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  1. Ravanya Maren

    Character Profiles

    Name: Ravanya Alice Maren Age: 12 Year: First Wand: Alder, chimaera's mane core, 16.65" Pet: Calico cat named Shelby Physical Description: Standing around 5'2", Raven is rarely ever seen without Shelby somewhere in her near vicinity. She has cloudy green eyes and short, wild chocolate hair. Her skin is tanned, leaning toward a middle-eastern tone. Brief Personal History: Ravanya was put into the foster system shortly after birth for reasons that she has yet to uncover. Although unaware of her half-blooded origins (though whoever placed her in the system did), Raven was placed with a magical family due to the possibility of her being a witch. At age 5, she was adopted by her guardians Sheila and Trevor Maren, both wizards. She began school at Ilvermorny (Horned Serpent) in North America at age 11, but transferred shortly after her birthday in March to Hogwarts, where she was sorted into Slytherin. She has always remained aware of her status as adopted, which has fostered a rebellious streak in her. This, paired with her knack for divination and susceptibility to premonitions, has gotten her into her fair share of trouble. It's unknown whether the transfer to Hogwarts was truly her choice or not. Temperament: As mentioned above, Raven is rather rebellious and troublesome. While many Slytherins are driven by the need to succeed, Ravanya follows her need for answers. Some would say this might suit her better for Ravenclaw, but the lack of remorse or care that go into doing anything necessary to get those answers explains what questions the people around her may have, even if she still questions the sorting herself. Special Possessions: Raven still has the blanket that she was wrapped in when she was given away by her mother. It is embroidered with her first and middle initial: RA. She'd never admit it, but she keeps it in her dorm. Greatest Fear: Beyond anything else, Raven fears abandonment. The transfer to Hogwarts wasn't terrible for her, since she believes that it was her choice, but the idea that the things that matter to her could just leave her at any moment frightens the life from her. Future Goals: Raven intends to become a Seer, where she can hone her divination capabilities and make sure others get the answers they need, much like she does.
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    Playing acoustic guitar. I love to play around the campfire. Walking into blinding light or pitch black?
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    Ravanya's Blotted Pages

    ((The journal shown above is kept safe in the depths of Raven's footlocker, stuffed beneath an old and faded maroon sweater. The first page is marked with the name "Ravanya Alice Maren" in a heavy script down on the bottom right corner. The following five pages are blank before the first known entry begins.)) I'm not sure I made the right decision. Out of every house that I could have been placed in at Hogwarts, I'm left in Slytherin. Every whisper I heard at Ilvermorny about Hogwarts held spite on the name of this house. When I made the decision to transfer after moving overseas, this isn't what I expected, nor desired. Horned Serpent honed our minds; our wits and our intelligence were our weapons, not.. whatever this is. Was the sorting hat wrong? I'm unsure. Everyone tells me that there is no question: it follows what it was told by the founders. Salazar, what were you thinking for us all? What did you want this house to stand for that would bring in a misfit such as myself? It doesn't matter now, though. What's done is done, all I have to look forward is what comes next, if it'll show itself to me. My divination has left many unanswered questions of late. All I have to go on is that winged serpent that carried me across the seas. Could it have been the Slytherin serpent, not Horned Serpent's as I had originally thought? There are too many of these things haunting me any more. I'm losing myself in thought again; I swear that my hand writes on its own anymore. What counts now is that I've put my nose to the grindstone and signed myself up for two classes. I might add a third, if I don't hear back from that Ancient Runes professor. Wand-making seemed practical enough to begin my journey with -- the professor has been amenable enough. ((The next section of ink appears more fresh than the last, but not separate from the previous entry)) I had to tuck my journal away more quickly than I'd have liked. One of our prefects came into the common room and noticed me. He seems.. agreeable. Not as the rumors would have suggested to me about the people here. Could I have been wrong?