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  1. Well, it seems DaKeed is on a roll with the snake snatching!

    1. Brabas


      Did he FINALLY take Basil?

    2. Prof. Zoki Phantom

      Prof. Zoki Phantom

      LOL! No, but I think he's getting there.

  2. I heard a certain new Prefect of yours has moved from sunflowers and rainbows to bunnies... What exactly do you feed this dork with? >_>

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Prof. Alaia Logan

      Prof. Alaia Logan

      meh, there were no acronyms in it, so I think we're fine

    3. Prof. Opal Curare

      Prof. Opal Curare

      shhhhhh Zo, don't tell anyone. It's always been his secret ambition to rid the world of evil, one rainbow and fluffy bunny at a time!

    4. Prof. Zoki Phantom

      Prof. Zoki Phantom

      Ohh, I see that now. xD

  3. Merry Christmas snakes! Slightly late on the wishing part, but oh well, hope you're all enjoying your holidays. xD

  4. Snow... in the Dungeons... It doesn't make sense. >_> Though it's still purdy. xD

  5. I haven't been in here properly in... 2 years? Maybe even a bit more. >_>

  6. Oh, glad to see you all getting creative about these punishments! Anyway, whatever you do STAY AWAY FROM THE IRON MAIDEN - or else! (Just though I give you a heads up before someone gets in trouble. )
  7. I hate it when I go to take a shower and find out that there's either no hot water, or no water at all. -__-'
  8. Definitely leave it. XD Bottle of vinegar. </random>
  9. Severus Snape. Duuuuh. XD Gilderoy Lockhart or Sybil Trelawney ? *g*
  10. *pokes Eno* NO HATING ON THE EMO'S! D:< *EMOS* I hate INSECTS. EW.
  11. *coughs hem hem* That's what the topic says, and puhlease, stay away from my IRON MAIDEN, and stop insulting it, it's not a COFFIN. Else, I would have to take drastic measures (where the poor whip won't help!).
  12. What COFFIN?!?!?! Do you mean MY IRON MAIDEN?!?!?! *pokes with the whip* Stay away, MINE! D:<
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