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  1. Congratulations everyone!!! Thank you for making Slytherin house the absolute best house to be a part of. 😃
  2. For their Care of Magical Creatures class, five students were required to submit a final assignment on a creature of their choosing. They were able to choose how they would present the information, as well. Using the clues below, which student chose what magical creature for their assignment, in what format, and what grade did they receive? Send me the solution via Dungeon PM with the subject line: Magical Creature Assignment Logic Puzzle 1. The five students were Jacob, the student who researched Nifflers, Harper, the student who gave the oral report, and the student who received Exceeds Expectations. 2. Lucy wrote a play for her assignment, but not on Hippogriffs. The essay and the poem received neither Poor nor Dreadful grades. 3. Of Caleb and the student who researched Bowtruckles, one received Acceptable and the other wrote a poem. 4. The painting of a Fwooper did not receive Outstanding. The oral report on Thestrals was not done by Aubrey. 5. The assignment that received Outstanding was neither Lucy’s nor the poem. Jacob painted for his assignment, which received a Dreadful grade. 6. Of Caleb and the student who researched Hippogriffs, one received Acceptable and the other wrote an essay. 10 scales (June 2021) Solved by: Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis 5 scales (June 2021) Prof. Will Lestrange 5 scales (June 2021) Prof. Tarma Amelia Black 5 scales (June 2021)
  3. Hey everyone! My name is Maeve Madden and I'm a first year Slytherin! I'm so excited to be part of HOL and I'm super ready to make new friends.
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