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  1. I am interested. I'd prefer evenings my time. That would be 3 AM - 6 AM HOL time. However, I can usually adjust my schedule if I know in advance by a few days.
  2. A very favorite battle between a hero and a villain (but who is the villain and who is the hero?)* is that epic sword fight between the Man in Black (aka The Dread Pirate Roberts) and Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride. Both the book and the movie are epic and awesome in their description and flavour. Good footwork, fancy repartee and astonishing sword play (in the movie, it was done by the actual actors throughout (except for the gymnastic thing/flip). ** The sword fight starts out with the testing of each other, a feint. Then they fight, both fighting left-handed. Then, of a sudden, Inigo declares that he is not left-handed and switches to his right hand ... and so does the Man in Black! The fight ends with the Man in Black declining to kill Inigo, but knocking him out. *** * The Man in Black is the Dread Pirate Roberts, but he is also Westley. Inigo Montoya is one of the persons who kidnapped Buttercup. ** "They are reluctant fighters. “You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you,” Inigo says. “You seem a decent fellow. I hate to die,” the Man in Black replies." *** After a little crafty acrobatic work, the Man in Black knocks the sword out of Inigo’s hands. Montoya drops to his knees and says, “Kill me quickly.” The Man in Black tells him he would as soon destroy a stained-glass window as an artist like him and conks him over the head. The Man in Black says, “Please understand, I hold you in the highest respect,” before he trots off to find his Princess Buttercup. Those two quotes (** and ***) are found with a Google search of "the man in black and end of sword fight"
  3. picture shows image of man laughing, vastly amused (John McClane in one of the Die Hard movies, maybe the first one?)
  4. 1. When is the last time you saw a blibbering humdinger? 2. Which continent (or continents) is host to the Bandersnatch? 3. Of your classmates (if you are at school) or of your workmates (if you work in an office of any kind), who is the most likely to forget the last spell they cast and walk off without reversing and/or undoing it? 4. Are heliopaths evil, good or neutral? 5. Which pet is least likely to create the most interesting times - a Hodag or a Snallygaster? 6. Have you encountered a Sphinx? If so, and you are not a ghost reading this, how did you survive?
  5. What do I expect to see in these guides? Actually, what I'd expect to see is some of the same pablum that the Ministry, under the control of Cornelius Fudge, sends out. Maybe even more indoctrination and lies ... blaming others for what they didn't do ... etc. then some sort of directives to let the Ministry know if you are attacked by Death Eaters, dementors, etc. (Assuming you survive the attacks, of course, and if not then your death is greatly regretted...) What I would expect (hope) to see would be some information about which curses and hexes are most useful. Maybe there would be mention that penalties for using the forbidden curses (imperius curse and cruciatus curse anyway) are withdrawn if attacked and in fear of losing one's life.
  6. I like this. It is choices; the choices that Harry had made, and were in his heart (not his head), which saved him. That he loves. I liked Harry Potter in the first book. Then, in the following books, he was shown to be much like his father - a rather 'arrogant toerag'. When I read this (in HP6), it was how I felt (at that time) about Harry Potter "Do you know what I think, Potter? ... I think that you are a liar and a cheat..." But James Potter did change, he started shaping into someone that Lily Evans would like to know and have as a boyfriend by their 7th year. And the events of HP5, there in the Department of Mysteries, at the Ministry of Magic, I think maybe helped him to start to redefine his 'who and what he is' to someone admirable by the end of HP7.
  7. chicken attack that song has been singing in my head and get online to see 'chicken dance' and of course the words chicken attack pop up!
  8. I think he should have told Harry about the prophecy when 1) Harry first asked about it or 2) when he did. I've found that, unless a person asks, they usually are not ready to listen to the answer. Giving information, when a person isn't 'set up' internally (mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually) to process it, sometimes can be drastically counter-productive. But Harry did ask, when he was 11. It's a whole other thing as to how much Dumbledore told him about the prophecy, though -- and how much he didn't tell of it -- at that time. What if Dumbledore had told him about the prophecy, the whole thing, what he heard and how he translated it and what he thought and felt it meant, as Harry was laying in the bed in the hospital wing when he was 11 years old. Harry was just getting used to the idea of magic, that he himself was a wizard. He'd not learned anything really of self-defense, he'd not gone through the stages of adolescence (with the attendant choices and possible dramz which so usually goes right along with it). He'd not found his own feet. I think he'd have probably just have closed up and closed in and maybe even given up if told the whole thing. "What's the use ... this guy killed my parents, the wizarding world is afraid of him, what chance would I have at defeating him (etc)". Through most of this book, though, when Dumbledore suspected that Harry Potter was being used by Voldemort -- not telling Harry might have been very good strategy, because well, heck, Voldemort was USING Potter, and probably seeing through his eyes and hearing with his ears (as well as the implanting of false information). Why would Dumbledore have wanted to give Voldemort any more information about what was going on? At the same time, while I have admiration for how Dumbledore was able to figure out how to keep Harry alive (probably the only possible way of making sure Harry Potter survived to the age of 17), I think that Dumbledore could have been more open as to the 'why' of things with Harry (even if he didn't tell him everything, and also told Harry he wasn't telling him everything but would at some date).
  9. Making a portkey ... Ideally, I would get an object from the place to which I want to go, something which originates from there, or has been there long enough that the resonance, the 'beingness' of the location is saturated in the physical body of the object used as a portkey. But that occurs to me to be vastly impractical, like if making portkeys to go to a deserted moor for a Quidditch match. So what to do? I think it would be a lot of apparation - destination, determination, deliberation. One would use the same principles for apparation but imbue the object used for a portkey with that. Along with that, though, for a pre-programmed portkey, is the requirement to perhaps be able to 'take off' at a certain time, no matter who or what is touching it. Where would I like to go? Aspen Creek, Montana
  10. He asked Severus Snape to kill him, at the top of the tower (and before that, when making his plans). Not only had he wanted to avoid pain and humiliation, if he fell into the hands of the Death Eaters (and Voldemort), he wanted to make sure that Snape got the Elder Wand. I think he was very afraid of Voldemort getting the Elder Wand. He knew he was dying and had a very limited time to live anyway. He had said to Harry Potter that 'death is but the next great adventure', so I think that he was aware that the end of the form that he is, his body, wasn't the end of him.
  11. I would probably wander in all the rooms, but I think I'd mostly be found in the room with all the planets. I think it could be fascinating, especially if it was like the Marauder's Map and you could see what was going on on the planets (like on the map). And I just like planets and suns and solar systems and galaxies and black holes and the 'song' of the galaxy.
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