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About Me

Name: Ashley Elizabeth

Nickname: Ash, Kitty, Kitten, Mittens, Mittens The Kitten, Lily, Lily the kitty, Red Panda,  White Panda, and More 

Blood: Pure-Blood

Introductions: I like Nightcore music. I'm a weird  person.

Background on me : I'm 13 year old. I'm a girl. I'm in middle school. I'm a blonde so I was  bullies my whole life about that blonde are stupid. I live in Nevada, it not a good place to grow up in.  I play in the school band I play a clarinet. I have known my Bff named Evie or Evelyn sense second grade she is weird like me she owns up to being weird too. My other close friends name is Melody we do everything together we are always near one another. I like singing and talking to people I know. If I don't know you I'm super shy. My friends said when I met new people I talk very quite and hide behind Evie or Melody like a child.  

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