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  1. I don't feel like snowballs is a well suited to my artistry but here's my attempt at a cat....It's the creepiest cat I've seen.
  2. Maybe because I'm most familiar with the item, maybe because the other two brothers came to poor ends with their gifts, but I would take the invisibility cloak. It would actually suit me just fine, as often times, I would rather just be able to observe in silence rather then participate. Plus, sneak into the kitchen all the time, sneak into the restricted section...ummm, I'm gonna shut up now...
  3. "EEEKK!" Amy squealed as Emily threw her snowball, before putting her wand away. Emily wasn't going to get away from her for long! The first snowball she threw landed on the tree however, as Emily ducked behind it, and she started to run after her, pausing only long enough to make another snowball. Her hot chocolate was abandoned in the snow, quickly cooling.
  4. Amy seemed to be groggy as she wandered outside, the slightest hint of pajama pants between boots and coat suggesting that she was in a hurry to see the snow. She cradled a hot cocoa in her hands, eyes flickering between all of the scenes around her. She waved to February and Emily, starting to make her way to them, but was soon distracted by Will's snowman. She watched him for a few moments, before pulling out her own wand. She was good at the levitation charm, surely she could do it herself. However, the snowball she was forming was harder to do, her wand gestures growing more
  5. I keep getting Obliger, but I feel like I'm a mix of that and questioner. I think externally I tend to be Obliger, since I am a people pleaser, but my whole internal dialogue is questioning it to smitherins. Semi case in point. I was told by a district lead that I wasn't doing something right. Even though I managed a yes sir and tried to course correct, I couldn't actually accept what he was saying until I had worked it all the way through in my head. So I think much of the time I'll oblige only to give myself time to think. Then again, I feel like I have a little aspec
  6. Anyone is welcome to use this one if they want!
  7. For the Whovians of the site And while I couldn't find instructions persay, I did find a post where someone posted their template for the snowflake. (And remember, don't blink!)
  8. I think the most simple reason most holiday gatherings involve food is because people have got to eat. Most gatherings are by nature fairly long events, and people get hungry. It's also a great time to show off cooking skills and a way to remember family members long past who either were known for loving or cooking a particular dish. My grandma was known for a fairly simple apple cake, and we almost make it every holiday season. Well, my sister makes it, since she laid claim to the recipe box. Her name is still inscribed on it from when we were little. (It's okay, I inherited the crochet talen
  9. I find most of my absolute favorite songs are either fairly religious in tone, so I won't name them here, or are from musical based movies. As I said in the 'A-Caroling" task, "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch" is one of my all time favorites. And even though it's not a Christmas Song, "Thank you very much" is a key part of the Scrooge musical film and honestly I quote that song alot. Which is something because I have a terrible ear and mind for music, so I usually can't remember lyrics or tunes very well. Which might be good, since I can't sing either lol.
  10. One of my all time favorite Christmas movies and songs!
  11. One unique traditional decoration that pops up in America is the pickle ornament. While it was once believed to be a tradition brought over from Germany, it's now commonly believed to be a purely German-American tradition from the 19th century. In fact, it's even possible it was purely a marketing ploy by Woolworth to advertise glass ornaments it was getting from overseas. However it's such a popular tradition that stories have sprung up about it. One interesting story is from the American Civil War. A Bavarian born soldier, Private John C. Lower had been captured and was being held close
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