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    Grab the book closest to you!

    "Are you saying Louis kept her a prisoner?"
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    Hagrid’s Tale - Task 1

    It might be that they would make a swing by the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region to see the Boulonnais. Even if that breed of horse doesn 't have wings (to our knowledge) both Olympe Maxime and Hagrid appear to have a fondness for great horses! It's just a bit of a swing 'sideways' on the way to Poland. (In fact, they might have stopped there before going to Dijon!)
  3. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Hagrid’s Tale - Task 2

    The only way I think of or imagine to get Golgomath to have some energy and/or time and resources for the Order of the Phoenix is to bribe him with something extra 'great' in the eyes of giants. I've no idea of what that would be. Battle helmet? That's been done. branch of everlasting fire? That's been done too. Maybe a necklace of dragon teeth? With the 'assurance' of a visit if he turns away from any promise he might make. (Ask him if he'd like to live out his life as a ferret, maybe, if he fails to do as he says?)
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    Double Letters

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    The Lion and the Serpent - Task 2

    Weasley flies a mouldy broom, He never ever can get it to zoom, So he just sits there and pretends to loom, Weasley is our King.
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    The Lion and the Serpent - Task 1

    ... Nerves. It depends on what effect they take. If you get so nervous that you're barfing, that's one thing. If you are nervous and 'alert' that's an entirely different thing! My first Quidditch game ... ever ... I seem to remember being put as Keeper by the then Captain. I was so nervous that I simply could not type legibly for most of the game. Period. My fingers were shaking so hard that all that came out was gibberish. Finally, about 40 minutes into the game, I could type and actually make words which looked like proper words. I was actually able to block Seven - maybe 3 times? (I think that he'd steamrollered over me so much that he was slacking off, so when I was finally able to type properly, he was taken by surprise.) ☺️
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    Gift Thank-Yous

    [18:33:24] <cody> i have a present for you! [18:33:30] <Cal> 😮 [18:33:33] <Cal> ooooooOOOOOOO [18:33:43] <Cal> what is it? [18:34:21] <cody> [18:34:59] <Cal> eeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE [18:35:02] <Cal> i love it !!!!! [18:35:05] <Cal> <33333 [18:35:06] <cody> aw yay! PS -- I've posted it in the HOL Forum. I love the siggy and avatar that Scarlet made of Daine, Kitten and Cloud! So, what to do?! Oh, I KNOW. \o/
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    Yay? That sounds sort of difficult .... so hopefully I can slip and slide through 4 of them, mutter at you for another 4 and then resolve to send you dungbombs in the mail for the last two?
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    Dumbledore’s Army - Task 2

    When I walk into the Dumbledore Army's room for the first time, I first notice the apparent size of the room. It seems huge, but there is so much stuff in it that it's not an echoing sort of large but filled with wonderful things-to-explore sort of almost cozy. Books! Oh, books. After I sniff at the air (having a craving for pizza suddenly, and maybe some sort of beverage to go with it but alas there doesn't seem to be any food around) I wander over to the books. How are they arranged? I wonder if there are any books about creatures and about plants? So I would wander -- to discover if there is an arrangement and if so, how it is done, and then I'd pick out one or two and, like Scarlet, find a cushion to plop on and indulge.
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    Double Letters

  11. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Double Letters

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    If I know in advance by a few days, I can usually rearrange to be able to make a date that most others can make, excluding any date/time of Quidditch games and pickups.
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    Dumbledore’s Army - Task 1

    The Room of Requirement is absolutely filled with games of all kinds. This ranges from board games (on tables) to games played with mallets and balls (croquet or golf). One portion of it has a miniature train set with the tracks running through mountains and valleys and along towns and Hogwarts castle. Way in the back of the room is a shiny silvery sort of screen which is see-through-able and which appears to be shielding what looks like a miniature quidditch pitch -- perhaps for practice for Snitch catching as well as Quaffle-play.
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    In the Hog’s Head - Task 1

    I never thought of that! Ha. Odd, isn't it, that the barman didn't clean off the bottles. Well, not only are those butterbeer bottles dusty but maybe they have cobwebs strewn about them. Sometimes the cobwebs are in little curled pieces, which means that 'food' was caught, probably while alive, and wrapped up all snug. Hopefully none of the little bundles is still twitching when a person wipes off the bottle. Or maybe just wipe off the top part, and open the bottle to decant into a mug. Thing is, if you pour the butterbeer without wiping off the bottle first, will some of the dust, or cobwebs or dead critters fall into the mug along with the butterbeer?
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    Double Letters

