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  1. Innocent ! Wanted to become a proffessor in HOL after graduation ?
  2. Guilty? someyimes get bored at HOL because no one is online?
  3. I slap Rose for not taking Transfiguration, I wanted to attend this class with her.
  4. I slap Rose because she has not taken Transfiguration but still reading the book
  5. Guilty spend lots of time at HOL inspite of having a lot of work?
  6. Guilty Has a crush on Draco Malfoy?
  7. I slap Emily because she is a Tiger Snake
  8. I slap Rose because she is my best friend
  9. Hello! I am Manya Granger a first year Gryffindor. I hope I will make good friends in the Slytherin House too.
  10. Innocent Love listening classical songs?
  11. Hey Everyone! Let's play "Innocent or Guilty" Rules are very simple. Someone will post a question and and the next person will reply with 'Guilty' or 'Innocent' depending he/she has done it or not respectively. And ask another new qustion to continue the game .Like--- Rose -- Love Transfiguration Manya -- Guilty Has a crush on Draco Malfoy? Zoe-- Innocent Has tried butterbear and so on..... SO, I will start Has completed at least one homework?
  12. congratulations for being a prefect.
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