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  1. It’s a krill! I spy something very dark-colored.
  2. I would first attempt transfiguration on myself and, in particular, attempt to transform into a smaller fish so that I would gain agility and would fit into the surrounding fish with more ease. This could make be a target for bigger fish and predators but it would also make be very innocuous. Of course, this fish or aquatic animal would still need to be large enough so that I could hold and use my wand if and when I needed to transfigure back. The perfect solution for this is a full transfiguration into an octopus. Because of its size and ability to slink through small spaces, it would be afford me agility and the ability to escape. It would also be innocuous enough that other contestants and the sea life wouldn’t suspect it or venture too close to it. If anybody or anything came too close, I could always also release a cloud of black ink to make sure my attackers don’t know where I would go. The reason son why I would perform a full transfiguration instead of a half transfiguration lies in the body composition of octopi. If half of my body were to stay human, I would lose quite a lot of momentum and also lose the ability to wriggle through small spaces as the human half would not be able to fit. As octopi are known as intelligent creatures, I think I could count on a transfigured version of myself to complete the trip safely and well though, of course, I would test this theory in the company of trusted friends before jumping into the lake.
  3. It's a milky carp fish! I spy something with either one or three eyes.
  4. From a pretty young age, I was keen on swimming. I went (and still go) to a lake during the summer and, if you wanted to hang out with other kids, it was basically a prerequisite that you were able to swim because all the fun activities would take place when sailing or swimming or playing water polo. I was so intent on learning how to swim that I joined a swimming class and practiced for hours each week, eventually getting pretty good. At the age of eleven, myself and a big group of my friends decided to attempt a "mini Iron Man," which basically consisted of us swimming 3 km across a lake, climbing a mountain, climbing down, and swimming back. For the first half-kilometer of the swim, I, being the naive kid I was, was terrified to put my head in the lake because all I could see was the dark and I thought a shark was going to come up and eat me. Thankfully, the sun came up soon after and the lake didn't appear as dark, making me be more assured in my own safety. Our whole group was able to complete the task and even though we were pretty slow (10 hours to complete the whole thing), it was definitely an experience I won't ever forget. My friends and I ended up completing the same course for a few years after that and it was always a great way to see just how much we'd grown, both as swimmers and as friends over the course of the years. I haven't swam much since I quit swimming lessons a few years ago but I would definitely like to retry the course and maybe do some new stuff like swimming with sharks or dolphins (or even just some normal fish).
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  6. It's.... A ROCK! (wowie!) I spy something that has big lips.
  7. It's a pair of Paedocypris fish! Fun fact, they're the smallest known fish in the world, some measuring even less than 1/3 of an inch! I spy something with a spotted pattern.
  8. A bunny Nudibranch! I spy something with pointy teeth.
  9. My profile is a glitchy gif of animated koi fish. My siggy is a gif of a moving red octopus (my favorite sea animal) in the background with the words "Isa Vestal Emerald Cup 2020" in the foreground.
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