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  1. It's almost Christmas! (I can't believe it)  I will be spending time with my family and friends over the break so I may not be online very much during these next few weeks.

    Okay that is all, Byeee!!

    1. Emily Spencer

      Emily Spencer

      Hope you have a wonderful holiday! Fates willing, I won't have to work, so I'll be spending it at home with my husband and daughter.  

    2. Jade Scarlett Stone

      Jade Scarlett Stone

      Thanks, you too! I hope that you don't have work so you can spend the time with your family! That is after all, what Christmas is mostly about!!!

  2. Favorite song/s from Hamilton??


    --Mine are probably Guns and Ships, Satisfied, and  Cabinet Battle # 1 and Cabinet Battle # 2




    Favorite cut song?


    --Mine is Congratulations 

  3. Hello fellow humans, non-humans and all creatures of the sort!

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    2. Jade Scarlett Stone

      Jade Scarlett Stone

      Greetings to you too!


      OOOOO Yay I like blankets!-


      And Hi chicken Nugget hehe I am a Potato

    3. Lucia Dinapoli
    4. Jade Scarlett Stone

      Jade Scarlett Stone

      Hi Lucia! 

      How are you doing?

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