  17. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Last Letter, First Letter

  18. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Word Association Game

  19. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four - Task 1

    Once upon a time, shortly after the castle was first built and then occupied, it was noticed that the members of the House of Hufflepuff were prone to sneak into the kitchens and avail themselves of all the glorious foods therein. So an enchantment was created which, if triggered, cause the person or persons caught, to turn a bright purple colour and yip (or bark). While it didn't exactly stop them from entering the kitchens, it was a clear deterrent to those who might wish to enter and be unnoticed. It was triggered quite simply -- the corridors were to be empty after the hour of 11 pm. Anyone (excluding House elves) approaching within 50 feet of the kitchen entrances between the hours of 11 pm and 4 am triggered this charm. The effects lasted for 24-48 hours. It worked to perfection -- but since it turned out that most of the inhabitants of the castle were prone to sneak into the kitchen, not just the members of the House of Hufflepuff, and there were many purple, barking people walking around -- it was dismantled.
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    Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four - Task 2

    Oddly enough, the Weasley twins could probably tell you the exact time, down to the minute, of the cave-in. Why is this? Well they were experimenting with their 'novelties'. The one they were working on was the 'Wild Fire Whizz-Bang'. What they ended up with was an unstoppable firework which exploded if someone tries to stun them, and multiplies by ten if someone tries to vanish them. But what they had, at the time of the cave-in, was something which exploded times 10, and kept multiplying to do it again. Fortunately, at the same time, they had learned to use the shield charm to great effect, so, other than losing some of their supplies, they were basically unaffected by the cave-in.
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    In the Hog’s Head - Task 2

    "Lud! There it was, a creature of fire surging across the valley floor. Tongues of flame came out from it in all directions .... even in front of it, burning the grasses and shrubs all around it as it galloped. It seemed the size of a large deer but who could tell? The flames added to the height of it, but I'd guess it was 14 hands tall at least. Then, behind it, flowing into the valley came another 6 or 8 or 10 of the creatures. They seemed to gallop exuberantly, and the collective heat of them caused the plants to crisp and burn even faster and in a wider area. They were lovely; they were terrifying."
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    Keep a word, drop a word!

    wild card
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    The Hogwarts High Inquisitor - Task 2

    I think the whole thing is a game of words. There are jinxes and curses and hexes and charms and, really, in some way, many of those designated as one of them could easily fit into another category. To say something is a 'counter'jinx simply means one of the various ways to protect oneself from a curse/jinx/hex cast upon you.
  24. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    The Hogwarts High Inquisitor - Task 1

    S - amazing C - creative O - ordinary R - revolting E - empty
  25. Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

    Curse you, Red Baron!

