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  1. 2 February 2021 Dear Journal To think it's only been a day or so since the Spring Term started officially. I have picked 5 classes yet again this term even though I know I am going to die with the assignments😂. But nevertheless, the classes I took are actually rather interesting, Defense has always been my favorite topic and to be taking the class is even better. While I was asleep in my dorm last night, I had the slight feeling that something or someone was watching me, I still don't know what it was, I checked under the bed and behind my curtains, quietly so I didn't wake my r
  2. I always rewatch Home Alone or the grinch when its Christmas time if im being honest!
  3. Riddikulus! The thunderstorm turns into deflated balloon. The boggart changes into a scorpion.
  4. In the first scene, if I'm correct from what I read, Harry, in his alias form was caught in a rut, because even though Doge was Dumbledore's friend, it is probable he didn't know what was exactly going on in the former headmaster's life, which leads to his ultimate confusion and the reason why he didn't seem sure of what was being said, we see it in his eyes in the movie and the his actions in the book. Aunt Marge has struck a chord in him that has probably made him realise he maybe doesn't know his friend as well as he thought he did. Next the incident between Viktor Krum the Bulgarian
  5. Hey there I'm Daria, I have no issues with people popping in to say hi or even coming over to rp, just dont be mean, I get kinda shy at times. My new roommate's name is Xandra Malfoy and she just moved in
  6. For some reason when I read the article then did the quiz, the entire time i was doing it I thought to myself, I am going to get rebel, I hate the rules and being tied down, so when I got rebel, I have no idea why I was so shocked.
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