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  1. Elder Wand The most powerful wand in history, duh.
  2. Rating your avatar I'll give you a 7.5 because it took me a sec to realize what it is, but still looks cool tho
  3. with voldemorts lost nose at the top
  4. " well then we are lucky we have a lot of those fangs left, - said Ron."
  5. Name: Mila Quinn Age: 16 Year: sixth Wand: red oak wood, unicorn hair core, 11 1/2 inches, unbending flexibility Pet: an albino taipan snake named Churro Physical Description: really pale, like a ghost kind of pale skin. Blue eyes with a mixture of brown. Long dark brown hair. 5'3 tall and slim fiugure. Brief Personal History: Born into a well known russian pure blood family who's obssesed with blood purity, with her family tree going decades back. Has a younger brother and an older sister. Everyone in the family was in slytherin. Temperament: Seems rather cold. Observing people most of the time rather than speaking. But if you are close and special to her, she will open up and find out she has a crazy personality and is very loyal to the one she loves. Ambitious and driven. Patronus: A thestral Special Possessions: her family tree is really special to her. And always helped her understand who she is. Greatest Fear: failing Future Goals: make a name for herself, and be well known like the rest of her family.
  6. I slap Emily because she likes Star Wars
  7. I entered the party hall, and saw Voldemort and prof McGonagall dancing together to the song Baby - Justin Bieber. Then
  8. prof Dumbledore - prof Snape sorry not sorry
  9. Avada Kedavra - Crucio + Avada Kedavra 3 Crucio 18 Sectumsempra 27
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