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  1. Name: Emerald (Em or Emmy/Emmie by her family) Nightshade Age: 11 Year: First Wand: Ash wood with unicorn hair core, 12 inches and slightly yielding Pet: A snowy owl named Shard and a snake named Jade Physical Description: black hair dyed with neon green that is 16 inches long. She has ocean blue eyes with a fair skin tone. She is also has a slim figure and is 4'8. Brief Personal History: Emerald comes from a long history of family members all from Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. She is the eldest considering that she has a younger sibling named Crystal. Her family are all Pure-bloods but they aren't apart of the Sacred Twenty-Eight for they don't believe that Muggle-borns are scum neither do they believe that Pure-bloods are superior. They stayed as Pure-bloods nevertheless. Her mother's side of the family, unlike the Blacks who name their children by astronomical names, they name their children after gems and crystals, hence Emerald and Crystal and are well respected. Her father's side of the family is filled with Aurors, Wizengamot members, heads of departments in the Ministry of Magic such as Magical Law Enforcement, and Dragon Keepers. Her long line of Pure-blood relatives left their mark in the Wizarding World making them known for their achievements. Her family is also part of the Order of the Phoenix and none have been a Death Eater. Temperament: Emerald is described by others as sweet, nice, smart, caring, and loyal. Although, she is very convincing or persuasive and sneaky. She also has a slight love for danger because it gives her a thrill. Special Possessions: A silver chained necklace with an emerald green gem on it, laced with silver, the letters EN to represent Emerald Nightshade. (Her sister has a matching necklace but with CN, replace silver with gold, and the gem is an amethyst) Greatest Fear: Losing loved ones Future Goals: Be as successful like her past relatives and live a good life with her soulmate.
  2. I’m listening to Helpless by the original cast of Hamilton!
  3. The templates for the dorms aren't working for me. Can someone help fix it?
  4. Hey there! I’m one of the Slytherins here and I’m Emerald Nightshade! I’m a first year and love food! Did you know that if you don’t smell your food, you can’t taste it? I tried and I tasted nothing! Anyways, see you around!
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