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  1. Hi guys I just wan to share my new Home Screen picture. A friend of mine share to me.


  2. Hey guys, ask, why when Hagrid was dropout, they didn't allow him to do any more magic?

    1. Cole Thronheart

      Cole Thronheart


      Hagrid was framed by Tom Riddle (Voldemort) after he opened the Chamber of Secrets  in 1947 and after the basilisk injured a number of students and ended up killing Moaning Myrtle.  Since Tom Riddle didn’t want to go back to the orphanage  he came from  (due to the events Hogwarts was going to close) Tom had to come up with a way to “solve the mystery murder” to keep Hogwarts open. He wasn’t going to admit that he had opened the Chamber so he blamed it on Hagrid’s “pet” Aragog for killing Myrtle. The Headmaster believed him and Hagrid was Expelled from Hogwarts and forbidden to use magic. His wand was snapped in two but he took the two pieces and reassembled the two pieces  into the pink umbrella he is often seen with (like the one in The first Harry Potter movie) 

      I hope this answers your question. :) 

    2. Maurice Bhardock

      Maurice Bhardock

      That means that if someone is framed for something during student times, they will be banned and they will not be able to use magic anymore.

    3. Cole Thronheart

      Cole Thronheart

      Well, at the time Dumbledore wasn’t Headmaster, Dippet was. Dumbledore believed that Hagrid was innocent. It would depend on what you are being accused of and how serve it is. Like students using magic outside of Hogwarts and in front of muggles. For example: In Order of the Phoenix Harry used the patronus charm in front of Dudley to protect them from the dementors. He was going to be expelled for that. But he was cleared of the charges. But it would depend on what someone has done or being accused of. 

  3. maybe i set something wrong.

    Do any of you know why every time I want to read the profile of a member, my screen turns black, and it shows only as a presentation sheet of the person I am seeing at that moment?

    I'm new around here, I'm sorry, I don't know what to do. Okay, I want to read all of them, but it is also interesting to see other information.

    as information of classes that take and points.

    1. Maurice Bhardock

      Maurice Bhardock

      Heheh I founded the reason…. Hehehe !


  4. Hi guys, I’m Maurice from Costa Rica, I’m the kid on the block.  

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    2. Lucia Dinapoli

      Lucia Dinapoli

      Hi there Maurice, how are you settling in?

    3. Maurice Bhardock

      Maurice Bhardock

      Thanks guys!!!! Was my pleasure 

    4. Maurice Bhardock

      Maurice Bhardock

      @Lucia DinapoliI'm still reading a bit about the classes I want to take and getting to know a little about HoL, but so far I love everything.  It is organized very beautifully, and above all knowing that there are many people like me.

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