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  1. Sorted my dog Sadie into a Hogwarts House with the filter on tiktok. She was placed into Slytherin! 🐍🐶

  2. So I’m really into the dark academia aesthetic, so I thought I would share my iPad layout and background. A91738-F4-B8-CF-4109-B80-D-5634-B79351-A

  3. So, Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy has a website where he post fan art of himself and Draco. You can collect the art you like. And back in October he posted one of mine I had submitted and I didn’t know about it because I hadn’t been on in a while. But last month I got on and saw it and freaked lol. I got on tonight and saw he posted another one on Thursday. I’ve been a huge fan of Tom Felton since he played in The Borrowers, I had a huge crush on the little boy who played Peagreen when I was a little girl. It got worse when I saw him in Harry Potter for the first time lol. This is super exciting for me. 




  4. More Draco Malfoy Art of mine 700370EC-82AD-4C18-B2A8-2B8C6D9D58BA.jpeg.ed032bf15a54ac949deadeb0fa272b70.jpeg

  5. B273-CF62-8-C99-41-C5-8-EAA-379-E3646057

    has anyone else join the Quiz Championship on Wizarding World? 

    1. Emily Spencer
    2. Prof. Will Lestrange

      Prof. Will Lestrange

      I returned to that site, and at least Slytherin is in the lead!  I'm not a Cursed Child fan at all though...

    3. Cole Thronheart

      Cole Thronheart

      I don’t like cursed child either. I heard Chris Columbus wants to make a movie if he can get the OG cast to join it. 

  6.   Thought I would introduce my dog Sadie. She was just diagnosed with Evens Syndrome last week. Whichmeans her immune system attacks her red blood cells and Platelets. But she is doing better, she had a blood transfusion and her numbers are holding steady. She’s eating more and is getting her energy back. She’s an 11 years old Yellow Labrador Retriever. 

  7. So, I mentioned that one of my interest is Art. Here is a drawing I did of Draco Malfoy a few months back. FE06ADCC-A74A-4F99-93CE-975163789423.thumb.jpeg.cff1884aab69e130ba28dbb5d7d8419e.jpeg

    1. Aurelia West

      Aurelia West

      Lovely work! Thanks for sharing it with us :) 

    2. Emily Spencer

      Emily Spencer

      Awesome work!  Thank you so much for sharing it!

    3. Prof. Will Lestrange
  8. Hogwarts in the fall would be absolutely stunning 


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