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  1. Congrats SQT! Awesome game as usual :D

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    2. Ivy Mizanin

      Ivy Mizanin

      xD Darn, I just missed it. I failed my job as a sneerleader! Have to be there for next game

    3. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      I'll try to be there for every Slytherin game unless I have to work at that time.

    4. Vera Prince

      Vera Prince

      Thanks for cheering Rensha, Bull, Bianca!

  2. Sorry I'm not sure what to recommend I just was trying to be able to join the arcade club when I'm not busy. And maybe earn some beans while I'm at it.

  3. Oh! we thought to change some arcades so snakes didn't get bored. But you can recommend me some cool arcade and let's see if we can put it in. :)

  4. Hey I didn't see the game Cheesy where is it.

  5. This Summer, Hol officially open not only Quiddich League but also Summer Cheer League at Hol Forum. Sign is up. Join now!

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