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  1. Dear Diary: Well, I made it to Hogwarts. I was Sorted into Slytherin, which was a bit of a surprise considering that Mum was a Hufflepuff and Dad was a Gryffindor. Wait until I tell them this bit of news. I'm not sure what their reactions will be, but I'm sure they aren't expecting to have a snake for a daughter. My first classes went about as well as could be expected, considering that term's just started. It's all so overwhelming, learning about magic. I couldn't even get a feather to fly in the air today, and I'm sure I pronounced Wingardium Leviosa correctly. Maybe I didn't swish and flick the right way. I don't know. I'm going to practice it some more after dinner tonight. That's about it for now. Dinner awaits in the Great Hall. I'll write later. Mara
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  3. What's up, snakes?

    1. Will Lestrange

      Will Lestrange

      I'm not feeling my best, but it's AWESOME to see new active snakes in the dungeons!