    In case anyone was interested -- here is the rest of what I have in my log for the MVP announcement - 14:25:20] <@Arielle> MVP HAS BEEN CHOSEN 03[14:25:23] * S-C1-Lestrange is now known as WillLiam [14:25:28] <+cody> MVP! MVP! 06[14:25:32] * @Cosmo looks for the white smoke. [14:25:32] <+Mazur> DRUMROLLLLL [14:25:41] <+Lynx> DRUMROLLLL [14:25:46] <Sirius> DRUMROLLLLLLLLLL 01[14:25:47] <@Tarma> DRUMROOLLLLL [14:26:17] <Sirius> LLLLLLLLLLLL [14:26:19] <+cody> LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 02[14:26:40] * +H-K-Sirius (~Sirius@180.190.lk.sim) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds ) 01[14:26:40] <@Tarma> LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL [14:26:54] <+cody> LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL [14:27:00] <@Arielle> FOR AN OUTSTANDING DEFENSIVE PERFORMANCE..... [14:27:02] <@Arielle> CODY LEWIS!! [14:27:05] <+Mazur> 4 LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 01[14:27:10] <@Tarma> ARG [14:27:11] <+cody> WOW [14:27:13] <+Scarlet|Work> congrats Cody <33333 01[14:27:13] <@Tarma> ❤️ [14:27:14] <@Cosmo> 4,1 * 10» 13« 8* 15~ 13^ 15~ 12* 13» 10« 9* 8,6 Yay, cody!! 9,1 * 10» 13« 12* 15~ 13^ 15~ 8* 13» 10« 4* [14:27:14] <+Mazur> Congrats SHIRDY!!!!!!! [14:27:14] <@WillLiam> nice job [14:27:16] <Sirius> Congratulations, CODY! 01[14:27:17] <@Tarma> well done, mr cody [14:27:23] <+Lynx> congrats Cody! [14:27:34] <+cody> thank you thank you! [14:27:36] <@Marcie> congrats, Cody [14:27:42] <Sirius> speech speech speech [14:27:48] <+Mazur> SPEEEECCCHHHHH [14:27:49] <Sirius> speech speech speech 01[14:27:50] <@Tarma> hahahaaaaa 01[14:27:57] <@Tarma> yessss lets have a speech [14:28:01] <Sirius> SPEEEEEEEEEECH [14:28:11] <+cody> my first one in 2 1/2 years so this means a lot to me [14:28:17] <Sirius> about time 01[14:28:19] <@Tarma> 😮 [14:28:20] <Sirius> more more more [14:28:22] <+cody> i wanna thank my mom and dad for teaching my how to ride a broom [14:28:23] <Sirius> speeeech 01[14:28:27] <@Tarma> \o/ [14:28:29] <Sirius> who else?! [14:28:30] <+cody> and sirius fudge for inspiring me to be the best quidditch player i can be [14:28:34] <Sirius> ahahhhaa 01[14:28:36] <@Tarma> .... [14:28:36] <+Lynx> AWWWWW [14:28:36] <Sirius> more more more [14:28:39] <+Mazur> awwww 01[14:28:43] <@Tarma> yes more more!!! [14:28:44] <Sirius> other than me [14:28:46] <Sirius> WHO [14:28:46] <+cody> and arielle and cosmo for voting for me [14:28:54] <Sirius> ANNNNNNNNND 01[14:28:54] <@Tarma> *ROTFL* [14:29:12] <+cody> and scarlet for buying gingerbread cookies for her work and hiding them so i couldn't find them but i found them anyway and ate them all [14:29:16] <+cody> <33333333333 01[14:29:23] <@Tarma> 😮 [14:29:28] <+Mazur> hehehe [14:29:29] <+Lynx> hahahaha goals [14:29:37] <Sirius> haaha the end that was fun haha 01[14:29:47] <@Tarma> so what did she take to work instead? [14:29:51] <+Mazur> Cody! You need to do the Youtube thing again soon! [14:30:03] <+cody> maybe [14:30:04] <+Mazur> where you do the play by play of the game [14:30:08] <@WillLiam> lol 02[14:30:58] * @Sandy (~Arielle@c-45-669-538-070.hsd7.il.comcast.net) Quit [14:32:01] <+Mazur> I subbed to you of course one of 2 subs! [14:32:41] <+cody> LOL [14:32:48] <+Mazur> as my highschoolers think thats youtube famous! [14:33:27] <@WillLiam> how big IS youtube in terms of modern social media? [14:33:32] <+Lynx> ohh where can i find that? [14:34:06] <+cody> still huge i think 03[14:36:58] * Kendra (490937b7@khueo3.mibbit.com) has left #quidditch [14:37:07] <+Mazur> not as big as IG though I think thats larger now? [14:37:49] <+Lynx> definitely massive [14:37:55] <+Lynx> facebook era is over [14:38:12] <+Mazur> not for people my age lol [14:38:21] <+Mazur> still popular with us old folks [14:38:30] <+Mazur> haha [14:38:38] <+Mazur> and my family lol [14:41:06] <@WillLiam> yeah, the people who were on FB 10 years ago are largely still on it [14:41:15] <@WillLiam> the people who were too young for FB 10 years ago [14:41:22] <@WillLiam> might think of it as 'old people social media' [14:41:31] <+Mazur> Hey everyone. This is Codys Youtube channel where he is Lee Jordan during games where he can just be Lee Jordan. Cody said it was ok to post here [14:41:33] <+Mazur> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC82oor8EQNqtqf-vAvA_sIA [14:41:57] <+Mazur> he does a great job! [14:42:00] <+Mazur> Cracks me up [14:42:11] <+cody> "This channel doesn't have any content" [14:42:30] <@WillLiam> very true - though i'm not sure lee jordan is the right comparison because of his.. issues with being a fair announcer [14:42:32] <+Mazur> he live streams [14:43:14] <+Mazur> Cody is a fair Lee Jordan lol