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  1. Amaryllis Storm

    Villain Origin Story

    Venom not really a villain more of a Anti-hero. I actually prefer him to Spidey. Anti-heroes tend to be a bit more complex. Punisher is another one. Personally I think Voldemort got the short end of the stick. There is so much depth to his back story that got glossed over, especially if you taken into consideration what the society was like back in that time period versus us trying to see him through the eyes of this time period. Think to date my current favorite is Deadpool.
  2. Amaryllis Storm

    October 2018 Game Challenge: Arkanoid

  3. Amaryllis Storm


    I have had a few collections of bookmarks, They can be so cute at times, NOT ONE has ever made it into a book as intended. I have ended up using coins, hair clips, and bobby pins, torn paper, ribbons, and Merlin knows what as bookmarks instead of actual bookmarks.
  4. Amaryllis Storm

    Guess the next poster

    Nope I'm going to guess Vanessa TIlly
  5. Amaryllis Storm


    The Black Lake Snake Lounge!
  6. Amaryllis Storm


    The War Council or The Ballroom since technically we tend to socialize in the ballroom with none family members, or it can be a gazebo in the hidden garden (or not so hidden garden), forget the fireside and indoors, I am voting for a pool house! (*laughing to myself* its late and I'm tired and finding this slightly hilarious at the moment)
  7. Amaryllis Storm


    Mmm, The Serpent Lounge, Basilik Den?
  8. Amaryllis Storm

    The Advance Guard - Task 1

    I really hate questions like that but will answer anyway...at least this time. If I could I would change everything about myself, but how I look and how I mentally see myself are two different things, so I would create a spell using Ancient Greek not Latin. Αποκαλύψτε την εσωτερική ομορφιά (Apokalýpste tin esoterikí omorfiá) Reveal Inner Beauty
  9. Amaryllis Storm

    A Peck of Owls - Task 1

  10. Amaryllis Storm

    Dudley Demented - Task 1

    Tasty Fruits and Healthy Bran Nothing's better than Fruit N' Bran With Peaches and Berries It's really a treat It's a taste that can't be beat!
  11. Amaryllis Storm

    Dudley Demented - Task 2

    I think Dudley not only experienced everything that the others described but also that someone who he had hated and abused, only moments ago, stepped in and saved him. Harry could have saved himself and left Dudley to his fate. I also think of how his parents reacted may have also had an effect on him. Harry saved him, yet there were no thanks or gratitude, just more hatred. I think Dudley know if it the shoe was on the other foot, he and his family would have left Harry to die and that may make him question just what kind of person he and his parents are.
  12. Amaryllis Storm

    A Peck of Owls - Task 2

    It's no use locking the stable door after the Abraxan has bolted.
  13. All my assignments are turned in!

    Does the Happy Dance! 💃🤸‍♀️

    1. Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Awesome, Amaryllis! Can't wait to see those emeralds in our hourglass!

  14. Amaryllis Storm

    Slytherin ABC

  15. Amaryllis Storm

    Guess the next poster

    Nope, Nada, Niet! My guess is Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis!