive of her.
  8. This is difficult, because I'd just read the introduction in The Crystal Cave, so my ideas of Merlin (Myrddin) are flavoured by that. I found this image online, and that sort of points to how I see him when he is older. Powerful, yes, with age on his body, but nobody you'd want to mess with. Monk Stock Photo This, however, is rather how I think he'd be for a lot of his life. Dark hair and shaggy, intelligent and noble looking. Tallish and muscular, albeit not bulky. Sort of lithe, like a panther. artist/photographer unknown
  9. Tarma also caused shiny things to pile up, hoping to attract the Niffler, if Niffler it was. She was laughing, though, and her additions to the pile caused it to topple a bit from its tidy stack. Then a cat streaked towards them ... passing Emily and Louis ... and passing the Niffler?
  10. Tarma remained in her compartment, watching Will with great glee. She was very happy she wasn't one of the designated Professors (although she could take action if needed). It appeared, though, that Will was getting everything under control, so yay. Then, as she moved a bit to look into the aisle, she saw what appeared to be a small dark creature running towards Will, and, even though it was still a bit away from the Professor, it looked to be aiming to run either between his legs or to the side of them, and showed no sign of stopping its forward momentum. She looked to see if the cat or ferret had also doubled back.
  11. Tarma dug into her backpack and got a (slightly squished) sandwich and handed it to Will. "I just love traveling on trains. I don't know why. It's just sort of ...." Her words trailed off as her attention was caught by something in the corridor. "Who let a Niffler loose in here?" she exclaimed, as she watched it scurrying down the aisle.
  12. "Oh!" Tarma grinned at Will and waved to invite him into the compartment. "I haven't the foggiest who the designated Professor is. Maybe it's Fels?" She looked out the window as a particularly spectacular piece of scenery went by. "No, I just love riding on trains." She pointed to her backpack. "Want a sandwich?"
  13. Tarma was watching kids as they settled down (or didn't) on the journey, in between watching the scenery and everything as the train chugged along. (Oh, look, was that a deer? ! ) She was happy with a thermos of hot coffee and a small sandwich which she'd had the foresight to bring along with her in her backpack. Sure, she might get something from the trolley, but sometimes the offerings there were not necessarily what she wanted! Watching, she thought she saw a familiar figure walking down the train. She decided she'd wave if it was really Will; maybe she'd even offer him a sandwich. 5 scales awarded
  14. Hey, we are on a roll. Yep! What about Will?
  15. Hey, you all have a new Head of House. Hmm. gif is of a man showing the power he can wield to U.S. army officers Have fun! 😊
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